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Heads Up! A Stars Without Number Bundle Of Holding Including A Brand New SWN Book - Engines Of Babylon -

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For The Bundle Of Holding 
Oh shiny, just when I restarted my Stars Without Number Tuesday night game, Kevin Crawford comes out with another Bundle of Holding so that you can get the entire run of SWN in one shot! But wait for it, he's got a brand new book hot off the presses for his old school sand box science fiction game set. 

book cover
Engines of Babylon is a book that I've been waiting a long time for. The Engines of Babylon -- an all-new SWN equipment book, debuting in this offer, for creating vehicles and low-tech system spaceships when you level up the amount you pay for the bundle. 
Last year we saw the debut of Relics of the Lost (retail $7): A sourcebook of long-dead technology from the Second Wave of human colonization, in last year's bundle of holding. 

According to the bundle of holding page: 
Adventurer! Stellar explorer Kevin Crawford has resurrected our October 2013 Stars Without Number Bundle from Sine Nomine Publishing. This revived offer returns bigger and better, with a brand-new, never-before-published Stars Without Number supplement available only in this offer and nowhere else.
Stars Without Number is a leading science fiction tabletop RPG for devotees of the Old School Revival and "sandbox" roleplaying. In a sandbox game, the setting is wide open for adventure in all directions. And one of the best games for starfaring, sandbox-style, is Stars Without Number.
For just US$8.95, you get all three titles in our starter collection (retail value $35) as DRM-free, non-watermarked .PDF ebooks:
  • Stars Without Number Core Edition (retail price $20): The complete 253-page rulebook, including 40 pages of bonus material unavailable in other editions.
  • Skyward Steel (retail $10): Join the Thousand Lights of the Stellar Navy and embrace both the duties and the terrible freedom of a naval campaign.
  • Hard Light (retail $5): The first SWN adventure setting. In the radioactive glare of a red giant star, explore the hard-bitten mining outpost of Brightside and ancient asteroid Sky Tombs.
And if you pay more than the threshold price of $19.67, you'll level upand get Kevin Crawford's Engines of Babylon -- an all-new SWNequipment book, debuting in this offer, for creating vehicles and low-tech system spaceships -- plus these bonus titles (total retail value $44):
  • Darkness Visible (retail $10): Spacefaring espionage campaigns of classified perils, nameless heroes, and secret glory.
  • Other Dust (retail $20): Kevin Crawford's 208-page post-apocalypse sandbox RPG completely compatible with SWN.
  • Relics of the Lost (retail $7): A sourcebook of long-dead technology from the Second Wave of human colonization. This supplement debuted in this offer's original October 2013 run.
Remember, now you can give a Bundle of Holding as a gift -- either a generic gift code good for any one bundle, or a gift download link for this specific bundle that's good even after the offer ends. With one quick purchase, you can give a new player the whole Galaxy.
So why get in on this action? 
Ten percent of your payment is split equally between two fine causes selected by Stars Without Number designer Kevin Crawford: Doctors Without Bordersand the Benzie Food Partners food bank, which serves the Michigan county where Kevin lives.
I've talked with Kevin via email a couple of times and he's a stand up guy and if you've gotten in on the bundle of holding last year? 
Did you buy this bundle during its original October 2013 run? If so, check your Wizard's Cabinet download page -- you've already received the Engines of Babylon supplement added for this revival. When you buy a Bundle of Holding early, you never worry about missing a book added later.
So what the hell are you waiting for? Get in on the action and get your slice of the bundle of holding and get in on some of the old school gaming among the Stars Without Number today!
The clock is ticking and you've only got three days and some change to get in on the action! 

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A Dark Corner Blog Exclusive : The OSR Module For OSRIC 'The Hanging Coffins Of The Vampire Queen' By Mark Taormino

Today on the Dark Corner Blog I take an exclusive look at the OSRIC module, 'The Hanging Coffins of The Vampire Queen' and talk a bit with the adventure's author Mark Taormino.
Grab some stakes, some holy water, and your party because its time to enter the dungeons of the Vampire Queen right over

Red Seas & Sand - Stars Without Number - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Actual Play Event

In last night's game, we got into gun running to local martians along a series of universes accessible through the spike drive of the PC's. They were able get the weapons to the Martians just in time as Corp battle cruisers were in deep orbit. Several Pre Scream death machines  were camped just outside of the Martian  rebel's force screens
The machines began to hack into the 'Dust' that surrounded the encampment and a very large dust elemental formed from the red sands. After a brief battle and some minor damage the rebels got their weapons.
The PC's hacked into the corporate sat that was beaming back information about the rebel's activities.
This actually gave the rebels time to mount an attack and an escape window for the PC's to escape!

The second leg of the mission was the drop off of some terra forming  equipment to help scrub some of the radiation and  problems with the 'Atomics' that had been used on this 'Alternate Mars', this was a world where the PC's  got into a running battle with a George Pal's War Of The World's Manta Cruiser.

 The battle took up a good portion of the evening but the PC's managed the drop off and beat back the HG's for now. They then hooked back up with the 'space gypsy' caravan to lick their wounds and get their nest assignment. The upgrades to their ship proved most wise

The Mandate Archive For SWN : The Scavenger Fleets was an excellent addition to my arsenal in last night's game.

Mandate Archive: Scavenger Fleets

Its free and available right over

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Web Of Intrigue - A Mutant Future Encounter or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

The PC's are approached by local farmer  and mutant Dave Meracheck from Los Diabolic New Mexico. He's looking for a group of adventurers to investigate the recent disappearances of several of his mutant arachnid workers. The community is actually one of several colonies of mutant spiders who provide 90% of the webbing and specialty fabrics used in the Altered States of Merica for industrial purposes and commercial applications.
Dave is a reptilian hybrid whose people settled in the region after the Apocalypse. He's an easy going man with some matter altering abilities. He's willing to pay with a minor artifact, 200 gold pieces, and several specialty bullet proof vests and armor for the PC's.
The ride down to Los Diabolic is a hazardous journey by horse, mutant mount, or mule. The route is along certain major trail rides through dangerous territories preyed upon by outlaws, rustlers, bandits, robots, mutant tribesmen, monsters, and worse.

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Encounters Table 

  1. 1d8 bandits with laser pistols and mutant mounts. These 2nd level humanoid fighters are looking for trouble and victims to prey upon. 
  2. 1d4 giant mutant spiders on the hunt. These overland horrors sport poison dripping fangs and a bad attitude. 
  3. A group of refugees from the town looking to escape from the area with the cloths on their backs into the deep wasteland. They describe mutant black horrors from beyond the pale of mankind. They're down a bit of water and food as well as a bit terrified. 
  4. 1d6 flying dinosaur clones looking for lunch and easy prey. Armed with a sonic blast capable of doing 1d10 points of damage. 
  5. 1d8 robotic and android gun fighters on hover bikes armed with laser carbines and black powder hand guns. Very dangerous and willing to murder anyone who crosses their path. 
  6.  1d10 gang of mutant cut throats out for kicks and loot. They're in several hover bikes, armed with heavy stunners, and long range laser rifles. Mostly wasteland scum. 
  7. A gang of planet men cattle rustlers, 1d6 of the bastards riding sentient cactus and armed with quills they can throw for 1d6 points of damage each. They're willing to parley and trade for cattle or other meat including PC's. 
  8. A gang of 1d10 cultists of the 'Old Voices', looking for sacrifice for their A.I. master. They ride mutant horses and are armed with bows and arrows. 2nd level fighters, thieves, and murderers. 
  9. A mutant desert giant out for slaves, armed with a club, rope, and a very large 12 foot net. Slightly, telepathic and paranoid about his prey. He's willing to parley and trade for some lamb meat or horse. He like's humans and humanoid best. 
  10. A massive waste dragon whose looking for information regarding the disappearance of his mutant cattle herds that he was ready to bring to market. 

Los Diabolic New Mexico.
Los Diabolic New Mexico was once a thriving small town before the apocalypse but is only now starting to come back to life. The settlement of over one hundred mutant arachids is perfect surrrounded by mountains teeming with giant mutant insects and a small cache of humans and humanoids living near town. These folks work with the spiders collecting left over webbing for processing.
The down town is deserted and seems abandoned. The PC's will see row and row of abandon buildings. Only further inspection will reveal the corpses of several mutant spider folk who look as if their insides have exploded outward. Several more blocks and there is evidence of gun fire and lots of it. Buildings are etched with bullet holes and windows are smashed.
Further movement into town  will reveal bale after bale of processed spider silk waiting to be shipped into the larger factory facilities two klicks away from town. There will be several NPC's who will finally be found deep in the heart of the community.
The NPC's will describe the scene like something out of a horror film, a swarm of giant black humanoids as if from the bowels of Hell itself descended upon the town and made off with or slaughtered the spider folk. Among the survivors is the former mayor of the community who describes witnessing the hatred and efficiency of the black creatures who slaughtered the spider folk. Those men who witnessed the scene describes the carnage as something that will haunt him all his days.
The economic base of the town is now officially in danger from the visit of this strange horror.The spider folk workers disappearance has put the valuable crop of spider silk in real jeopardy. Not to mention the mayor's voting block has now almost entirely vanished.
A check with town residents reveals the inclusion of several new comers. A family of girls and their father William Douglas. The Douglas's live at the edge of town and while sociable and outgoing mostly seem to keep to themselves. The Douglas family are in fact spies working for the swarm of Sathra that have invaded the area. The Douglas girls are seemingly normal little human girls are in fact hybrids of the Sathra mother who lurks nearby in the family barn.
Several spider folk families from surrounding communities will pitch in and try to help with the harvest. This is far to tempting a target for the mutant wasp folks. If the PC's can prevent it. There could be a bloody war between the wasps and spider folk. Humans and other locals could get caught in the cross fire. The situation is a powder keg getting ready to explode.
There is also a major artifact of some considerable power that could blow the town off of the map. The spider folk have uncovered a fully working heavy laser cannon and while it should be turned over to the town. They will consider using the weapon system on the mutant wasps should their involvement in the massacre of their fellows become public.  
The weapon system is being held out at the Meracheck spread. The artifact has been hidden even from the farm/ ranch's owner. Dave will be quite surprised and dismayed that his workers have hidden such a dangerous artifact on his property without his permission. Violence may ensue in this web of intrigue out in the wastes.
The Sathra 

Go Right Over
On Chris Van Deelen's Blog For Additional Information On The Creature. 

No. Enc: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 210’ (70’) fly
                    90’ (30’) ground
AC: 2
HD: 7
Attacks: 2 stingers or 2 claws, 1 bite, and 2 wing slaps
Damage: 1d6 / 1d6 plus class 10 poison, or 2d4+3d6 / 2d4+3d6, 1d6+3d6 / 1d4+3d6 / 1d4+3d6
Save: L7
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: I, II (both x5), V (x10), XXI (60% for each artifact category)
Mutations: Aberrant form (natural weapons), bizarre appearance (d), dietary requirement change (spider flesh), gigantism, increased physical attribute (Dexterity and Strength), shapeshift (modified) toxic weapon.

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Red Seas And Swords - A Return and Upgrade For My Post Apocalyptic Mars Campaign With Stars Without Number - Actual Play

We're returning to the ruins of the post apocalyptic Mars SWN game campaign setting game. But I've decided to upgrade with Stars Without Number's Other Dust.

Grab It Right 

 Three months ago I abandoned my Stars Without Number game campaign which had moved its location to my post apocalyptic Mars setting. That was because of a friend's medical issue and I'm happy to report that my gaming party has put that issue behind itself and we're moving forward. That being said,I'm upgrading my campaign world to the Stars Without Numbers campaign expansion 'Other Dust' and its addendum thanks to the game's author some months ago.
Other Dust is a 150 page plus expansion of the Stars Without Number game and has at its base a number of post apocalyptic options that make it a good choice for science fiction old school gaming.
The Drivethru explanation of Other Dust : 

The world is an open grave.

Green glass plains and trinitite pearls necklace the throats of torn cities. Prismatic jungles heave with nanite-infested life, thick with twisted bodies and fever-hot madness. The ancient towers of Old Terra are cast down into the mire and the stars above no longer send their ships of steel and burning light. 

Humanity has been reduced to struggling enclaves and fugitive tribes. Left to scavenge the bones of their former glory, mankind yet fights the New Earth with steel, salvage, and a burning defiance. If the motherworld means to end her children, she’s going to need a bigger apocalypse.

Other Dust is a stand-alone, fully-compatible companion game to the free Stars Without Numbersci-fi RPG. Within its pages savage mutants, crazed psychic overlords, runaway war machines and the relentless decay of a shattered world all conspire to snuff the last few embers of humanity. Yet heroes remain among the scattered survivors, and their courage and will to defy the coming night might yet save their people from a waiting doom. Use the tools this book provides to rebuild societies, reforge their ancient bonds, and bring a new dawn to a thousand points of night!

Inside, youll find...
  • Smooth old-school rules for rolling up and running the intrepid wasteland warriors and fierce avengers of a broken world. Fully compatible with Stars Without Number classes and play, too!
  • 150+ pages of GM tools, techniques, and resources for building and running a sandbox post-apocalyptic campaign. If you liked it in Stars Without Number, you'll find it in here.
  • Rules for running groups and enclaves in the radioactive wasteland, with concrete tools to help players save or doom the hard-pressed people around them. Found your own or crush someone else's!
  • Easy-pull techniques and resources, system-neutral for quick transplantation into your own campaigns or favorite systems.
    There are huge number of reasons to do this upgrade and the part of the reason is that I'm now in the middle of a higher end Stars Without Number game. With a party of higher level adventurers the challenges have to be challenging and dangerous for PC's. Other Dust allows me to draw from this realm without losing the old school flavor of the campaign. I have alot of writing and history at stake with this campaign. 
Post Apocalyptic Mars Setting 

The planet Mars

Imagine a world partially terriformed by Terra along with the races and aliens of ERB as well as humans from Earth. Now imagine that the Tharks have left Barsoom or Mars. Someone had launched the nanite and entropic weapons across the face of the planet and now the whole of the world has changed. Everything is vastly different. The wars are long over with but the conflicts continue. Tribal divisions remain the same and old locations across the planet lay in ruins. Mutation, disease, undeath, and worse plagues this Barsoom. Old invaders come back to roost as the aliens from HG Well's War of The World claim countries and sections of their old colony world. The space port is a shambles but only recently has Earth re established some flights between Mars and its blue Terran neighbor. Things are shaky to say the least.
 The face of Mars is dotted with the reminders of mankind's thumbprint on this once beautiful world and the proud city states are only now beginning to thrive once more. But the scars of war are everywhere. Ruins, dungeons, and the Martian underworld contain vast treasures and artifacts perhaps the answers of how and why.

Mars has only been 87 to 90 percent been terraformed. The vast stretches of wilderness hide mutants, Red men neanderthals, hordes of aliens left behind, outlaw Earth men, and worse. Not to mention insane A.I.'s, crazed military weaponry, and more. All this is just waiting for my players in tomorrow's game. 

Addition material will be taken from the free SWN game material pdf
'The Dust'

Available Right
The Terran Mandate was forced to let the frontier worlds go when the expansion of the Second Wave sent too many colonists too far from the core's organs of control. The Directorate did not intend to make that mistake a second time. The Dust was their solution- a planet-wide mist of microscopic nanites, conduits for the unblinking gaze of the AI Maestros and their panopticon security state. Not a single core world escaped the basilisk glare of the Dust and its masters, until the madness of men and the cold resolve of the Maestros clashed in the last hours before the Scream destroyed them both.
Now the Dust remains scattered throughout abandoned Mandate bases and derelict Fleet ships, watching for what never comes. Unsleeping AI security directors and mad explorers stand ready to seize control of this waiting storm, and as the nanofabs begin to groan to life after half a thousand years, the black streamers of Dust promise a new night without end.

Additional Material will also be used from the Codex Of The New Earth Cult of the Still Lady.

Also Available Right Over
In the desolate wastelands of the New Earth, the Still Lady sends forth her crazed servants in pursuit of her own demented obsessions. Her mind scorched by the devastation of Old Terra's fall, she is obsessed with staving off the chaos and change of the crumbling world around her- and to do it, she needs sacrifices for the cruel demands of entropy. The tumors of devotion blossom in the flesh of her faithful, and the Red Trees that were once men give food and drink to those who bow before her inexorable alterations. Grab this free codex now and get a taste of the upcoming Other Dust post-apocalyptic role-playing game!

 All of this material dovetails quite easily into one another and since Drivethru and Rpgnow are having a sale its very simple to use this stuff to give my SWN a much needed upgrade. This Barsoom isn't the same one as we've seen in the Warriors of the Red Planet. Its actually part of a much later network of colonies of Mars that exists throughout the universe and across a series of alternative Earths.  

Another Five Old School Cult Classic Post Apocalyptic Movies As Inspiration For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

I got together with friends over the weekend to play some Mutant Future and celebrate Gary's Gygax day. We also got a chance to watch some classic old school post apocalyptic films as well.We also got a chance to get in some Car Wars as well. 
 With the release of the new Mad Max Fury Road Trailer at Comic Con, folks are talking again about the PA genre again.
So here in no particular order of importance are what was going through the VCR  

Battle For The Planet Of The Apes 1973 

Death Race 2000 1975 

Don't forget that seniors are now worth
Terminator 1984 

Red Dawn 1984 


Terminator II

I'll be back!
Added Bonus 
Akira 1988 

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A Raven's Kiss - A Mutant Future Encounter Or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Picture taken by  KForce 
 The entire royal family of  Jersey(formerly the state of New Jersey) has been slaughtered and the princess Rhonda has been taken into the wastes of Jersey itself. There is a standing reward of five hundred gold pieces for her safe return but there may be other forces at work. The only witness to the affair is a three eyed raven called  Alvin who was taken along with the princess.
The whole kingdom is a state of disarray and things are going to go down hill from here as various petty nobles and war lords covet the throne.
The PC's are approached by a strange armored mutant named Sir John Raven Hair, a figure of  some stature along with two nameless android bodyguards. Sir John offers the PC's the reward and unlimited access to the ruins of Jersey for the princesses safe return. He suspects that this whole affair was part of an elaborate plot by the Black Knights a group of foul mutant haters who use a variety of super science artifacts and ancient sciences to wipe out peaceful mutant kingdoms such as Jersey. 
He suspects treason by the king's brother after the man was found murdered that morning at the castle. Sir John suspects that there are others at court who have a hand in this affair.He needs an outside party to investigate. If the princess's raven Alvin can be found then all of the other culprits can be identified through telepathic probe at the Courts of Justice. 

Into the Wastes Of Jersey

The Wastes of Jersey are one mass of tangled forest land dotted through with ruins. Its a seven day journey on horse back through some of the older game and trade trails that wind their way through the dense woods. Random encounters will on the fourth and sixth day into the encounter.
1d10 Random Jersey Wasteland Encounters 

  1. 1d8 bandits armed with short swords, bow and arrows, and small shields. 2nd level thieves of mutant monkey stock adapted for the harsh Neo England climate. 10% chance of a minor artifact. 
  2. 1d6 giant mutant sun dew plants capable of trapping a man and mutant horse. 20% chance of skeletons of past victims. 
  3. A flock of 1d8 hawkoids armed with daggers and laser pistols. Very hostile and pissed off at the intrusion into their territory. Can be bought off with gold or a small offering.
  4. A rolling blob of mutant flesh and slime about an acre long eating everything in its path. Mindless and very dangerous. 
  5. A crimson giant mutant bear enraged and in a fight with a giant mutant serpent. These horrors will burst from the woods and cause damage to anything that get's in their way. The winner will take on the party and try to eat them. 
  6. A group of  1d6 mutant badger warriors who will attack the party. Armed with clubs, bows and arrows, and black powder weapons. Representatives of a very dangerous tribe of mutants from out in the Midwestern Altered States.  There is a 30% chance that one of their number is a telepath with deadly mental mutations. 
  7. A giant mutant serpent as long as a bus hunts the party and wishes to eat them. Roll for mutations. 
  8. A gang of androids dressed as Nineteen Fifties greaser gangs roars into the trails on dirt bikes and off
     motorcycles. A local warlord has had these reprogrammed to serve him and rob travelers. 
  9. A woodland waste dragon flies over head and telepathic contacts the party wishing to parley and exchange information. He knows the route that the strangers have taken the princes to and for a small fee he'll show you a quicker path that will take day off your journey. He will not attack if violence is used against him. Merely he will teleport away and seek revenge at a later time. 
  10. A giant mist monster floats over head and decides to lower himself down to attack the party and eat them. Use stats for an air elemental from Labyrinth Lord 
The princess is being held in the ruins of a former psychiatric hospital that has remained abandoned since the apocalypse hit. There are a squad of six men 3rd level fighters  in light scout armor. The princess is safe in a hypersleep pod and her father's former raven is a nearby tree.
Alvin will hop down and introduce himself to the party and indicate the floor that Black Knights are holding the princess on. He will join the party in the rescue of his mistress.
The Black Knights have a military chopper nearby and hidden the woods for a quick exit. They will not extend the fight and will try to escape. They've also got a canister of nerve gas to kill everyone in the place. The knights wished to ransom the princess for a certain artifact of WMD properties that the kingdom has in its vaults.
The Black knights have several items with them changes of cloths, a small purse of 100 gold for spending money, a solar recharge array for the armor, and a long range burst transmission radio for communicating with head quarters.
It will come out in the long term that the brother of Sir John Raven Hair is actually the one who hired the Black Knights. He and his band of turn coats wished to weaken the throne. Things turned sour after the massacre however. Only the assassination of the king was supposed to occur. Rhonda will ascend to the throne of Jersey after a lengthy battle at the kingdom's capital and there may be further jobs for the party.
The party will be paid an additional one hundred gold pieces and have gratitude of the princess.
Sir William's corpse along wit the other turncoats will hang from the walls of the palace as a friendly reminder of the price for treason. Marks of torture can easily be seen on the corpse.  

More Information Over On Chris Van Deelen's Blog
No. Enc: 1d12

Alignment: Neutral        
Movement: 360’ (12’) Fly
                     90’ (20’) Ground
AC: 0 (fly), 7 Ground
HD: 1
Attacks: 3 Pecks
Damage: 1d3 / 1d3 / 1d3
Save: L1
Morale: 4
Hoard Class: II, III x5

Mutations: Aberrant form (extra body parts), alter probability field, homing sense, know direction, mimic sound, neural telepathy (modified), quickness.
Source: A song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin

The Comic Con Release And First Look At The Mad Max : Fury Road Trailer For Your Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Feast your eyes on the trailer for the new post apocal[ytic hellscape that is Max Mad : Fury Road the action is intense. The imagery is stark and dangerous with lots of stark stuff. The film looks incredibly gorgeous and very well done. The film looks like it could have some incredible impact on your old school wasteland campaigns. I for one can't wait to see this one. 
I have a feeling we're going to be seeing the old school gaming scene turn out a ton of material right along this line. Looks like Max is going to get his butt handed to him.
This is one of the first remake trailers that actually has me excited enough to want to see the movie.
The imagery is very different from the 'gonzo' wastelands of Gamma World and Mutant Future that we've seen over the last couple of years. The relic autos and trucks are not the kind of thing that a PC would want to mess with. I think we can turn down the 'gonzo' and turn up the combat and life is hell aspects.
Can I see the attraction using this style of PA gaming. This one of the best movie trailers I've seen in quite a while. Take a look and then get your butt back to the world of Mad.
This is going to be one hell of a ride on Fury Road. 

Review and Commentary On The Harvester from Outer Space (Psychedelic Fantasies #5) From Geoffrey McKinney For Your Old School Campaigns

Grab It Right Over 
This is another location based adventure from the Psychedelic Fantasies line from  Geoffrey McKinney
This is a great location based adventure that takes place upon a space craft in deep orbit above the planet of your campaign or any setting location where your PC's wake up from hypersleep. This one has lots of potential and the author Yves Geens's has a fun time with it. 
If the idea of having your PC's become the victims of alien abduction then this adventure might be one for you!
This is another adventure  in the model that has gone before for this line. Namely that the wild, weird, gonzo, and untamed nature of some the products of OD&D from yesteryear can done today. But there's a twist on this with the design ethos of Mr.McKinney. That being that locations, unique monsters, treasure extra, and old school coolness can be done at an affordable price. These adventures are on sale at both Drivethrurpg and Rpgnow.
This is a very well done short ten page adventure packed with lots of high alien weirdness. Don't worry about the powerful and unique artifacts here, the space craft is in deep orbit and there's little chance that your PC's will get back with all of the loot.
The maps are simple and quick and there's lots of room here for expansion. I can see using this adventure to convey a party to another setting such as an X plorers campaign while the PC's struggle for their lives. If you wish to add in PCs from either Mutant Future or any other tempoid  or time travel setting. These bug eyed monsters could be raiding the centuries and beyond.
The adventure reminds me of the 'Mother ship Zeta' add on content for the old Fall Out games and it has about that same potential to knock a party on their ear as they struggle to figure their situation out.
Here the ideas of the 'dungeon in space' get a work out as the PC's have no idea what might be lurking around a corner. The stats,monsters, 'magic items', and more are done so that they can be used with any of the incarnations of the world's most popular fantasy role playing game.
 This is another great adventure to introduce your Lamentations of The Flame Princess party to the post apocalyptic wasteland and beyond. The encounters here are designed to not only kill but cement a party against several common enemies within the bowels of the space going dungeon.
I can also see using this module as a bridge gap with a first edition Metamorphosis Alpha game by transporting the 'dungeon' to the Warden or one of the Dark Outpost locations.
The dungeon keeps the Psychedelic Fantasies line ethos of unique monsters, high weirdness, gonzo lethality, and high adventure. Because its on sale, it might be time to grab this one on the cheap and get your party aboard for a deep orbit abduction and fight for survival.
All in all its a pretty concise, tightly designed, and well thought out adventure. 
I had a blast reading this one. 

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A Quick Look At The New Post Apocalyptic Film - Mad Max: Fury Road 2014 For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

'Mad Max Fury Road' is the 2014 Mad Max remake starring Tom Hardy and I've got a look at the teaser trailer this morning. I realize that there is going to be a ton of new material coming out of the various Comic cons but I wanted to take a look at the film and its effects as well as influence on old school table top post apocalyptic gaming.
The Mad Max franchise from the 70's through 80's were a  fun house distortions of  post apocalyptic dreams and nightmares that seemed to warp in from another world. The brutality and non stop action of the first film to the high weirdness of the last made them  have very look lasting cult film status. They also made a super star out of Mel Gibson.
This pop culture monster has filtered down to role playing games and war games, toys, boardgames, novels across planet Earth.
The film's  look is still being seen in table top gaming products today.
But what of the new film from the back view of a post apocalyptic fan?

Teaser poster

It looks like we're going to be getting high action in the post apocalyptic wasteland and we've got a ton of material slowly leaking out ahead of this film. The plot details seems to concern Max's struggles against various tribes of wasteland scum and the continuing fight for survival. The production looks  very expensive and great. But will the film match up to the continuing hype that we see out of the media machine lately?
 This is a film with a journey of over twenty five years in development hell and there's lots riding on this one for the studio including the reboot and merchandising rights here.
For table top gamers, if this one goes well then you can damn well bet the fact that you'll be seeing campaigns of Mutant Future and every old school post apocalyptic rpg gracing the table top. Especially, Gamma World first and second edition which has always had the Max films lurking in the background.
Understand I'm not condemning this film at all. There have been a lot of talent brought on board from what I understand. I simply have a wait and see attitude about this one.
From the various post apocalyptic factions to Red Death of Gamma World along with bits and pieces of post apocalyptic fiction and adventures over the years, the Mad Max films have had cast a vast shadow into the games that we love. Where will this one's influence be felt?
 Well over the last few years I personally can see its influence has been leaking into various comic books and miniatures. This might only be a case of echoes of  development though. 

For my money this one could be the start of a very large number of things to come down the pike. We'll see what and how the influence of Max will continue. Can they equal the cult status and brutality of the old Seventies film?
 Possibly. But I can also see this bombing or spawning more of the adventures of Max. Either way the post apocalyptic adventures that the Mad Max films will appear in one form or another at table tops across the globe rest assured of that. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Across The Thin Yellow Line - Mutant Epoch Rpg Post Apocalyptic Campaign Adventure Encounter- An Actual Play Interlude

The PC's in tonight's game managed to sneak by the Skullocks and get out of the underground maze without firing a shot with their medical supplies. They got back to the Megatruck just in time for a fight with flocks of mutant scavenger birds that were more then they seemed.
The bastards closed in on the party and targeted cars, tribal members, weapons systems, and more with highly corrosive bird droppings. The various items of the PC's really took a beating including the Nomad pack that keeps running across the PC's tracks.
 It became evident that these birds were highly intelligent and tactically targeting the PC's weak areas as the PC's dodged attacks and learned of the second surprise these things had in their beaks. Piranha like teeth making these horrors capable of leaving deep gouge wounds in their prey as they flew by. But the worst attack was the sonic breath weapon attack that did 1d10 points of damage. Windows shattered, skulls and eardrums burst, and  the attacks came in waves. The birds were willing to sacrifice themselves due to the fact that they were controlled by a joint telepathic hive mind.
The birds were a pre apocalpytic bio weapon that was telepathically controlled by a highly dangerous mutated super smart giant eagle was directing the attack through telepathic commands to the hive mind.
The PC's finally won but the cost was high and the PC's had to rely on a map that they had of a nearby former strip mall now in ruins. The place once housed an auto parts store and they had to mount a mission for parts for there Mega truck, the nomad pack cars and trucks.
A trip through the woods and a confrontation with several giant leeches resulted in an NPC hireling dying from massive blood loss. Finally arriving at the ruins the PC's broke into the ruins and small underground warehouse space. A confrontation with a pack of mutant giant cockroaches resulted in a small treasure and some minor artifacts.
The PC's found the parts they needed but also ran for their lives from a pack of armored mutant war dogs.Arrows bounced off the head bone rack and armor of the dogs. The PC's ran for their lives as the PC's heavy ballista.

After another extensive melee session the PC's found themselves back on the road again and cruising up towards the former country of Canada.
The kept a sharp eye out for road pirates and gripped their cross bows with fear and nervousness. They passed by several rather unsavory looking individuals but no further combat was had.
They hooked up with the Neo caravan that they've been traveling with a are cruising up near a trade out post. They may want to stop to resupply and deal with the locals. From the shadows another road pirate scout waits and watches from the shadows.
To be continued next week!