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Reviews & Commentary A Groats-worth of Grotesques From The Skull as a Complete Gentleman Co By G. Edward Patterson III For Your Old School Campaigns

Being a SYSTEM-AGNOSTIC Role Playing supplemental treatise ON MONSTERS; which is to say a BESTIARY for your Tabletop Games of Fantasy. Styled in the manner of the Baroque Period; a Curiosity Cabinet of Creatures for enlivening the table!"

"The over 100 entries were gathered out of sundy authors, philosophers, physicians, and poets; sacred and profane. The illustrations are collages of diverse prints and emblems. From the lowly ant to the earth shattering Behemoth, the mundane dog to the alien Ch M G, this collection is a rollicking gambol through history and myth"

A Groats-worth of Grotesques* from G. Edward Patterson III, came in the mail today. This is so very cool, what A Groats-worth of Grotesques is actually is an in universe 'Monster Manual'. A Groats-worth of Grotesques is made up of creatures, monsters, & nasties done with public domain artwork. But done so in such a way as to take many Middle Ages creatures & animals with a brand new OSR spin. 

A Groats-worth of Grotesques takes these familar animals & turns them on their ears! We get ants with alien 'in universe' qualities that takes the ant in a completely new direction. There's two hundred and fifty one pages of monsters & creatures. These are done in a complete OSR fashion. This means that the OSR retroclone of your choice can now feature a familiar animal with completely different spin. So you can get the drop on your players with some really nasty or normal creatures. 

Ants for example make friends & enemies of other insects. These can be vary dangerous for farmers or other food stuff producers in OSR & D&D style games! This is only the start of this. 

G. Edward Patterson III does an excellent job of taking these monsters in weird & different directions. This means that you can get maxium adventure or encounter utility out of the monster or creature from A Groats-worth of Grotesques.The set up is familiar & yet weird for your OSR adventures. 
The idea that another world or campaign setting is actually different from a creature or biological standpoint is going to keep players on their toes. The illustrations while public domain are put to excellent use. The monsters are colourful & engaging. There's a ton of stuff going on in A Groats-worth of Grotesques
These are all push overs and there's a touch of the alien about many of these familiar creatures of myth & legend. 

Many of these creatures & monsters looks like they would feel right at home in a wide variety of OSR systems. Some these in my mind include Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Lion & Dragon, & even B/X Dungeons & Dragons. A Groats-worth of Grotesques is also perfect for a mythic or Middle Ages Castles & Crusades game! 

 So what can you actually do 
A Groats-worth of Grotesques?! The monsters & creatures of 'A Groats-worth of Grotesques' is perfect for setting up a Fairytale land or plane. These monsters could also be used nicely as a Jim Henson 'Labyrinth' style game setting dressing or adventure potential! Other uses spring to mind include the following. 

Many of these creatures & monsters could well be used as unusual & rare monsters as magical or Fey disease vectors within old school or OSR campaigns. The idea that the monsters from 'A Groats-worth of Grotesques' could serve as the basis for a magical or Fairyland related plague for an OSR game isn't far fetched at all. 
So is 
A Groats-worth of Grotesques worth getting?! In my humble opinion, 'oh Hell yes it is!' And its only recently that we discovered that the Keep Off The Borderlands podcast back in May had covered A Groats-worth of Grotesques

Friday, September 17, 2021

First impressions of 'The Adventurers Spellbook' PDF For Castles & Crusades Rpg

 Just recieved my copy of the 'The Adventurers Spellbook' pdf  from Troll Lord Games Kickstarter & my first impressions on the book start now. 'The Adventurers Spellbook'  is massive clocking in at two hundred & fifty eight pages of Castles & Crusades spell goodness. 

Why is this book so massive?! Well, 'The Adventurers Spellbook' is a compilation of the spells scattered across a number of Castle & Crusades resources:

  • All the spells from the PHB
  • All the spells from the Adventurers Backpack
  • All the spells from Elemental Spells
  • All the spells from the Players Guide to Aihrde
  • Spells from Amazing Adventures Companion
  • All the manifold piles of spells that pop up in other source material and adventures
  • A complete run of Rune Magic Runes, all 8 Codices
  • Chromatic Mage from Hallowed Oracle
'The Adventurers Spellbook' seems to be well organized with an actual table of contents & the book seems to deliver on its promise of ,'The Adventurers Spellbook will be a resource for the ages! ' The book starts off with the Arcane & Divine magical spells via level and description. Then dives into the complete listing of all Rune Magic Runes including all eight codices. Chromatic Mage & magick gets a decent covering in this book from the Hallow Oracle campaign setting. 

Does  'The Adventurers Spellbook'  live up to the hype?! That's a good question & with the continued release of Troll Lord's Castle & Crusade bigger, badder, & more complete rulebooks this seems to be the case. Is  'The Adventurers Spellbook'  worth getting?! That's a good question & my anwer goes like this. If you are a Castles & Crusades player, dungeon master, or C&C fanatic then the answer is yes! If your casual player?! Possibly because if your one of those guys who only plays mages or wizards then  'The Adventurers Spellbook'  is going to be an invaluable guide I feel. As a magical reference for both Amazing Adventures & Castles & Crusades  'The Adventurers Spellbook'   is going to be indespensible for the DM or player of these games. 
Is the  'The Adventurers Spellbook'  specialized?! You bet your behind it is?! But its worth having for the spells & reference for the Siege Engine & Castles & Crusades itself. 

Immortality Inc., Eldritch Wizardry, & Godbound rpg 'Its The End of Earth As You Don't Know It' Play Session Report 10


D&D Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry (1976), by Gary Gygax & Brian Blume, is the third of four supplements for the OD&D game. It was published in May 1976. This book represents one of the backbones of my Godbound campaign that's been on going on & off now for three or so years. The appearance of an immortal of Entropy & Chaos has signaled the possible death kneel of an Earth across space & time

The Hulder Corporation is offering 'immortality' to the one percent of their Earth, a chance that to live forever as a creature of the Silvan world! 'We offer you all of eternity from the hidden parts of your soul! Bring out the inner you today!'
Well yes & mostly no! The person's essence is transferred into a brand new trans elemental style body and they do become a proto Silvan creature aka an Elf or Fey. But this divinity technology is from a source of anything but divine. Welcome to the Friday night Godbound rpg session. Strap in! 

This technology is brought to our little Godbound game via a D&D BECMI immortal named Negans. An immortal of entropy & chaos whose taken it upon itself to spread this technology across the planet. And its causing all kinds of havoc. 
The old gods are not happy about this turn of events. And so they've changed the PC's with stopping this. This all goes back to September of 2019. And the appearance upon this Earth of The Mighty Servant of Leuk-o.

Ängsälvor (Swedish "Meadow Elves") by Nils Blommér (1850)

Already the pilot of ' 
The Mighty Servant of Leuk-o' has raised an army of undead from the corpses of those who have turned to black magick to awaken the old gods. These cultists want their bid for immortality. But in point of fact that have unleashed the forces of Hell. The night roads have vomited up other horrors from their depths at this Earth. Godbound left & right are coming into their own! The question is why?! And what does this have to do with the appearance of Tegal Manor in New York City's Central Park?

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Heroes of Wargaming Games Workshop & Empire of the Petal Throne rpg- More Metamorphosis Alpha rpg - Slow Boat Generational Ships Observations

Let's return to Empire of the Petal Throne rpg's enemies of mankind, way back in April of 2021 we covered 'Heroes of Wargaming'. And there's an interesting observation from the Hobglobinry blog from 2018 entitled,' The qhal and the Slann. Or: did CJ Cherryh invent the Old World?' Hmmm. No, I don't think she did because of one of the comments of JC; "
Tekumel was probably an influence on Lustria as a whole (what with Tekumel having Meso-American elements). The Amazons do have bolt guns and chainswords, etc., but not the Slann: the ones in Lustria have forgotten their technology (there were the Space Slann for 40K, though, who did have lasers).

But I think the qhal/Slann parallels are stronger than any influence from Barker. There are the numerous warp gates, the mastery of both space and time, and the arrogant interference with other creatures.

And then there are some linguistic clues too: the single-syllable, A-vowelled name and the use of that word "seeding".

As far as I can see, a Tekumel influence on Gate of Ivrel is unlikely. Empire of the Petal Throne was published in 1975; the US first edition of Gate of Ivrel was 1976. Once you factor in writing, submission and publication lead times, as well as the slower rate of cultural transmission in the pre-internet era, it seems improbable that a relatively obscure game could have influenced a book that was most likely well underway or finished by the time it came out." 
But it brings up an interesting question are the Space Slann from actually an interstellar  subrace of Empire of the Petal Throne's Hlutrgú (“the Swamp Frogs”)? We can see a really good & solid blog entry on the alien races of Tekumel from Thoul's Paradise blog right here that covers the Hlutrgu';
Hlutrgú (by Sutherland)

"Hlutrgú (“the Swamp Frogs”) – The illustration to the right shows the Hlutrgú as having four limbs; however, Barker states that they are four-legged creatures and that they “carry darts for spearing or throwing, using their four long arms.”  To me this suggests eight limbs, but perhaps there are only four limbs that can be used either as arms or legs.  (The illustrated Hlutrgú is shown grasping a spear with his 'foot'.)  Regardless, they “hate humans and nonhumans indiscriminately” and “have a particularly ugly reputation for torture and atrocities upon humans who fall into their clutches.”
I have not been able to discern if the Hlutrgú are native to Tékumel or if, in ancient times, they were interstellar partners of mankind" And no the Hlutrgu were not native to Tekumel but were interstellar enemies of mankind. Early Slann may have been either offshoots, biological workers, or possibly another social cast of the Hlutrgu'. And this is evident from the ancient Slann illustration from John Blanche's take on the Slann from the first  Citadel Compendium. Thanks to Jeff's Game Blog for the heads up from 2013. 

If we are using the the idea that early Slann clans  & interstellar tribes are using bolt pistols & the like. And that they were using Empire of the Petal Throne style gateways. Sure they stated that they created those planar gateways. But this is simply propaganda by the Slann. Then they could theoretically pop up literally anyplace. 
So this literally means that if the Slann are a sub species of  the Hlutrgu then they could quite literally pop up just about anyplace with ray guns & wizards blazing. 

This means that these amphibian wizards & warriors  could in theory at least appear anywhere. And that includes in Greyhawk or Blackmoor or who knows what other campaign world setting. I would bet the Cherryh book borrows from Tekumel also. And it also means that there could in theory be pockets of space going Slann in some mini planar universe just waiting for some trespassers aka adventurers from find them. Now for years we've quietly kept this little gem of information in our collective DM back pockets. 
Collectively speaking in theory at least the Slann or the 
the Hlutrgu could appear on one of the Empire of the Petal Throne slow boats. We covered that right over here on the blog back on Sept.6th. 

Several of the adventures of the Goodman Games from James Ward's Metamorphosis Alpha: Warden Adventures could be used as stand in adventure  for a Human Empire generation ship. 

Turn the wrong corner of a generation ship & you could come face to face with a group of very angry & nasty Aztec frogmen led by a giant dark wizard of interstellar frog race looking to sacrifice your party to some dark god. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Autumn Nocturn - The D&D Rules Cyclopedia (Basic), Nightshift Veterans Supernatural Wars, & The Invisible College rpg

 Over the past twenty four hours or so my brain has been wracked to start putting my mind set in the fact that Autumn is offically starting. Here in the Connecticut Autumn started a lot sooner & its got me in the mind of Horror specifically B/X OSR Horror gaming. And the one book that I turn to frequently here is the D&D Rules Cyclopedia (Basic). This blog post goes back to this one here. 
If the Chaos storms from Meatlandia rage across the Earth & many have been for centuries this could be the genisis for monsters, Fey, and other classic horror creatures. Yes, we're talking about the B/X powered Nightshift Veterans of the Supernatural Wars here. 
The classic monsters & Fey from the D&D Rules Cyclopedia (Basic) have some real potential here as possible PC's. With the entries on Spirits especially being something we're taking a hard look at. These are some of the nastiest undead that are found in the Rules Cyclopedia; "Spirits are powerful evil beings inhabiting the bodies (or body parts) of others; they are among the nastiest of undead monsters. They are immune to spells below 4th level, and cannot be harmed by normal weapons or magical weapons of less than +2 enchantment. All spirits are travelers, never staying in one place for more than one night; they become invisible and nearly powerless (except to move) with the light of dawn, regaining their powers at dusk. In daylight, any spirit can travel up to 24 miles per day (1 hex). All spirits are poisonous. When hit by a spirit in hand-to-hand combat, the victim must make a saving throw vs. poison or die immediately. A new saving throw must be made for each hit by the spirit." 
These undead essences getting loose on Earth in small town America or elsewhere in the world is a frightening prospect. But where would such undead come from?! 

"These are fools that men adore; both their Gods & their men are fools. This verse establishes uncompromisingly that all Gods — G capital, that is to say, 'true Gods' — and all men deified by legend or deceit — that is to say, false gods' — are fools. How come? It is a key. Distinction is clearly made between the two types: one are Gods; the other is men."
The book of the Law - Alster Crowley 

My feeling on this the lower viberational realm of the Negative material plane & while we at it. These higher or lower dimensional realms could be all around us at this very moment. What I don't want to do is write yet another.. Stranger Things or 'Kids on Bikes' trope adventure. Instead for me the fantasy worlds are the higher dimensional realms in which immortals have taken the place of the gods. The invisible college has broken back of keeping 'most' of the horrors out. But that most is breaking down. No one is sure why yet.. 

The idea here is that while the magus of the invisible college can control the world as can their enemies the outside forces are hammering in our precious reality. There are lots of ins & outs to play with here but the idea of the chaos & entropic immortals scare the Hell out of me as a human being. Imagine the horror these bastards could cause the world or are they already?! 

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Don't Touch That Dial - Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland rpg - 'The Carcosa Slaughter Tour ' Session report one

 The group of adventurers were looking long & low in the tooth. Even Skuzz the neon mohawked mutie  warrior  was looking a bit haphazardly. The party of adventurers had been fighting almost none stop for three days across the wasteland. Narrowly escaping several cults that wanted to sacrifice them to alien gods and god knows what else. St. Stallone the cyborg knight was getting a bit fried. 
'Pssst!' 'Are you guys waiting for an invitation?! Get in here!' the young blue skinned boy wore an Eighty five 'Goonies never say die' tee shirt. St. Stallone's eyes narrowed at the boy and the opening that had appeared in the ruined wall they were hiding behind. 
'Who in the Neon Hells are you kad?' 
'Valentine a devotee of Lord Randy!' 
'Get in here the Germans are coming back!' 
'Wait, the who?!' 
Silently across the multiverse some dramatic music played & three way too slim fingers began to release levers marked 'one', 'two', & 'three'. Three incredibly dangerous looking robotic mecha marched onto the battlefield sporting  the War Ensign of the German Empire from 1903-1919! 
The spineless demonic thing across the multiverse laughed while chuckling to itself, 'How's that for a plot twist!' Muhahaha 'I'm a genius! I really I'm!'  

Ages ago when we were running Geoffery McKinney's Carcosa. I DM'ed an alternative WWII Nazi escape to Carcosa game mini campaign. Alright so everyone's going to expect this coming up in this weekend's Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland rpg. But I want to do something different this time and with our sessions picking right up from this blog entry here. 

Yes there's a meteor streaking into the world we still need a good villain & I've got Commander  Hans Goring Hemaller leader of the German mecha corps from German Intergalactic  Empire. A rather nasty tyrannical & dangerous leader of his panzer corps of mecha whose been stuck on this world. Mojo promises to return him to his Earth if he destroys the PC's. 

Commander Hans has got an 3 Magog Alternative Armies mech's under his command along with numerous other smaller armors to throw at the PC's. And as far as Hans is concerned this is simply another mission. 

How did the Germans in an alternative World War I get a hold of Ion Age mecha?! Well I ordered a few pieces from Noble Knights. But if your referring to the Earth that Commander Hans is from?! Well this is interdimensional cable so we can do anything! Han's Thule wizards have been in contact with that creepy ass clown of  Venger's 'Saving Cha'alt' as mini campaign adventure center piece. Now in the past I've been accused of DMing gonzo adventures and campaigns. And this is actually very true. But when it comes to this campaign things are moving along quite nicely. The biggest problem that we've had is getting everyone's work schedule to work out. 

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Adapted From Godzilla The Series Season One Episode ' Freeze ' For Cepheus Atom & Those Old School 2d6 Science Fantasy Role Playing Campaign


First discovered by the Nazi Anartica expediation of 1938 when they established contact with several alien species in the polar regions. And they also discovered the Ice borers a species of mutated Kuiju mole rats with very specia mutations. The ice borer species uses a specialized organ on the top of their heads to rapidly heat the surrounding air & burrow through the ice, snow, and slush of Anartica quickly & highly effieciently. The Nazi teams put the borers to work digging out tunnels & their Anartica underground bases. The ice borers were key to their plans for the frozen land until their contact by aliens for the transition into an inhuman state. The Nazi abandoned the beasts until they were encountered during the 90's. 

In 2021 the inhuman Nazi fifth columists began to influence the minds of packs of ice borers to attack certain Anaractica science bases. Several packs have been used by the alien Nazi hybrids to sink several such bases below the ice. The ice borers remain a unique kuiju and unto themselves are often not dangerous at all. This is however most of the time, their claws however are capable of shreding steel quite easily. Because they travel in packs ice borers often use pack tactics to overwhelm their targets. 

Appearing # 2d6 Ice Borer Packs 

5/10, Move 20m, Burrowing 40M,  Swim 30M, Armor 4, Claw (melee 3d damage),  Bite (melee 4D damage),  Survival 2,  Combat 2,  Melee 1 . Gigantism,  Regeneration As Troll, Underground Dweller, Darkvision 30M, 
Special - Over Heat The Prey - The Ice Borer can hold on to its victim & overheat them for 2d damage per round from heat exhausion, With One Swipe - The Ice Borer takes a quck swipe at its victim with its claw for 1D Damage to trip up the victim, Now You See Me & Then - The ice borer literally superheats the air around its forhead & bores through 30 M of solid ice like swiming through water, Elemental Waves - the ice borer sends out a wave of solid heat from its forhead doing 2D Damage to everyone in 20M range 
Temperature Weakness - The Ice Borers will be stunned with any ice bound attacks which they take triple damage. 

Empire of the Petal Throne rpg & Metamorphosis Alpha rpg - From Ares Section Dragon issue #101 'The Man Machines of Gamma World' By James Ward & Rudy Raupp

" I have never written an MA adventure like this one before. In the fourth version of the MA rules I presented a storyline where the ship runs into an invisible asteroid filled with mushroom and crystal life forms. That storyline has always needed a transition piece that ties the starship Warden into the asteroid. This is that adventure. Take any of your characters from pure strain humans to androids or robots and introduce them to the little valley where the new hole in the ship is presented. One of the unusual features of this product is that this game can be run solo. All you have to do is use a strong character and pay attention to the numbers and you can test out the adventure all by yourself. You can then turn around and run it for any number of friends."
So originally Gamma World 1st edition  was supposed to be the follow up game to  Metamorphosis Alpha rpg 1st edition. But what if it was the other way around?! What if the Starship Warden is actually all that's left of the Human Space Empire?! We've been reading through Goodman Games version of the 'Long Hard Mile'  And this picks up from this blog entry here 

If the Human Space Empires fell during the Social Wars of Gamma World. And there were only bit & pieces of interstellar technological bastions left out in the universe. Did Gamma Terra actually get sucked into its own planar miniverse?! This might explain quite a bit of the fact that there's no one actually looking for the Starship Warden from Gamma World. 
And it could also help to explain the continuing bits & pieces of alien life aboard the Warden. For my own money the Warden has passed through other dimensions & universes. 
Some of this is reflective of the fact  Goodman Games version of the 'Long Hard Mile' adventure's monsters remind me of many of the alien things in the classic Empire of the Petal Throne rpg. 
There's a lot more boiling below the surface here. The godlike feats of engineering of the Warden are reflective of the feats of 'science' of Empire of the Petal Throne's Human Space Empires. Brett Slocum's 'Warriors of the Lost Planet' rpg supplement a 'pay what you want title' has its own advanced version of the classic android;"Yéleth are androids, built to be the artificial servants and companions of the rich and powerful. They are limited to 6th Level in the Mentalist Class, but are unlimited in other Classes. Ability Scores DEX +1, WIS -1, CHA +1 HD: 3 AC: 12 Move: 9” Abilities Not Biological: Immune to poison, disease, and mind control. Hypno-Ray: Range 100’, d6 targets with 30” diameter, Mentalism save or puppet/paralysis, permanent until psychic or magical healing or death of Yéleth. Usable (Level) times a day. Android Healing: If damaged in combat, Androids can rest afterwards to gain +1 Hit Points, but cannot heal from daily rest without parts from another Yéleth, Ru’ún, or other similar construct. A Scientist can cure their Level in Hit Points of a Yéleth once per day. Each cannibalized android body can supply 1d12 points of healing. This design is for the security model of Yéleth. Other models of android are possible, such as the fully-functional concubine model. Replace the Hypno-Ray with social and performance skills. Maybe an Orgasmo-Ray for pulpy goodness." These things are creepy as hell?! A android assassin using the  Warriors of the Red Planet rules is not something that you'd want to encounter. And there may be thousands or millions of these things hidden behind some door of the planar locations & colonies. Could these be only the beginning?! There are small hidden armies of interstellar empires scattered across hyperspace?! Here's where Night Owl Workshop's Colonial Troopers comes in handy. 

Reading through the PDF it got me thinking about what really happened during Gamma World's Social Wars. You've got personal armor across the board in Colonial Troopers. But as the years rolled on during the Social Wars experimental technologies were being trotted out. And this included the so called Man machines. In Dragon magazine issue #101  released in September of 1985 we got in the Ares section, 'Out of the Sun The Man Machines of Gamma World by James M. Ward & Roger Raupp. We got the 'Empire of the Sun' who pilots what are some of the mecha of Gamma World essentially Gamma World Japan & the Asian block. And in this same article we got the AATAAV (Airborne All-Terrain Armored Attack Vehicle) which according to the article, "AATAAV (Airborne All-Terrain Armored Attack Vehicle). Manned war machines of incredible destructive power, they had only been in the testing stage when the Social Wars and the Apocalypse brought an end to all civilization." 

What the Hell does any of this have to do with the  Empire of the Petal Throne rpg & traditional Metamorphosis Alpha game?! Quite a bit actually. The Human Space Empires had pissed off just about every alien race across the multiverse. The who affair was beset by aliens wanting a piece of humanity. Very similar infact to the Gamma World timeline presented in Dragon magazine's Ares section. And  Colonial Troopers. Many of the miracle technologies talked about in Empire of the Petal Throne are born out in Gamma World & Metamorphosis Alpha. So is there hidden someplace upon the Warden manmachines just waiting for some adventurers to stumble across them?! These are very powerful & highly dangerous mecha though. They can give a death machine a bloody nose & should be used sparing to the point of being the point of a mini campaign or quest. Just some food for thought folks. 

Mail Call & Quick Review of Zozer Games Hostile Setting Book Redesign

Things are up to Lulu's usual packing standards & that right there pisses me off but fortunately we're not in the New England Winter weather.. yet. Say what you want about Troll Lord Games but they package their stuff right. 

The revised  Hostile rpg setting book arrived from Lulu & its glorious colour. This is a from the ground up redesign & it shows in the product. The graphics are great, the layout top notch, & the 2d6 redesign is tight. 

This isn't eye popping colour here but instead an easy to read background job with all kinds of little details & revamps in certain places that allow the DM to easily read the rules. The redesign by the Zozer Games time is on point with worlds, places, etc slotted in for easy access. 

The redesign puts a ton of the 2d6  tools for Eighties & Nineties science fiction action back into the hands of the players & DM's with Hostile. The Hostile Setting 2d6 rule book will becoming out later this year. This is going to be a from the bottom up redesign & tightening up of their version of the 2d6 Science Fiction rules which will now be based on the 2d6  Modern Warfare engine

From what we're seeing this is 100% compatible with Hostile's older product lines such as Crew Expendable, Alien Breeds, etc. This is heartening for the consumer as their not going to have to completely revamp their entire library. The book is a thing of beauty & its a really nice redesign of the original book. Far more in line with the quality of the older other Hostile products.  
The heart of Hostile is the corporations, marines, etc. which are all within the circle of Alien franchises as a part of the circle of inspiration & the redesign keeps that same heart & soul intact. 

The revised  Hostile rpg setting book feels like an old friend rather then a brand new product & its going to get a work out coming up this Wednesday. The The USCS Hercules – a complete commercial towing vessel that comes with the game feels like a Hostile adventurer's vessel. A vessel just waiting in the darkness of space moving from world to world as the retro future of Hostile churns around it. 

Zozer Games Hostile Setting Book Redesign hold up?! In a world of Kickstarters, over edition fatigue, and complete OSR overburden yes it does! This sucker was worth the wait. The revised  Hostile rpg setting book holds up because its a setting book for a great gaming system. Everything ready to go! 

You can get three different options

Sunday, September 12, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary On Stars Without Number Rpg - Dresdner Multipurpose Corvette For Your Old School Science Fiction Campaigns

 ANGRY GOLEM GAMES has been providing star ships & sci fi rpg supplies for a number of years including the latest one that we'll be covering the Dresdner Multipurpose Corvette. This is three level starship with NPC's, adventure seeds, & more. 

So for my own 'After The Fall of Mankind' campaign I've been looking for other OSR resources. This brings up  the Dresdner Multipurpose Corvette which is a fantastic space craft that can be used in game systems like Revised Stars Without Numbers rpg or even gasp Cepheus Engine rpg. But this spacecraft will also work for Amazing Adventures Starseige rpg. 

The Dresdner Multipurpose Corvette is perfect for a military space craft & it includes a three level starship with NPC's, adventure seeds, & more with:


1.Main engine 
2.Main power core 
3.Engineer quarters 
5.Aft chain cannon 
6.Life support 
7a.Starboard war room 
7b.Port war room 
8.EMP cannon array 
9.Storage area 
10.Torpedo bay 
11.Gathering point 
12.Storage area 
13.Storage area 
14.Forward chain cannon 
16.Boarding deck 

1.Common quarters 
3.Port power core 
4.Starboard power core 
5.Secundary thrusters 
9.Storage area 
10.Forward chain cannon battery 

1.Officer's quarters 
2.Control room 
3.Commander quarter 
4.Boatswain room 
5.Storage area 
7.Common quarters 
8.Medical bay 
8a.Medic's common quarter 
9.Chemical lab 
9a.Scientist's common quarter 
10.Shield control room 

With all of this the Dresdner Multipurpose Corvette is a good choice for a military space craft whose a part of the Empire of the Petal Throne rpg's Human Space Empire. This space  craft has  lost to the far flung reaches of hyperspace.

 For our campaign this 
the Dresdner Multipurpose Corvette is going to be another space wreck that the PC's are going to be salvaging. But adventure plot twist its not a wreck at all! All this for a 1.00 isn't bad at all. ANGRY GOLEM GAMES doesn't disappoint at all! All in all I'm really happy with the Dresdner Multipurpose Corvette