Friday, August 1, 2014

Road Kill - Mutant Epoch Rpg Friday Game! Actual Play

Further down the Global high way in my Mutant Epoch campaign, I've got several massive encounters coming up to move the plot along but I'm basically letting the party easy into it and get the feel of the game as well.
 The PC's have been selling some of the loot that they've acquired, gotten provisions, and done a bit of repair work for several other NPC's groups but their entering some really dangerous territories at the moment.
 There is a tribe of mutant ogre cannibals and a group of road pirates which has a mad on for the PC's as it is. The PC's are slowly making their way through this leg of the campaign but the urge to explore ruins and loot has kept them in about the same regions more or less.
This has enabled a local mutant road pirate warlord to get a bead on them and begin to bring several assets of his on line to really screw with the PC's in the cross hairs of several gangs of mutant cut throats.  They're closing in on the PC's after they've disrupted several operations that the warlord has going.
Expect lots of random violence and plenty of bloodshed coming up!
More to come!

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