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Review of 100 Dark Fantasy Mutations From The Amazing List of Things For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign

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There are times when a science fantasy needs a bit of an extra kick and something a bit more out of the ordinary and  slightly twisted in an epic sort of way.  This list is an old school throw back to some of the more horrifying and weird pulp mutations that one finds in Lovecraftian works and Edgar Allen Poe style stories. This is another offering from The Amazing List Of Things folks whose works we've seen before. This is a four page pdf that sells for a dollar. The material here is top notch and very twisted. The authors mutations are weird and slightly jarring in a dark fantasy sort of way. This is a purely system agnostic offering which will work for everything from a science fantasy game all the way through a space based science fiction campaign with Lovecraftian overtones.
The list is concise, generic, and very well thought out for a dollar. The authors seem to pull on everything from classic horror literature to the last Clive Barker style films for inspiration. Here's the blurb from Drivethrurpg: 
100 Dark Fantasy Mutations contains a list of one hundred mutations and other terrifying alterations suitable for a dark fantasy or horror campaign.
Some examples:
52. Moves with no sound but the sound of insects
53. Never sleeps but still dreams
77. Skin can come off and move around on its own
89. Tongue is an eel

Using The 100 Dark Fantasy Mutations
For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign

The material in this list is very well done and has a myriad of uses for old school games. Much of the contents of this list would seem to be aimed at NPC's or vile villains but this might only be my bias with using this great list. With a little work on the DM's part the uses for this list are pretty much limitless. For instance what happens if your PC's are exposed to some nefarious Lovecraftian super science device? Roll on the tables in this list and find out. Many of these mutations will have far reaching effects on life, limb, and sanity. Need something special for that out of town assassin for your old school space opera or space based game? Here's an opportunity to introduce something bizarre and weird right into your science fiction campaign.
Need brand new wrinkle on that undead lich or vampire? Here's the list to twist the monster in a brand new direction.
How about a whole new angle on those lands that have been blighted by Chaos or Entropic fallout in your post apocalpytic games? Here's that list that can send your mutants in a brand new direction! What about some truly twisted mutant villains to torture your PC's with in the wastelands? Here's the list to do it with.
 Need a new wrinkle on a wizard overlord for your latest barbarians in your Thundarr based game? Here's that list again
What about that 'Failed Colony' or space station exposed to the forces of Hell? Here's the list that could generate that vile villain in the best of the Barker or Lovecraft tradition. All this for the price of something off of the dollar menu at McDonalds and I guarantee that this supplement will have repeated use without the after effects of fast food. All in all this does exactly what it says on the title page of the pdf. Dark Mutations for your old school games just add in your favorite little rpg system. 
All in all I was pretty damn pleased to get my hands on this little pdf and will be using it to torture PC's for years to come! 

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