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Review and Commentary On Hedge Mazes Set 2: Terminals From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Campaigns

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When it comes to generic system neutral products, I'm all for them which brings me to Hedge Mazes Set 2 : Terminals. This a very well developed product that you can use over and over for old school campaigns. Need a set of modern horror locations right in the center of your campaign world? We got you covered. Need a location where the fey are spinning their webs into our world and casting a net of danger and murder from their central maze works? We can do that as well. Need a location for rhe climax of your horror survival adventure's first adventure? This one can do that as well.
 According to the Drivethrurpg blurb : 
“Hedge Mazes” is designed to give you a customizable map product that has infinite reuse value. Each set in the series adds new twists and classic features found in these staples of aristocratic and wizardly landscaping. The modular design of the tiles allows you to create new designs to keep your players guessing. And, just when they think they’ve figured out what they will see the next time you use the tiles, the included overlays allow you to change things up to keep them on their toes.
“Hedge Mazes, Set 2: Terminals” is a collection of 24 configurable 7" x 7" tiles that let you create the edges of a garden maze replete with dead-ends and blind corners. These tiles can be used to create innumerable labyrinths for aristocratic amusements or as otherworldly traps that confound the characters who are trying to find their way from one side to another. After all, are those hedges made from everyday foliage, or are they carnivorous bushes looking for their next meal?
Change the tone of your adventure on the fly as the characters pass from an idyllic walk in a garden to a harrowing or surreal journey through a hostile and deadly realm somewhere far from where the party started without needing to change the map.

 Using Hedge Mazes Set Two:
Terminals For Your Old School Campaigns 

This product is perfect for those intermediate threats and adventure spaces. This is the type of place that can be dropped into any old school campaign. Because of the location basis of adventure design this product has a ton of re use especially over the
course of a time travel or a dimension hopping campaign.
For a horror survival adventure this product is perfect. This one can emulate anything. There's also a bit of an 'Alice in Wonderland' or a 'Through The Looking Glass' vibe with this one. That's not a bad thing consisting some of the ideas laid down in the Labyrinth Lord campaign.
Many of the ideas laid down in this product things that can get a lot of mileage with any style of D&D where maps are need to fill the gap in adventure design just add in your favorite monsters for extra horror and a bit of depravity.
 The whole mazes idea reminds me of 'The Shinning 'is a situation that fits perfectly into the horror, television show or some other desperate adventure situation.

 The other option with this product is to use it as a bridge gap with your old school Mutant Future game where the PC's are second  nature trouble shooter and mutant adventurers. This is a product that has a myriad of uses and you know that this is not going to turn out well for the PC's when using this product. There's lots of odd self affected material build into the background of the Hedge Mazes product. All in all I was pleasantly surprised the Hedge Mazes Set 2: Terminals From Skirmisher Publishing. They manage to pack in bunch of old school goodness into this one. Grab it while you can folks. 

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