Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Weapons Of The Flower Wars of Tau Endri

The colony worlds of  Tau Endri hold Flower Wars  that it was a special institutionalized kind of warfare where two enemy states would plan battles through mutual arrangement in order to satisfy the religious needs of both combatants for war captives to use in sacrificial rituals, but also, possibly, to train young warriors and enable social mobility which for the lower classes was primarily possible through military service. 
 Some of the weapons used in this ritualized warfare among the colonists presented here are now being used through out the Empire. The Flower Wars are still being fought with many of the same weapons & tactics as they have for the last 20 years. Video beam telecasts of the Flower Wars  are available throughout the empire.The famed eagle knights & the jaguar marines have their starts upon these worlds 
Osicomorphic maquahuitl: The Osicomorphic maquahuitl is an energy based weapon that is very simliar to a weapon shaped like a wooden sword. Its sides are embedded with prismatic blades made from obsidian, a volcanic glass stone from the desert planet of Tau Centru & fitted with a Osicomorphic generator. The weapon is capable of slicing a throat in half with little problem. Damage 1d10 Weight 1 Ib. 1000 credits 

Neutronium Tepoztopilli: Halfway between a halberd and a spear, the tepoztopilli was equally useful for slashing and thrusting.The tepoztopilli was a pole-arm, and to judge from depictions in various Aztec codices it was roughly the height of a man, with a broad wooden head about twice the length of the users' palm or shorter, edged with razor-sharp obsidian blades which were deeply set in grooves carved into the head, and cemented in place with bitumen or plant resin as an adhesive. The  obsidian blades are replaced with super hard Neutronium glass from the generation ships that reached Tau Endri. Halfway between a halberd and a spear, the tepoztopilli was equally useful for slashing and thrusting. Damage 2d6 1lb. 300 credits 
Nanotech Quauhololli:Quauhololli: a simple club with a spherical wooden ball at the end. The ball is actually a nanotech generator that simply generates disassembler nanites. Even a simple hit with this weapon does 1d10 damage 1lb. 100 credits 
Life Blaster Atlatl: The Life Blaster dart thrower was a weapon used to hurl small darts called "tlacochtli" with greater force and from greater range than they could be thrown by hand. This weapon fires a hail of war arrows with barbed obsidian points. Range: 60' Damage 2d8 2lbs
500 credits 


  1. Ultra-tech Aztecs...I like it! Good stuff. :)

  2. Me too. Everything you post is an inspiration.

  3. Ye gods! How does anyone survive those weapons long enough to get sacrificed?!?


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