Friday, July 18, 2014

Blood On The Pavement - Mutant Epoch Rpg Post Apocalyptic Campaign Adventure Encounter- An Actual Play Interlude Part III

Tonight's game saw the PC's running into the underworld right off the Global Highway and facing down all sorts of vermin while shadowing some rather nasty half Skullock road pirates and performing a snatch and grab on one of their prisoners. They dealt with the road pirate strike force and retreated as quick as they could out of the underworld while making not of the location for future exploration of this close by megadungeon. It took some solid sneaking around and quiet killing to not get nailed by a family  of mutant ogres living near the exit to
They found out that the skullock victim was a member of the nomad pack that they had done trading with two games ago and was the cause of a whole pack of trouble in the first place with the Skullock Nation between Boston and New York.

The party met up with the Neo Caravan that they'd be traveling with since the first game and dealt with a whole pack of trouble as they got caught in the cross fire between the Road Pirates and nomad pack of fifteen vehicles. By the time it was over the nomads were in bad repair and the party managed to explode a good portion of the scrap motorcycles the road pirates were using on their raid.
There's been an on going series of battles,revenges, and minor blood feuds with the cannibalistic mutant bastards since this campaign started and while the party were trading, repairing, and sharing notes with the nomads they found out why. The nomads had stumbled upon the road pirates raiding the ruins of an old National Guard armory and did a 'smash and grab' on the booty of the pirates.
It seems that road pirates were looting old military hardware and one of the PC's detected a minor radioactive signature coming from an atomic energy cell the nomads had that had been hit by a stray bullet. The energy cell would run the laser cannon that the nomads had back at their base but it seemed that it would also power a nasty laser weapon the road pirates have. So began the running battle with the road pirates. The PC's were given the location of the armory ruins as payment which takes them deep into the Skullock Nation territory and more deep wasteland exploration but first they've got to do some repair work on their own megatruck.

So now its a matter of repair, plan, and move along back down the road.


Fish Wife Games Waste Land Nomads Set One
The NPC from last night's game are actually from Dave Woodrum's Fish Wife Games Wasteland Nomad's set one. This group of adventurers was chosen because they're  a party of adventurers living on the edge.
 That's available right over

Wasteland Nomads, Set 1

This group of NPC's has crisscrossed paths with my PC's multiple times and helped the PC's out of several minor jams as well as been a source of trade to help the PC's spend their cash, trade items, and more.
There have also been several minor trade bazaars and markets where the PC's have had a few dust ups with these NPC's. Here's the Rpgnow blurb:
Set 1: An Unnamed Group Of Survivors
The first set of nomads in this series is an unnamed group of 15 different post apocalyptic survivors. Originally compromised of a handful of folks merely seeking out a peaceful, resource rich location to settle down in and call home, the group has grown to include a number of unsavory characters with greedy, lustful, and/or bloodthirsty intentions. Led by a man named Jonas, the nomadic pack wanders the major highways as they seek out resources and hopefully a permanent location to settle down into.

Pages: 8

I've done some major overhauls and customization to this group including making some members mutants, adding cybernetics, and killing off some minor NPC's to really get the players involved with the storyline. My modifications fit the style of this post apocalyptic campaign. As always your mileage may vary. 

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