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The Virus Traders of Azshuddhami

A friendly Azshuddahami in its natural state ready to help its next client

The 'Other Half' is the word. The 'Other Half' is an organism. Word is an organism. The presence of the 'Other Half' is a separate organism attached to your nervous system on an air line of words can now be demonstrated experimentally. One of the most common 'hallucinations' of subject during sense withdrawal is the feeling of another body sprawled through the subject's body at an angle...yes quite an angle it is the 'Other Half' worked quite some years on a symbiotic basis. From symbiosis to parasitism is a short step. The word is now a virus. The flu virus may have once been a healthy lung cell. It is now a parasitic organism that invades and damages the central nervous system. Modern man has lost the option of silence. Try halting sub-vocal speech. Try to achieve even ten seconds of inner silence. You will encounter a resisting organism that forces you to talk. That organism is the word.
  • The Ticket That Exploded (1962)
  •   William S. Burroughs
They have so many shapes & names. The Beturcali, Rothurogodotha, Vagurtuloth all these & more are the names that can be heard in the backrooms of  saloons across universe. The Virus Traders, the body salesmen,etc. The titles are meaningless but their products are not. They sell traits, dreams, & identity across generations. The Rothurogodotha have the copyrights to billions of life forms! They mix & match to suit any who will pay their price. Recently humanity has come to their attention & the human genome is their latest playground.
They are found where galactic society is dense & plentiful. This then becomes their acid test & test bed.
 Tailored retro viruses are introduced into the local genome & traits become part of the hosts.They're products start by impregnating you with its horrible seed and producing a twisted mockery of everything you once were. Many consumers out on the outer fringe worlds disagree & value their services. The Virus traders offer a number of services & products that settlers on harsher worlds can't do without.
Many  of  their clinics are run out of the space stations & large colony city mall in clinics where by appointment you may alter your traits & the traits of all successive generations of your children..

The wavium genetic splicers & splitters are capable of a large variety of  feats & characteristic changes.Any trait may be enhanced with little problem & payment should be made before alterations take place.An enhancement from +1 through +3 may be made.  There are however some strange side effects. Roll 1d10 on the Strange Side Effects Table: 

1. Skin turns a different color
 2. Gender reversal 
 3.Strange bodily smell
4. Tentacles appear at random areas of the body 
5.Unsettling appearance 
6. random animal part 
7. Become a carrier for a strange plague like condition 
8. Oily sheen to skin
9.Clear skin organs are now visible -1 on Charisma 
10. The enhancement is alive & intelligent. It wants a conversation 

Some life form products offered by the Azshuddhami include the following :

Shimmering Emperor

A mix of human &  Hlutrgú gene strains this is on the most dangerous guards one can encounter on many client worlds serviced by the Azshuddhami. These creatures sing with the voices of the outer darkness & drive men to madness with the rhyme of their song. They can't be surprised at all because their senses extend into several states of being. The central eye delivers a beam of  pure planar energies that deals 1d8 points of damage.The beam  damages the genetic structure of those hit & also the offspring of successive generations. These creatures are often purchased as aids for wizards and spacemen. Their sight extends into many hyper dimensional realms. They smell of sweet coying sugar. Purchase price is 4000 credits plus genetic material from the client.
Celestial Breeder-Posessor
Many times the influence of this creature is felt rather then seen. The Celestial Breeder-posessor  is a psychic creation of the highest order. The DNA of several high level imperial princesses has been cloned & put into the production of this creation. This creature may hag ride anyone within the 140 foot perimeter that it calls home. The creature subtly influences those around it as it accesses the target's abilities & powers. A Saving throw is needed to avoid the massive mental onslaught that cascades through the victims mind. After this attack the creature will have full access to the powers & abilities of  the target. The party will be given a choose of leaving the area or being attacked by their team mate. These creatures may also envelop the a target within its black wings where the victim is slowly broken down into its components. The celestial breeder may turnout a carbon copy of the victim within 12 days. This is an exact clone but will have a life span of  4 months after which it will rot to black dust & blow away. These creatures are often purchased by rich parents & make excellent baby sitters, teachers, minders, etc. The cost for one is 20,000 credits plus the dna of  a female the creature is to be based on. The female in question does not have to be human.


 These monsters are often found guarding the bases, research mills, & buildings of the Azshuddhami. A living macro collector retro virus, these monsters hover several feet above the earth by psionic means. They attack anyone not carrying the correct genetic markers. Those who do not are attacked with razor sharp cilia for 1d8 points of damage. They are killed, then cloned for questioning by their Azshuddhami masters. These creatures are very affected by fire & add + 2  to any damage done by fire. There are various brine pools across the Azshuddhami complexes where these monsters rest,mate, & roost.

Grand Vale Piercer- These are the  living ships of the Azshuddhami. These massive 220 ton vessels sail between worlds delivering their deadly cargoes to client races across the universe. These vessels are literally born to space, equipped with a variety of retro virus torpedoes (Damage 1d8) & spasm warp weapons (Damage 6d8). The Grand Vale Piercer sails the hyper space shoals with impunity. They are often seen on the Grand Vale level of hyperspace  reality moving with an unearthly speed & grace as they swim along the hyperspace currents from place to place.

Acidic Slime-Tangler- More siege weapon then living organism. These monsters are often parked on colony worlds that have displeased the Azshuddhami. These weapons hurl a number of deadly cargoes toward their targets coated in an acidic slime. There is human DNA used in the construction of these weapons. The acid hits for 3d8 plus a special attack depending upon the cargo used.

Angel Devourer: The angel devourer is a sort of plant/virus combination used in siege warfare as well. These plants rapidly grow within a 200 mile zone & begin to affect the psychic abilities of a besieged population as well. They are poison & a save must be rolled for contacting the small fast growing weeds. They will devour any carrion if left within a plants growth area as well using, absorbing, & taking on any memories left behind.
Forbidden Eater- The perimeter guardian animal of choose. This vicious cat like predator is capable of ripping a man in half easily. The monster attacks with all its fury & quickly finishes off its foe. The creature has several cloned extra organs that allow the monster to take on the memories of its victim temporarily. It may parrot the voice of its prey psychically, store the last thoughts of its victim, & store the genetic material of the victim for later cloning. The creature also has several fast acting poison glands as well in its fangs. A save must  be made.The poison will cause the victims genetic matter to begin to unravel within 3 rounds.

Note -- I've kept this post system neutral please use your favorite game system here.

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The Pawn Shops of Esser'

You see them in every space port, two bit colony city, & their tacky neon motto " The right to sell arms is the right to buy!"  They crop up all over the place offering to buy arms, equipment, etc. Their staff is knowable, friendly, & slightly creepy. They are always eager to buy,trade, sell weaponry of all different stripes. They comply with local laws & there is a null field in effect for all of their properties.  They buy at a rate of 20% percent retail market rate & sell about 10 credits off of full retail except for jolly sale days.
The cold compound eyes of one the enforcers of  Esser'
  This business is a truly neutral & sells to just about anyone including both sides in a conflict. They have on staff truly diabolic enforcers. These small, shadowy, little monsters are always lurking on the fringes of  higher dimensional space. The merest whisper of trouble & a swift psychic attack will follow. Here we see the leading edge of one of their compound eyes.
Below is a quick overview of some of the fine weaponry available in their show rooms-
 Space Patrol Marines Atomic Blaster 10 pds Damage 1d8 Credits 700
 These weapons are from old Earth & served during the closing days of  the atomic wars. These are fine weapons that were handed down from father to son. Now they can be yours. These are original Earth manufacture & not the cheap Rigillian knockoffs with defective magnetic bottles & faulty focusing rings. These are quality pieces & their value can't be under estimated. Buy now, buy in bulk, & ensure lasting freedom for your race today!
Atomic Cannon! The big brother to our very popular line of old Earth weapons! The atomic cannon was used in the closing days of the atom wars & was the watch word in speed, reliability, & atomic destruction! This is a vehicle-mounted weapon & caution should be exercised when using firing it. The energy discharge has been known to leave a fine column of ball lightning in the firing field for several milliseconds after discharge. Remember that using the larger fuel pods will produce more damage but also drain the focusing crystals.
Only heavy gravity life forms & those with an R28 rating should use this weapon near body parts. Protective clothing should be worn when using this device under battle conditions. 
Atomic Cannon! - 20 pds plus weight for fuel pod 10,20,30 pds Damage 1d6, 1d8, 1d10

Acme Death Gun - Simple easy & effective. This is a simple & effective gun which was created by the human population of Seldon 3. The gun is actually a magnetic bottle with a simple trigger mechanism, & the fususum focusing rings. The anti matter beam is released & simply destroys it target & then drops completely from the known reality matrix thus over coming the Lynsburg principle. The antimatter is safely stored within the bottle good for only 40 shots this weapon can not be recharged again after the ammo runs out. A reasonably easy weapon to mass produce. The weapon hits for 1d8 points of damage & weights about 2 pds. Notice the dual trigger mechanism for easy use by most life forms with a thumb & digit combination. Cost 300 credits per weapon.  
Deep Space Hand Held Reaction Cannon- The deep space reaction cannon brings planar weaponry into the humanoid hands today! This wonderfully simple weapon focuses a micro thin, 2 dimension anti proton beam de-ported in from the heart of a sun 6 universes away. This beam will shatter most hull plating, disrupt the physical reality of many planar beings, & is rated in JAn'dru's guide to weapons as"One of the coming centuries most promising battle field weapons, the weapon smiths of Chthul have out done themselves with this multi battle field weapon. Make sure your troops are armed with one today! ***** star rating" *
 Weight 30 pds Damage 1d10 per shot 20 shots

* Note that using this weapon within an atmosphere has been known to cause planetary atmospheric cascade plasma storms. We bare no responsibly for any mishaps when using this weapon & the 13 cycle waiting period for heavy weapons is in effect. Remember to use space suits with an M76 radiation protection rating
Two Dimensional Flat Space Weaponry- Remember that The Pawn Shops of  Esser' carry a large variety of Flat Space weapons. The storage advantages to these types of weapons are numerous & many detectors will not even register this type of weapon!* The weapon exists outside of the normal local time space continuum & with the flick of a switch the weapon goes from pixelated non existence to normal reality.*
The Pawn Shops of  Esser'* None of these claims has been tested & your local space time continuum may be subject to other effects. Many detectors can detect a faint trace of  eldrith radiation & we are not responsible for any unlawful use of this product. The term normal reality will vary with your plane of existence. Any lost or missing body appendages from the use or abuse of this item is the user's responsibly. Please remember when ordering Two Dimensional Flat Space weaponry the cost is 20x normal weapons cost because of the delicate micro circuit work involved. This weapon should not be used in or near a Type 40, 60, 05, 80 model Tardis or else full protonic inversion could result.

Just look for the sign of the space bat for the The Pawn Shops of  Esser'* near you!
As an added bonus here are the copy right free images of toy ray guns that inspired this post! Download them & print them out to use in your game today!
Toy Ray Guns From Heck! Awesome!

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Brood From El'kehlleli- The Surgeon's Spawn

They have so many names:
Snare Larvae,Nerve Children,The Agony Dreamers, Unholy Ones,
 These are the hungry ones who come at the beckoned call of those with the need for their services. Sometimes the super science isn't enough to heal all wounds & a need arises for those whose flesh will not & can't be healed. Then this race is called with their bone needles of  molecular sharpness. They come
 swimming through the "air" with kits of bone needles.They're made from the bones of those monsters who swim through the waters of  deep hyper spacial realms
. They come when summoned with one of the artifacts of the Quadratura seen here

These artifacts can be obtained from an agent of  Burke & Hare easily. The user of such weird super science would be advised to remember that these objects exist in 24 higher dimensions just as those they summon do.
The skills of  the planar beings summoned is deadly in the extreme & has been known to effect the DNA of those "cured" by their services. They whisper ancient secrets as they work to re knit & heal all manor of wounds, diseases, & medical conditions.
Their price is very high indeed -Sometimes a song, sometimes a secret memory, some times the patient themselves, sometimes you.
No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral
Move: 120'
Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice: 7
Attacks: Special
Damage: Special
Morale: 12
  Each needle can do 1d8 damage if anyone is actually able to attack a 25 dimensional planar being roll d20 with a high level roll making them material for that round. 
Idea came from here!
A sample of the top quality work of the  Brood From El'kehlleli- The Surgeon's Spawn

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Very Excited To Time Master On The Rolls Over At Goblinoid Games !

The Time Master Rpg is back among the living at Goblinoid Games! Read about it here
What you've never heard of the game?! There's a review of the game Review
So yeah its nice to see this game plus modules getting some air play! Ok back to the world of scifi gaming

The Red Weed of The Nyagga'

It is this plant that supposedly gives the Nyagga's client worlds their dull red color. It is one of the several types of plants brought to several world possibly accidentally by the invading Nyagga, but the only one that truly was able to adapt and grow widespread on Earth like colony worlds. When it is exposed to water, it grows and reproduces explosively, flooding the neighboring countryside as it clogs streams and rivers. The narrator of  Exploring The Worlds  & Fauna Of  The Nyagga that the weed glows purple at night. He tries eating some, but it has a metallic taste. Though it engulfed the native plant life of  many worlds it succumbs to the effects of Earth bacteria often used in terraforming!
  •   The red weed has been farmed because its oil is the only thing that can lubricate the adapted Nyagga technology
  • That the aliens fertilise the weed with human blood, possibly adding to its redness. It grows so quickly it can be seen growing. It is also stated in the script that the weed is fierce enough to flourish in spite of the conditions that forced the aliens to find refuge on a new world. But despite its tenacity to survive such a harsh environment, much like in the novel, the red weed is killed by Earth's bacteria and turned into an ash-like dust and is blown away in the wind before it can be examined
  • These introduced species overwhelmed the native fauna, especially in remote islands. More fancifully, the red weed could be seen as a metaphor for Nyagga territorial expansion
  •   The red weed portrayed it as a mossy creeper that grew much faster than most native plants

The Shop of Aubrey 'Harter' Burke & Oscar Hare, Dealers in Antiquities!

There are those who feast after the uncommon & unique among all of the known worlds. The usual channels of such merchant corporations such as Gijar & Sons won't do. Those whose vices, are determinedly  barbaric rites, uncanny phenomena, and inexplicable the darkest magics. This firm stands ready to provide its patrons with the unique, the forbidden, & the unusual. There agents are everywhere & hire the best to obtain by hook, crook, & then some that book, puzzle, planar objects that their buyer wants or desires. 
The first thing that a client must do is contact the agent on staff for either employment or to obtain a particular object.Clients never ever see Mr. Burke or Mr. Hare ever. There are branches of the establishment on over 300 worlds. 
Clients must realize that they will be paying top dollar when dealing with this fine establishment & that failure is sometimes not an option for jobs being done. The means are never discussed but the results should never put the firm within a position of unlawful means. 
  For employment opportunities Burke & Hare pay 400 credits a day plus a modest expense. They employ among their ranks scientists, adventures, & many other adventuring professionals. Their so called Guardians are often sent when payment can nut be rendered & antiquities aren't returned in a timely fashion. 
Some of the more unusual items that they have in stock :

1. Tablet From Telv' Alpha 4- The tablet supposedly speaks in a large variety of tongues & has been known to chant in unknown language. Those holding the tablet add +2 to their intelligence & find themselves within an alien mind dripping with pure order & higher hyper dimensional equations. The effects of the tablet will last 1d4 days & the user might not retain his original language. Cost is 2000 credits 

2.MI Go Projector- Built from plans found on the atomic waste land of Earth this project will show the user the location of any Mi Go Hyper dimensional gates. The downside being that the Mi Go will be aware of the user & able to cross into their para dimensional space. 1200 credits for plans & parts.

3.The Verchi Mechanism - Found on Deneble 6 along the Frri beach this isn't a trunk but rather a 600 year old mechanism. super science device. The only inscription found on item in Galactic Common reads,"It opens doors!" There is room for a power source but no one has been fool hardy enough to power it up. Plans for the device are available. 400 credits for plans & parts
4.fULSTERIN nanobots -These micro machines open doors of perceptions to the pleasures of various heavens & hell within hyperspace. The micro machines add + 2 to the user's psy but the user will see the odd angles outside of time & space. There is a 1d6 chance that a hound of  Tindalos will notice the user. The
fULSTERIN has been gone for over 6 million years with out a trace. Sold in doses of  400 for 600 credits each.
5.Vael Planar Drive System Core- Floating within a magnetic bottle is this incredibly rare Drive Core. This object exists within 23 different higher dimensional planes at the same time. The vibrations that this object creates alters the reality matrix of those around it this allows the user to step from one dimension to another. The core will remain stationary however. There is also the fact that this object will cause annoyance to many Tholu entities so care should be taken where this is being used. 4000 credits. We take no claims for any incidents that result from the use of this object. This core is for entertainment & collectible purposes only

6. Ritual Items of  the Theologians of the Order of the Gash- Very rare items brought to this plane by the extra planar beings of the Order of Gash. For collectible purposes only. 500 credits each or the set for 800. 
7. Old Earth Plastic -These ultra rare examples of plastic items from Old Earth which have survived the atomic fires. These objects retain the planar essences of their original owners & a sensitive may be able to speak with the ancient ghosts! 900 credits each 
8. The Golden Beo Hardrive  & Disks from Sceber 4 - These are the last known recordings of this race. Found within the ruins of a minor house these recordings show the day to day activity of the Sceber including planar research. 700 credits 

9.Spirit Bottles From Santurni Minor- These are the essence of the Saturni whose empire lasted 20 billion years. All that remains is these "Spirit Bottles" matrix for the very beings themselves layered in molecular ordered perfection.  There is a 1d20 chance that each time the user accesses the memories of the Santurni they will be possessed by these ancient malevolent beings 

10 The .Drug Liao -It is a living culture of the drug Liao (though to call it a drug demeans such a marvel of pharmacology), and while strongly vivotropic and able to move as a whole (as do the slime molds), its material component cannot pass through the dense matter of these quartz lemnules.  Also, should it somehow do so, growth outside its natural host requires a strong ulta-violet light or other such powerful etheric vibratory force.  And it must be fed upon the ichor of gods. 2000 per dose. 
                                               Note Burke & Hare are rivals of  Gidj & Sons, & this merchant corporation should never be mentioned within the presence of an agent of Burke & Hare*
  I didn't create this patron but they have appeared in many of my campaigns over the years. This twisted creation of mine is mine. 
The Shop of Aubrey 'Harter' Burke & Oscar Hare, Dealers in Antiquities is being used with with the kind permission of Ed Martinez & the pyramid gallery - PS my players should stay off of this link or else

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Tau Endri Minor - Test your mettle against the Undead & the Mythos

It is natural that such a thing as a dead man's scream should give horror, for it is obviously not a pleasing or ordinary occurrence; but I was used to similar experiences, hence suffered on this occasion only because of a particular circumstance.
H.P. Lovecraft
"Herbert West--Reanimator"
Tahahu looked into his Orion concubine's eyes & slowly asked again about the legends of  Tau Endri Minor. She made the sign again & sighed. After a night of passion it was always a night of legends."Tau Endri Minor is where the Endri send their best warriors. The place is a demon haunted world of undead, disease,& far worse. It wasn't always so though. Once it was the jewel of a world where technology had reached the late 20th century mark. This was before the Ebony Fleet  had come with the damned Crystal Skull of  
The once peaceful
high-tech, highly realistic adult amusement park called Nahuatl featured androids that are almost indistinguishable from human beings. For 1,000 credits per day, guests may indulge in any fantasy, including killing or having sex with the androids on a highly  simulated city of ancient Earth. Within days the world was swarming with undead & worse.The battles were terrible. The loss of life incredible. The Jaguar Marines hunting parties are sent there by the score. Those who comeback are hailed as heroes. Those who comeback infected by the undead are fodder for the altars." "What of the jade & gold?" Another night my love. She settled back down into her sleeping silks & there would be no more tales this night.
The last stand of the capital city

Tau Endri isn't the first colony world but only the latest. Centuries before was the late colony of Tau Endri Minor a pleasure world set up with luxuries & excesses of the rich in mind. Here every fantasy & whim of the client might be done with little repercussion or problem. No one knows what brought the Ebony Fleet here. But the serpent men of  Valusia space in Yoth system came soon after. They settled into the ruins of Nahuatl making it their own & began their foul rites to their gods. Serpent Men are humanoids with scaled skin and snake-like heads. They possess magical abilities, the most common of which is the use of illusion to disguise themselves as a human. In some stories, the ghost of someone killed by a Serpent Man becomes the Serpent Man's slave. Due to the shape of their mouths, Serpent Men cannot utter the phrase "Ka nama kaa lajerama." 

                           No. Enc.:1d4 (Scientist & Astronaut npc type)
Alignment: Inimical
Movement: 120’ (40’)
Armor Class: 3
Hit Dice: 5  
Attacks: 2 also by weapon
Damage: 1d8
There are still many undead moving through the ruins of  Tau Endri Minor & the 
Dreaming Executioner is one such monstrosity that is constructed from a "normal zombie". The zombie is tightly bound within specially prepared bandages filled with nanite compound. The Dreaming Executioners are sent to guard the ruins where the rites of the serpent men are held. They have a strange energy ray attack which has a range of 60' & a damage of 1d8. This ray strongly resembles a rotting disease & might be the basis of so called stories of a disease called mummy rot. The bite of this monster still will turn those bitten into regular zombies. .
Enc.: 1-4
Alignment: Neutral
Move: 180' (60')
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 2 (see below)
Damage: 1d8
There are literally hundreds of faux temples & buildings stretching the entire green hell that is Tau Endri Minor.Please remember to consult this table  when diving into the ruins of  this place. This world is a proving ground for the most promising Eagle & Jaguar warriors from Tau Endri Prime.  The priest kings themselves often come here to consult with the serpent men & to deal with the planar demons who easily manifest here. There are fortunes in Jade & super science artifacts here as well some brought by the serpent men. 
This is an indict world & special permission must be granted from the priest kings to land here. The cities still echo with the sound of undead both bodily & planar. The ghostly echoes of the dead, undead, & near dead can be found in the regular cities as well as the planar energy spawn monstrosities that roam the jungle countryside. 

Random Encounter Table of  Tau Endri Minor
  1.  Ghosts 
  2. Zombie herd roll 1d4  
  3. Ghasts roll 1d6 
  4. Ghoul tribe
  5. Moaning spirit 
  6. Aztec android warriors
  7. Vampire warriors former Tau Endri warriors with Super science weapons
  8. Fresh water Ghouls 
  9. Mutants
  10. Serpent men scouting party
There are still the rotting remains of the android entertainers wandering around. Some are lost. Some are confused but all can be deadly should they choose to attack. There are those who believe that the androids have some other sinister purpose. 
Welcome to Tau Endri Minor - A Vacation In A Green Hell 
Stay Awhile Won't You?

The Terrible Miracles of Tau Endri

The sacrifice came forward & lay on the alter as the chanting continued. No words could describe the look of complete & utter peace upon the man's face. The priests bound his hands to either side of the low slung & chanting reached a high mark. The adventurers looked on with awe as the molecular knife came down & sliced through everything from jewels, to feathers, & then the rest. They recorded every detail for the emperor & began to turn away in disgust. One priest stood back from the rest & whispered into his nose ring communicator.
The priest kings deep within the pyramid they slaved over the Maxwell furnaces laying down the latest atomic lattices & listened to the observations of their chosen junior. The sacrifice' s other self was held within the suspension field as his essence was drawn into the planar power circle. Other priests worked with the planar engines creating the micro- zero point systems from the gold molecules one point of  energy at a time. 
"Watch them & kill them only if necessary"
A yellowish globe featuring three eyes around the central circumference, flower-like ears on top and tentacles on the underside regarded the priest from within his mind. "The trade mark of these mechanisms that we have given you must be preserved for the good of all mankind." The priest bowed his head & thanked his "god" for the insight. 
  The skies of Tau Endri teem with nanomachines. Great white silvery clouds of the things swim through the air & move across the winds. They perform miracles at the beck & call of the priests. The "priests" often call for sacrifices & many of their rituals revel in blood. The actuality of this is that the "chosen" are merely victims whose blood swims with the valuable cargo! The "blood" is collected in urns & taken into the inner pyramid to be  sent off world. Each of the priests are actually "scientists" within the Human Space Empire rules. Sample artifacts include: 
1.Nanotech replicators and the creation of true AI lead to the singularity where many humans upload themselves to a computer framework and boost their intelligence and capabilities to godlike levels 
Adds From +1 thru +4 for intelligence. 

     2. Providing energy and material wealth 
Can power an energy weapon for 3plus days or 40 credits worth of gold or jade

     3.  A devastating nano-tech plague which disassembles all warm-blooded life forms below 10,000ft elevation. 
Save vs poison only super science can save you now. Available as ship to ship weapon 

   4 Poison made up of nanomachines.
Disassembler nanomachines  - 3 on constitution for 2d4 turns

   5.A molecular switch is a molecule that can be reversibly shifted between two or more stable states. The molecules may be shifted between the states in response to changes in e.g. pH, light, temperature, an electrical current, microenvironment, or the presence of a ligand.
Lower pH, light, temperature, an electrical current, microenvironment, or the presence of a ligand.3 times per day for 1d4 days 

6.Ships of the Tau Endri have nanomachines as part of their self-repair systems, their medical equipment and their anti-intruder defenses. 
Make a save vs space ship 3 times per day  

 7.Self-sacrifice was also quite common & repairing" what they perceive as "design flaws" in the human body, creating things like an armored ribcage, and eyes in the back of the head.
-3 charisma outside the Aztec culture or +3 charisma within the Aztec culture  

8.Like the Maya kings, would offer blood from their tongue, ear lobes, or genitals actually-nanobots created to heal human infirmities
Heal 1d6 points of damage 

9.There are several other myths in which Nahua gods offer their blood to help humanity-This is often the legendary micro machines who are useful for assimilating even more advanced technology and spawning a new individual, and so on
Dm & player rules . 
10. Planar nanites - These are often used to capture the threads that make their way through the underverse & beyond. They must be called by the high priests within planar containment circles.
See summon planar demon rules 

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Tau Endri Sacrifice & Combat

 Here at Tamoanchan the capital of  Tau Endri there is a life cycle almost as complex as any found within the Human Space Empire. It took a generation slow boat many hundreds of years to reach the Tau Endri system. The world was already undergoing the last stages of terraforming & the sleep tubes which held the settlers had malfunctioned. The sleep tapes played through Old Earth history of the Aztec empire mixed with modern technology. There are some who argue that it was actually punishment from the Veritable Autocrator. The settlers diet was lacking protein and that cannibalism of sacrificial victims was a necessary part of the artificial Aztec diet. To the settlers everything is tonacayotl: the "spiritual flesh-hood" on earth. Everything —earth, crops, moon, stars and people— springs from the severed or buried bodies, fingers, blood or the heads of the sacrificed gods. Humanity itself is macehualli, "those deserved and brought back to life through penance"
 A strong sense of indebtedness was connected with this worldview. Indeed, nextlahualli (debt-payment) was a commonly used metaphor for human sacrifice, and, as The explorer Sahagún reported, it was said that the victim was someone who "gave his service".
The priest hood is lying though. They out of all of the generational passengers retained their knowledge of both the Third Empire of Man & the super advanced technologies. The world of  Tau Endri is one place where they retained the secrets of  the Smith Time Dilation Drive System. They know each & every planar thread & have them mapped throughout the underverse. They wanted gods, & the planar demons were only too pleased to answer their call.
Yet central to their religion is military service, sacrifice, & offerings too to the the Veritable Autocrator & his courts. The world of Tau Endri  is known throughout the universe as a world of exotic entertainment, incredible artwork, & raw untamed beauty. There are those of the the Veregyá, Imperial secret police agents, answerable only to the Autocrator who know some of the darker truths of the inner pyramids & of the lich lords of  Tau Endri minor. They know that the Smith Time Dilation Drive System has been installed in certain pyramids which sit directly over the central lay lines of  Tau Endri major. They also know that the Autocrator himself watches this world with a keen interest.Who knows what other dark truths the under world of  Tau Endri holds.
Human sacrifice was in this sense the highest level of an entire panoply of offerings through which the Aztecs sought to repay their debt to the gods. Explorers have observed that the Aztecs gladly parted with everything: burying, smashing, sinking, slaying vast quantities of quail, rabbits, dogs, feathers, flowers, insects, beans, grains, paper, rubber and treasures as sacrifices on levels of their pyramids.. Even the "stage" for human sacrifice, the massive temple-pyramids, was an offering mound: crammed with treasures, grains, soil and human and animal sacrifices that were buried as gifts to the deities. Adorned with the land's finest art, treasure and victims, these temples had become buried offerings under new structures every half a century. Indeed there are multi level pyramids with vast fortunes under them guarded by who knows what. The Aztec priests themselves seem to encourage a strange sort of sport with 4 pyramids set up with vid broadcast waves for all to see the death sports played out in a strange credit for view staged drama. Yet there are whispers, rumors, of darker things going on across Tau Endri & beyond!