Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Red Weed of The Nyagga'

It is this plant that supposedly gives the Nyagga's client worlds their dull red color. It is one of the several types of plants brought to several world possibly accidentally by the invading Nyagga, but the only one that truly was able to adapt and grow widespread on Earth like colony worlds. When it is exposed to water, it grows and reproduces explosively, flooding the neighboring countryside as it clogs streams and rivers. The narrator of  Exploring The Worlds  & Fauna Of  The Nyagga that the weed glows purple at night. He tries eating some, but it has a metallic taste. Though it engulfed the native plant life of  many worlds it succumbs to the effects of Earth bacteria often used in terraforming!
  •   The red weed has been farmed because its oil is the only thing that can lubricate the adapted Nyagga technology
  • That the aliens fertilise the weed with human blood, possibly adding to its redness. It grows so quickly it can be seen growing. It is also stated in the script that the weed is fierce enough to flourish in spite of the conditions that forced the aliens to find refuge on a new world. But despite its tenacity to survive such a harsh environment, much like in the novel, the red weed is killed by Earth's bacteria and turned into an ash-like dust and is blown away in the wind before it can be examined
  • These introduced species overwhelmed the native fauna, especially in remote islands. More fancifully, the red weed could be seen as a metaphor for Nyagga territorial expansion
  •   The red weed portrayed it as a mossy creeper that grew much faster than most native plants

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