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A Raven's Kiss - A Mutant Future Encounter Or An Encounter For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

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 The entire royal family of  Jersey(formerly the state of New Jersey) has been slaughtered and the princess Rhonda has been taken into the wastes of Jersey itself. There is a standing reward of five hundred gold pieces for her safe return but there may be other forces at work. The only witness to the affair is a three eyed raven called  Alvin who was taken along with the princess.
The whole kingdom is a state of disarray and things are going to go down hill from here as various petty nobles and war lords covet the throne.
The PC's are approached by a strange armored mutant named Sir John Raven Hair, a figure of  some stature along with two nameless android bodyguards. Sir John offers the PC's the reward and unlimited access to the ruins of Jersey for the princesses safe return. He suspects that this whole affair was part of an elaborate plot by the Black Knights a group of foul mutant haters who use a variety of super science artifacts and ancient sciences to wipe out peaceful mutant kingdoms such as Jersey. 
He suspects treason by the king's brother after the man was found murdered that morning at the castle. Sir John suspects that there are others at court who have a hand in this affair.He needs an outside party to investigate. If the princess's raven Alvin can be found then all of the other culprits can be identified through telepathic probe at the Courts of Justice. 

Into the Wastes Of Jersey

The Wastes of Jersey are one mass of tangled forest land dotted through with ruins. Its a seven day journey on horse back through some of the older game and trade trails that wind their way through the dense woods. Random encounters will on the fourth and sixth day into the encounter.
1d10 Random Jersey Wasteland Encounters 

  1. 1d8 bandits armed with short swords, bow and arrows, and small shields. 2nd level thieves of mutant monkey stock adapted for the harsh Neo England climate. 10% chance of a minor artifact. 
  2. 1d6 giant mutant sun dew plants capable of trapping a man and mutant horse. 20% chance of skeletons of past victims. 
  3. A flock of 1d8 hawkoids armed with daggers and laser pistols. Very hostile and pissed off at the intrusion into their territory. Can be bought off with gold or a small offering.
  4. A rolling blob of mutant flesh and slime about an acre long eating everything in its path. Mindless and very dangerous. 
  5. A crimson giant mutant bear enraged and in a fight with a giant mutant serpent. These horrors will burst from the woods and cause damage to anything that get's in their way. The winner will take on the party and try to eat them. 
  6. A group of  1d6 mutant badger warriors who will attack the party. Armed with clubs, bows and arrows, and black powder weapons. Representatives of a very dangerous tribe of mutants from out in the Midwestern Altered States.  There is a 30% chance that one of their number is a telepath with deadly mental mutations. 
  7. A giant mutant serpent as long as a bus hunts the party and wishes to eat them. Roll for mutations. 
  8. A gang of androids dressed as Nineteen Fifties greaser gangs roars into the trails on dirt bikes and off
     motorcycles. A local warlord has had these reprogrammed to serve him and rob travelers. 
  9. A woodland waste dragon flies over head and telepathic contacts the party wishing to parley and exchange information. He knows the route that the strangers have taken the princes to and for a small fee he'll show you a quicker path that will take day off your journey. He will not attack if violence is used against him. Merely he will teleport away and seek revenge at a later time. 
  10. A giant mist monster floats over head and decides to lower himself down to attack the party and eat them. Use stats for an air elemental from Labyrinth Lord 
The princess is being held in the ruins of a former psychiatric hospital that has remained abandoned since the apocalypse hit. There are a squad of six men 3rd level fighters  in light scout armor. The princess is safe in a hypersleep pod and her father's former raven is a nearby tree.
Alvin will hop down and introduce himself to the party and indicate the floor that Black Knights are holding the princess on. He will join the party in the rescue of his mistress.
The Black Knights have a military chopper nearby and hidden the woods for a quick exit. They will not extend the fight and will try to escape. They've also got a canister of nerve gas to kill everyone in the place. The knights wished to ransom the princess for a certain artifact of WMD properties that the kingdom has in its vaults.
The Black knights have several items with them changes of cloths, a small purse of 100 gold for spending money, a solar recharge array for the armor, and a long range burst transmission radio for communicating with head quarters.
It will come out in the long term that the brother of Sir John Raven Hair is actually the one who hired the Black Knights. He and his band of turn coats wished to weaken the throne. Things turned sour after the massacre however. Only the assassination of the king was supposed to occur. Rhonda will ascend to the throne of Jersey after a lengthy battle at the kingdom's capital and there may be further jobs for the party.
The party will be paid an additional one hundred gold pieces and have gratitude of the princess.
Sir William's corpse along wit the other turncoats will hang from the walls of the palace as a friendly reminder of the price for treason. Marks of torture can easily be seen on the corpse.  

More Information Over On Chris Van Deelen's Blog
No. Enc: 1d12

Alignment: Neutral        
Movement: 360’ (12’) Fly
                     90’ (20’) Ground
AC: 0 (fly), 7 Ground
HD: 1
Attacks: 3 Pecks
Damage: 1d3 / 1d3 / 1d3
Save: L1
Morale: 4
Hoard Class: II, III x5

Mutations: Aberrant form (extra body parts), alter probability field, homing sense, know direction, mimic sound, neural telepathy (modified), quickness.
Source: A song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin

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