Monday, April 25, 2011

Cuauhchimalli Screens of Tau Endri

Cuauhchimalli  Screens: Spaceships & fighters are protected by several layers of defensive force field "screens", including the innermost and strongest "wall shield." Smaller vehicles and even spacesuits can carry screens of lesser power. These screens are often built into the common simple shields of the Tau Endri people's warriors. The lesser warriors believe that the tonalli which means animating spirit is responsible for the protection that they receive while using these screens. Since the priest/scientists are the ones providing the super science. The lie is mostly believed by the general populace. 

One shield screen type is the most commonly found throughout  Tau Endri  world; the "cuauhchimalli", a wooden shield used often by all Aztec warriors with a small generator installed. These screens will reduce the AC by 2. Also used in conjunction with the shield is the cane that they used in self defense called an "otlachimalli". This can is made from super dense materials & can parry most super science hand to hand weapons with little problem. 


  1. I don't want to spam you folks with the Tau Endri Aztecs so please let me know if you want to see more of these guys & if so what? More equipment, planar demons, etc? Thanks for your continued support & encouragement.

  2. I'm interested. By the way, the face with the tongue sticking out is the ancient symbol of the Humanspace Empire!

  3. Yeah I know there's a reason behind that. Very interesting reason. V--V

  4. You're doing interesting stuff, so why not just keep on keeping on?


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