Saturday, June 7, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free Mutant Future Adventure "Thundarr the Barbarian: The Wizard's Graveyard" By Tim Snider
Grab It Right Over

 This is Tim Snider aka Sniderman's latest convention adventure using the likes of Thundarr and co. in the ruins of Dee Cee. Talk about picking an iconic location. This adventure pits our favorite barbarian against the forces of evil with some familiar faces.
 This is twenty three pages of flat out cartoon fun in the post apocalyptic ruins and looks very well done as well. This is a convention set adventure and free to boot. This also makes a fantastic introduction adventure to the world of Thundarr.
 This is also a great mid level game adventure as well. It hits all of the Thundarr highlights in the action packed post apocalyptic world of the wizards and super science. This isn't going to be a hard hitting nasty and dangerous adventure. This is going to be a cartoon sword and sorcery adventure with lots of action, adventure, magic, and more.
The set up is solid and the ideas are done in broad strokes. This would make a fun mini campaign with some adjustments and fleshing out. 

Tim basically does a great job of hitting all of the high notes of his earlier work while showing a DM the pacing, ideas, and most of all fun of the material. The ideas are infused with a sense of Saturday morning high jinks and weirdness that comes across the page. Read the adventure and your going to want to play this one. Best of all this is a great way for parents and kids to get into the world of wizards,warmachines, and Saturday morning fun. I highly recommend this wonderful free Saturday morning convention set style adventure! Grab it, some dice some friends and get your Thundarr action on now! Good stuff from the pen of Tim Snider! 

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