Thursday, April 14, 2011

1d10 Weird Cargo Events Table ~ Bonus Update for the GM

  1. Secreted in the load or cargo your hauling is an alien head with a hidden agenda 
  2. Someone switched loads on you & the original owner wants his back 
  3. There's a religious artifact that a very heinous group wants back:1.They hate spacers & you'll make a nice sacrifice to their god 2. They will track you round the moons of Nibmus three into hell itself 3. They're not very good assassins but there are lots of them so they'll be showing up throughout the adventure 4. The artifact your hauling is their god 
  4. There's an energy reading coming from the cargo & its getting stronger. There's also a high concentration of  Eldritch Energy leaking out of the cargo 
  5. That's not actually your cargo its a nano bot swarm that's pretending its your cargo 
  6. Un dead lich prince is actually your passenger & he's hungry 
  7. The cargo is actually a time machine (roll on time machine table)
  8. Local crime boss wants a word about your cargo 
  9. The cops want a word about your cargo & they've brought a battle cruiser along! 
  10. The cargo is unsecured & someone needs to go back & belt it down. Roll percentage dice to see whose going back 

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  1. Nos. 5 and 10 are off the scale..! You're most definitely on a roll today.


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