Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1d20 Random Space Trucking Events

In  the so bad its good category is this beauty from the late great nights of '96. I was sitting in a small little grubby theater in Chinatown in Boston watching this sucker. While chowing down on a box of noodles from a noodle vendor outside I thought wouldn't this make a cool rpg campaign with a more weird universe vibe. I just wanted to include something to get you in the cheese fest of a mood that is my game! Here's a random table of  d20 space trucking events to help you out in either Terminal Space or Human Space Empires
  1. Space Gypsies Caravan~ There ships are a patchwork collection of various parts & strange alien devices fitted on as drives. 1d6 they might want to trade a random "treasure" Exonaughts first 30 random space finds pdf
  2. Hyper Space Wake ~ The truck is buffed by a huge hyperspace wake that opens in front of  or behind your ship at the game master's digression 
  3. Alien Hookers ~ A space going brothel is passing through a near by system: 1. They're broadcasting a telepathic "special" for all passing spacers including a blue light special.2. They're ship's in trouble & they're offering a trade of services. 3. Its a trap: 1.The space cops have set up a sting for all johns in the area 2. The ladies are actually all shape shifting invaders from another dimension 3. Their a chaos cult that will sacrifice the mating parts of any males they come across.4. The ladies are actually carrying a random infection from the dungeon funk table Do you know where "she's" been table  4. Slumming royal & you've just become the baby sitter for a minor royal! 
  4. Alien Artifact 1. Vegan Fortress : Life Signs & everything including active hardware but does not respond to hails 2. Clonemaster's ship with valuable cargo but the top half is gone 3. Drifting monolith 4. Ore processing ship~ There are alien miners trapped aboard!
  5. Space Mall ~ Space Mall offering all kinds of services for adventurers! There's a pawn broker aboard wanting items could be an opportunity for more adventure 
  6. Space Pirates who are actually dressed like pirates! They might be these guys Yeah yeah its Star Trek but its Star Trek on Acid
  7. Interstellar Monster! 1. Space Virus 2. Interstellar Dragon 3. Great Old One 4. Giant Rabid Space Hamster 
  8. Space Hobos ~ 1. Asteroid Miners 2. Oakies 3.Mutant Hirelings 4.Space Psycho 
  9. Space Manic  1. Dead Eye Reilly 2.Disintegrator ~ Named after his weapon   3.
    Heat-Ray  4. Ray_gun
  10. Battle Nuns ~ They're on their way to cleanse a system of impurity! Might be available for hireling after their mission
  11. Farm Ship rolling through the interstellar void filled with red weed instead of food stuffs Red_weed
  12. Alien Battle Fleet ~ 1. Saucers stalking through the void 2. Aztec Pyramids rolling along the hyperspace 3. Intergalactic vampires 4. The black fleet
  13. Hyperspace Transport Security Agency Agents ~ Pull Over & Prepare To Be Harassed! 
  14. Inter dimensional  Jester Troop 1. Servants of Order 2. Servants of Chaos 3. Servants of the Outer Gods 4. False Troop ~ shape shifting assassins of  Alpha Prime 
  15. The trucker's union would like a word ~ Dungeon Master's choose
  16. Giant Space Herpes ~ Nuff Said 
  17. Hyper space Bypass ~ Shave 5 days off of your route 
  18. The Cops 1. Looking for contraband 2. They want to be bribed 3. Looking to crack heads 4. Wrong place wrong time book'em
  19. Time loop ~roll again
  20. Eye Of A God ~ A planar higher power has noticed you & wants a word.Alternative the eye is actually a pan-dimensional cross section of the eye sensor from a worldboat


  1. How about: a dangerou alien entity has secretly by placed in the trucker's load?

  2. I remember that movie. I think they had square pigs. This table truly is in the spirit, and has a lot of good ideas, entry points or texture for adventures.

  3. There's actually some pretty cool ideas right there Trey.


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