Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Review & Commentary On Rogue World By Perry Brulotte For The Clement & Earth Sector Rpg's

 "A rogue planet is hurtling through Hub Subsector and a scientist wants your crew to take him to the planet to study it. Will such a mission even be possible? Will it end it failure? Or will your characters fall victim to the dangers on the Rogue World?"

"Rogue World is a short adventure by Perry Brulotte which is designed to take your characters (or the included pre-generated characters) to a world which left its star long ago and is traveling through open space. It is an adventure fraught with perils once they arrive on this rogue planet. The adventure is perfect for a convention game, to be added into an existing campaign, or be the starting point for a new campaign in Clement Sector." Rogue World By Perry Brulotte is coming out on July 11 in the Independence Games store and Drivethrurpg. The guys over at Independence Games were kind enough to send me an advanced copy for review. Boy, I'm glad they did! Clocking at forty six pages this adventure takes prime advantage of both the Earth and Clement sector. Rogue World provides the DM with a solid 2d6 exo and exploration module that will both challenge and intrigue the PC's. This adventure is a fully formed exploration drop in adventure for both the Clement & Earth Sector rpg.
And Rogue World could provide the bed rock for a 2d6 campaign easily. How? There are three ways. Solidly done NPC's for the DM to pull from. Well thought out encounters, and a highly effecctive series of adventure encounters. The whole cloth leg of a campaign highlights the ancient aspect of the Earth or Clement sector.
Meaning that the Earth or Clement sector have humans as the latest tenants in a very large roster. Rogue World is well written adventure, nicely edited, & solidly done cartography. What does Rogue World provide the player's PC's?! Well plenty of adventure opportunities, NPC conflict and interactions, 2d6 action, and lots of problem solving. Rogue World also gets the PC's deeply involved in local affairs of the NPC's. Alien lifeforms in Rogue World can deeply and suddenly become very real in both the Clement & Earth sector rpg campaigns. Rogue World does all of the above in forty six pages of well thought out Clement sector weirdness. Because this adventure fits the Science Fiction Western frontier astethic in spades. Where does Rogue World fit in the larger picture of the Clement and Earth sector?! It can easily fit anywhere that the DM wants it too because this adventure fits whole cloth into a DM's campaign setting. Rogue World is a solid Clement or Earth sector adventure especially if you as DM want to slide into a campaign!

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