Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Everything In World War Two & Your Mother - The Free Marvel Super Heroes rpg Netbook Adventure 'In The Shadows of Evil'- Middle East Madness Session Report 2

 So if you've been following our World War II campaign 'In The Shadows of Evil' which is a free netbook adventure. We really dug in as we took a hook flight to Egypt aboard a very nosey passenger plane that had been hauling troops only a few hours earlier. The flight smelled of cigs, desperation, and uncertainty of very young soldiers. We accompanied by Dr. Henry Jones & events were moving fast. We just met with the Invaders a day ago. And tangled with Baron Blood only a few days before that! 

'In The Shadows of Evil' Compiled, Written and Designed by Christopher P. Tyne moves at a very quick pace with it's encounters and we needed to slow things down a bit. We needed to get our bearings and then meet with the General Happy Sam Sawyer. We knew Sawyer by reputation as our outfit had close ties with Army Intelligence. 
We got settled on base and went into our civilian outfits. We had a story cover for our being in Egypt. And then we bumped into Lois Lane of the Daily Bugle. And she was the last person that we wanted to see. The endless questions plus the drama with her boy scout was what we wanted to avoid. Besides we  knew that Superman was in Japan on a sabotage mission. 
We ditched Lois Lane with a couple of rolls and ducked down several alleys and then made our way too the establishment where we were meeting the General. 
The Thieves quarter certainly lived up to it's name and our meeting with our contacts. We got the location  of the Shrine El Shaur just outside of Cairo and after a bit of an encounter with thieves. Our transport arrangements were by camel and the trip was pretty easy. 
This had us on edge and the shrine looked like a paradise on Earth compared to the desert. The shrine had been cataloged but not opened. This screamed traps and whatnot to us as we sought  the Jewel of Ozymandias. Dr.Jones disarmed traps and we did a bit of dungeon crawling. Then it was confrontation time with the four horsemen of the Apocalypse and the guardian Ozymandias. The fight was not going well so we parleyed with the guardian. Speaking with a living stone monument was interesting. 

We were eventually given the jewel after a very lengthy discussion with the guardian.  The guardian explained that the jewel was merely a tool but we should fear what was coming afterward. Now it was time to move on to England for the next item of power. 
The guardian's last words were a bit chilling, 'Can one come so close to darkness and power while not being changed'. 

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