Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Red Seas & Sand - Stars Without Number - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Actual Play Event

In last night's game, we got into gun running to local martians along a series of universes accessible through the spike drive of the PC's. They were able get the weapons to the Martians just in time as Corp battle cruisers were in deep orbit. Several Pre Scream death machines  were camped just outside of the Martian  rebel's force screens
The machines began to hack into the 'Dust' that surrounded the encampment and a very large dust elemental formed from the red sands. After a brief battle and some minor damage the rebels got their weapons.
The PC's hacked into the corporate sat that was beaming back information about the rebel's activities.
This actually gave the rebels time to mount an attack and an escape window for the PC's to escape!

The second leg of the mission was the drop off of some terra forming  equipment to help scrub some of the radiation and  problems with the 'Atomics' that had been used on this 'Alternate Mars', this was a world where the PC's  got into a running battle with a George Pal's War Of The World's Manta Cruiser.

 The battle took up a good portion of the evening but the PC's managed the drop off and beat back the HG's for now. They then hooked back up with the 'space gypsy' caravan to lick their wounds and get their nest assignment. The upgrades to their ship proved most wise

The Mandate Archive For SWN : The Scavenger Fleets was an excellent addition to my arsenal in last night's game.

Mandate Archive: Scavenger Fleets

Its free and available right over

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