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'Tentacled Love' A Mutant Future Encounter Or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

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 The PC's bump into a strange purple mutant humanoid named Larry whose a second level fighter/adventurer drinking a bottle of hard liquor in the early morning hours. Larry is perfectly sober and explains that his people the C'rhru are metabolically dependent upon certain types of alcoholic beverages. His people are are in deep trouble and he's on a mission to find adventurers to help him out. They're distillery and storage facility upon the Isle of Nuclear Scotia has been ravaged by a species of unknown predators. The C'rhru are master brewers and distillers who use a combination of super science artifacts, secrets handed down to them through the ages, and specialty ingredients to create unique and special brews.
Broken Tap Pub and Tasting Room located within the village of Om has lost radio contact four days ago with The C'rhru communities on the mainland. Larry has been sent to find out what has happened. 
They are renowned throughout the Altered States for their alcoholic creations and survive on their skills as  brewers.
Even though his people's primary facility has been destroyed there are two warehouses that will enable his people to survive the coming winter and with a bit for trade with others. He's willing to offer one major artifact and the services of his people for life. 

He's got a boat charted out to Nuclear Scotia and the ride over is pretty uneventful. The PC's will be greeted by rolling waves and a lovely scenery. The facility is a devastated ruin, the small fishing  village of Om was a thriving community with deep ties to the  C'rhru which includes the Broken Tap Pub and Tasting Room. This is the only structure still standing besides the abandon village. The warehouses are intact. 

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Om is a ghost town and seems haunted and  abandoned. There are very few mutated or even regular scavengers. There is a strong scent of decay and rotted death in the air of the streets of Om. There is 30 % chance of finding some minor artifact when rummaging around the village but the place looks as if it was hit by a hurricane. Here and there are puddles of slime and weird glowing muck.

Strolling down the street will reveal the following random finds :

1d10 Random Finds Of Om Table 

  1. A desiccated pure strain human hand holding a partially charged energy ray pistol. The weapon has five shots left. 
  2. A mutilated  mutant Great White shark carcass with hundreds of small bite like marks taken from the flesh of the thing. The lower jaw is missing
  3. A partially decomposed humanoid mutant head with a look of shock and terror on the face. No other corpse parts are around. 
  4. A high band radio transmitter unit covered in gore but with a full charge. 
  5. A fully intact bottle of rot gut still sealed and ready for drinking. Worth 10 silver pieces 
  6. A humanoid torso decayed with hundreds of sucker marks and bites taken out of the decaying flesh not more then four days old. 
  7. Two hands holding automatic machine gun pistols, the clips are entirely emptied and the guns need cleaning. The fingers of the hands are still gripping the triggers. The hands reek of  strong alcohol. 
  8.  A case of flares partially opened and with some of them used. Part of the case is covered in slime. 
  9. Seven cans of kerosene and six home made Molotov cocktails made from the rot gut of the brewery. Also slime covered. A careful search will reveal a pre-holocaust wedding band and a man's finger. 
  10. A huge 20 foot long partially decayed tentacle belonging to some unknown monstrous species.
    The PC's will run across a very shaken and terrified NPC named Ann Le Rou, a purple skinned  C'rhru survivor of the mascare of Om. She will tell the following information. She's hiding out in one of the warehouses. 
The Village of Om has become the focal point for a colony of Grabbers who were drawn back to their ancestral home by the call of flesh and the fact that  
The C'rhru have developed a new very potent whiskey which does +2 damage to the Grabbers flesh. The Grabbers have developed a hive mind like intelligence and decided to attack and destroy the village.
They've left it partially intact to draw in more humans and mutants.
File:Nova scotia countryside a.JPG
The C'rhru it seems are mortal enemies of the Grabbers and only by consuming vast amounts of 'drink' will the PC's make themselves poisonous to the monsters which are now breeding around the village. As soon as the sun goes down the PC's will encounter 3d20 of the monsters hell bent on destroying them. They come mostly at night, mostly. 

DM's should play this encounter for laughs as well as thrills. As well as see the 2013 movie Grabbers more background on the monsters.
Or see even more below with Chris Van Deelen's great little write up.

Far More In depth Write Up Right Over On Chris Van Deelen's Blog 

No. Enc: 1 or 3d20
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 240’ (80’) or 90’ (30’) (note the second set of stats are for newly hatched)
AC: 6 or 2
HD: 20-30 or 1
Attacks: 10-15 tentacles, or 1 harpoon or bite / 1 harpoon or bite
Damage: 10-15 2d6 or 4d4 plus blood drain or 5d6 / 1d4 plus blood drain or 1d6+1
Save: L20 or 1
Morale: 11 or 5
Hoard Class: None

Mutations: Aberrant form (multiple body parts, natural weapons), dietary requirement change (blood) (d), requires water to survive (d), vulnerability to alcohol (d).
Source: Grabbers (2013)

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