Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Abandoned Toy Factories As Megadungeons In Your Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Over on IO9 is an article that I just ran across on 'abandoned toy factories'. The author does a nice job taking us on a guided tour of these potential nightmare fuel places or as a perfect deep post apocalyptic wasteland destinations. These would make epic encounter areas for robots and androids. The potential here is pretty cool to use as fodder for an old school game.
These Abandoned Toy Factories and Shops Will Haunt Your Nightmares
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 These are perfect locations for the lairs of  toybased wizards and warlords in the post apocalyptic wasteland ala Thundarr style or as the perfect place for a PA parts run quest as well. Think 'Cherry 3000' movie style adventure here. For added horrors for your fantasy games these add a bit of the otherworldly and David Lynch style of high weirdness without too much effort.
 This would also make a hell of a lair for an NPC PA sage or sorcerer as well. These could with very little effort be converted over to an entire level of the Warden in Metamorphosis Alpha first edition for that extra creepy Disney world style of adventure or as a possible behind the scenes location for a 'West World' Style factory. With a bit more imagination these could be the location that's turning out those assassin androids that have been knocking off the various political powers out in the wasteland of Mutant Epoch or a gritty style game.
These locations could also be used to great effect and effort in for odd dimensional invasions from beyond the pale of reality. There's lots of effects that can happen with a bit of imagination and some effort. 


  1. I keep expecting to see a picture with the Joker in it.

  2. Makes me think of putting the players through the toy shop scene in "The Great Mouse Detective"

  3. Don't you Fractalbat, its a great little atmosphere and setting,you can use it as you like. That's really the ethos behind this post.

  4. Hey Rod Thompson, if you want to use this one for the classic Bunny And Burrows then go for it. I've put PC's through more then a few post apocalyptic adventures using that system at Cons through the years.

  5. "Zoinks Scoob! This place give me the creeps!"

  6. 'Rut Ro Raggy'
    I think that this a perfect setting for a game of Action Hour actually, School Master. Thanks for the comment.


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