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Heads Up! A Stars Without Number Bundle Of Holding Including A Brand New SWN Book - Engines Of Babylon -

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Oh shiny, just when I restarted my Stars Without Number Tuesday night game, Kevin Crawford comes out with another Bundle of Holding so that you can get the entire run of SWN in one shot! But wait for it, he's got a brand new book hot off the presses for his old school sand box science fiction game set. 

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Engines of Babylon is a book that I've been waiting a long time for. The Engines of Babylon -- an all-new SWN equipment book, debuting in this offer, for creating vehicles and low-tech system spaceships when you level up the amount you pay for the bundle. 
Last year we saw the debut of Relics of the Lost (retail $7): A sourcebook of long-dead technology from the Second Wave of human colonization, in last year's bundle of holding. 

According to the bundle of holding page: 
Adventurer! Stellar explorer Kevin Crawford has resurrected our October 2013 Stars Without Number Bundle from Sine Nomine Publishing. This revived offer returns bigger and better, with a brand-new, never-before-published Stars Without Number supplement available only in this offer and nowhere else.
Stars Without Number is a leading science fiction tabletop RPG for devotees of the Old School Revival and "sandbox" roleplaying. In a sandbox game, the setting is wide open for adventure in all directions. And one of the best games for starfaring, sandbox-style, is Stars Without Number.
For just US$8.95, you get all three titles in our starter collection (retail value $35) as DRM-free, non-watermarked .PDF ebooks:
  • Stars Without Number Core Edition (retail price $20): The complete 253-page rulebook, including 40 pages of bonus material unavailable in other editions.
  • Skyward Steel (retail $10): Join the Thousand Lights of the Stellar Navy and embrace both the duties and the terrible freedom of a naval campaign.
  • Hard Light (retail $5): The first SWN adventure setting. In the radioactive glare of a red giant star, explore the hard-bitten mining outpost of Brightside and ancient asteroid Sky Tombs.
And if you pay more than the threshold price of $19.67, you'll level upand get Kevin Crawford's Engines of Babylon -- an all-new SWNequipment book, debuting in this offer, for creating vehicles and low-tech system spaceships -- plus these bonus titles (total retail value $44):
  • Darkness Visible (retail $10): Spacefaring espionage campaigns of classified perils, nameless heroes, and secret glory.
  • Other Dust (retail $20): Kevin Crawford's 208-page post-apocalypse sandbox RPG completely compatible with SWN.
  • Relics of the Lost (retail $7): A sourcebook of long-dead technology from the Second Wave of human colonization. This supplement debuted in this offer's original October 2013 run.
Remember, now you can give a Bundle of Holding as a gift -- either a generic gift code good for any one bundle, or a gift download link for this specific bundle that's good even after the offer ends. With one quick purchase, you can give a new player the whole Galaxy.
So why get in on this action? 
Ten percent of your payment is split equally between two fine causes selected by Stars Without Number designer Kevin Crawford: Doctors Without Bordersand the Benzie Food Partners food bank, which serves the Michigan county where Kevin lives.
I've talked with Kevin via email a couple of times and he's a stand up guy and if you've gotten in on the bundle of holding last year? 
Did you buy this bundle during its original October 2013 run? If so, check your Wizard's Cabinet download page -- you've already received the Engines of Babylon supplement added for this revival. When you buy a Bundle of Holding early, you never worry about missing a book added later.
So what the hell are you waiting for? Get in on the action and get your slice of the bundle of holding and get in on some of the old school gaming among the Stars Without Number today!
The clock is ticking and you've only got three days and some change to get in on the action! 


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