Monday, April 11, 2011

OSR~ Old Space Revolution!

These days I hear a huge amount of talk about the Old School Revolution or whatever it is this week. I've read talk about this gaming thing or that table top system. Let me tell you what those letters mean to me. Old Space Revolution. The feeling you used to get going down the aisle at the local toy store & seeing row after row of plastic space toys! The feeling of looking at those little plastic space men figures & making your own adventures!  This is the feeling I get when I look at something like Terminal Space or Human Space Empires!
 Terminal Space is available here Terminal Space is more then simply original D&D in space or goblins with laser pistols. Its a down & dirty space opera setting with lots of bang, bang, shooty action including ship rules, classes, & new magic etc. Its also a companion piece to my next love in the toy aisle of the mind Human Space Empires. This isn't simply the same old retread that I've heard that the OSR does over & over again. I don't believe that anyway but that's my demented opinion. Human Space Empires is a prequel to my favorite game of all time. Empire Of The Petal Throne more information here Empire Of The Petal Throne & there are some awesome resources there for a game master who wants to run of the best settings in role playing! I digress. Human Space Empires takes place before all of humanity which has created a star spanning empire falls into a dimensional pocket universe never to be heard from again. This setting is like a combo of star wars, star trek, & dune on acid mixed with influences of old fashioned pulp in a blender with the setting on high mix! Got that! Its that good & this is only the playtest version! There are already a ton of resources out on the designer's blog here Human Space Empires
  The fact is that I've heard repeatedly that AD&D, D&D, etc, etc can't do science fantasy or fiction. I beg to differ. There are some fantastic resources out there for running your own adventures!
New Spells for Terminal Space New Spell Nastiness From Netherworks!
A great setting from Trey over at the his blog! Krypton
Imperial Solar System Generation from Netherworks for Human Space Empires Here  
 There's much more over at Netherworks! This is one seriously stuffed blog! 
Lets not forget Planet Algol. Blair is one of the reasons I started this blog. Check his stuff out Here
 Please Note that I'm bias about the settings I've presented here & wrote some of the spells for Terminal Space! 


  1. Thanks for the mention, Needles. And good first post. :)

  2. Thanks Trey it means a lot to hear that from you!

  3. Thanks too for the kind words. Amateur rpg design and blogging can be pretty thankless so it's really nice to know someone enjoys this stuff...

    Keep posting crazy space stuff!

  4. Hey, thanks for the shout out Needles. We've really been enjoying your contributions to the Terminal Grimoire. You might want to swing by Zalchis sometime too; we've been doing monsters all month long for the A-to-Z Challenge, and then some more stuff...

  5. Aren't the Outer Space Men supposed to be getting re-issued some time soon? Those were pretty cool toys back in the day. Like the Zeroids. But that was before franchises strangled all the little guys...

  6. Yeah basically that's what happened.. Sad really :(


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