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Commentary On Another List Of Wasteland Survivors From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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There are times when a list of random encounters leads off into other adventures especially in post apocalyptic campaigns. The encounter with random vehicle or ruin sets dice rolling and the pulse of players racing as they have no idea who or what will be encountered in the wasteland. Here's where this product comes in handy. From the twisted mind of Dave Woodrum comes this little gem of a quick roll table for wasteland survivors.
 This little pdf has everything that I need to create from whole cloth adventure hooks, NPC's to go with them, and a continuation of events that go from one NPC to another easily, quickly, and conveniently.
According to Drivethrurpg: 
Yet Another List Of Wasteland Survivors
Yet another unapologetic list of 100 individuals to run into in a post apocalypse setting, from yes, Fishwife Games. This time the survivors are done up in a slightly different manner than in the past though, playing more on game worthy notes and descriptions. There’s a few 
possible threads of worthy adventure hooks in the descriptions of these folks. Enjoy!

Another List Of Wasteland Survivors From Fishwife Games
 For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns 

I've used this Fish Wife Game product to generate on the fly PA survivors pretty quickly and because of the threads that go with each entry. Its pretty easy to pick up the ball when it comes to where action is going to go when working with this list. 

For adventure creation this is a good list for making quick mid level NPC's that the PC's will encounter in games such as Mutant Future or Mutant Epoch. This list works well with the Mutant Epoch because of the comic sense that echoes throughout that rpg system. 
I've also used this set of tables to pepper Mutant Future ruins with potentially weird and eccentric NPC's with leads and hidden agendas. There's a lot of potential with this list and its pretty easy to stoke the fires to get things moving along within a campaign very quickly. 
Other things that I've done with product is to use this list to generate potential survivors and adventurers for cross dimensional games where its easy to play around with players expectations and ideals. The usual mutant scum is replaced with stable folks trying to make it within the confines of a hard core location. All in all this list has lots of different applications within an old school campaign. 

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