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Review And Commentary On The Jester Dragon's Random Brothel Generator From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Campaigns

The Jester Dragon's Random Brothel Generator

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To be honest with you folks as a DM about 90% of my adventurers have ever met in a Tavern. They've mostly met in the common rooms of brothels. These establishments of ill repute are the life blood of every single old school adventure campaign I've run as a DM. The reasons are simple - every town in the Old West had one and their great sources of information. On my Post Apocalyptic Mars games, cat houses were in every single city state and these places were where the information/assassins/thieves guilds all had contacts and operated under the surface.
You'll also find cat houses operating in sci fi locations as well such as various space stations and the like where they provide medical services for wary spacers as well the usual paid favors.
In sword and sorcery games these places are not only the norm but expected places where adventurers men and women are separated from their loot. Many are underwritten by various cults and religious organizations having ties to thieves guilds and other less savory organizations.
 Even in the Mutant Epoch games these houses operate for mutant adventurers on the roads between towns providing various valuable services to their customers besides the usual bevy of sexual entertainment.
 Skirmisher Publishing has a wonderful little system agnostic random generators which can easily manufacture such places from the ground up in eleven pages. This makes coming up with everything needed for the brothel of your dreams a snap.
 According to the Drivethrurpgblurb:
From worlds of swords-and-sorcery to libertine space colonies, a lot can happen in a brothel. Intrigue, romance, murder, and all extremes of pleasure and disappointment wait behind the green door and under the red lanterns of seedy fleshpots and high-class seraglios. If you want to bring a little exoticism, eroticism, and bawdy fun into your campaign, you go straight to the brothel. But who has the time to invent an all-new house of ill repute every time the adventurers stagger into town, heavy with coin and flushed with blood? Lucky for you, the Jester Dragon has brothels on the brain. So get out your dice and let the sweaty hand of fate create the brothel for your campaign needs!

Using the 
The Jester Dragon's Random Brothel Generator
 From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Campaigns
The Jester Dragon's Random Brothel Generator
As I said above this is a great little generator that you never knew you needed. This one can provide you with everything you need for a wide variety of campaigns and allows you to keep the tavern as an unexpected adventure location as well as meeting place. Here's everything you need to generate any number of such establishments and go from there. With the name generators for pimps and madame there's endless possibilities here.
I've used madame as the heads of Thieves and assassin guilds numerous times and every single time the PC's never saw it coming. This list allows a greater sense of depth to be given to such NPC's which is one of the reasons that I love this product. Its the sense of depth that allows a DM to really create their own customization piece of sleazy low life goodness for their campaigns.
 Another thing that these houses allow one do is fill in bits and pieces of history, technology, etc. for their campaigns. Need to know what happened during the establishment of that space colony? Look to the red light district for multiple generations of adventurers and spacers who passed through the halls of this house or that place.
Where could that powerful artifact have gone in the sword and sorcery campaign? Has it simply vanished into wasteland surrounding the city state taken by a wizard? Nawww it was used as payment by the barbarian warrior to his favorite little strumpet and she in turn sold it to the pawn shop down the way or has it in a vault as part of her 'retirement' fund.
Brothels can provide endless adventure opportunities and this is a sold generator list that can be used to craft and create adventure opportunities on the fly with a flick of the dice or as part of a series of careful rolls that can craft the house of sin of your wicked imagination to twist PC's in knots. 

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