Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review and Commentary On 50 Post Nuclear Wasteland Encounters From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

50 Post Nuclear Wasteland Encounters
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Some products fill a niche and others simply exist for the sake of being awesome. This list is the former and a bit of the latter. This list of fifty old school wasteland encounters fills in the bridge gap between serious and downright nasty fantastical random encounters. For less then the price of a candy bar, the DM can get a whole bunch of encounters that will challenge your party of mutant adventurers.
According to the rpg now write up : 
For the price of a can of soda out of the vending machine you get 50 creative encounters for an irradiated post nuclear wasteland. Unlike many previous 
Fishwife apocalyptic products, this list focuses more on the fantastic edge of wasteland gaming. From fields of zombies to mutated man eating plants to 
cyborg merchants and savage moon shiners, there’s a little something for everyone in this list.
 Using 50 Post Nuclear Wasteland Encounters List For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns 

50 Post Nuclear Wasteland Encounters

Its all here and its there's some real pissers of encounters on this list to take the wind out the sails of any group of adventurers. There are several quick ways to use this one. When you want to pad out an urban or country encounter in a small town of ruins with your known species of Mutant Future monster living at the edge of town and you want to soften the party up this list will do quite nicely. Have a facility or set of ruins that you need to protect and whip up some naturally occurring dungeon style post apocalyptic encounters? This list will help to fill out that need for your DM. Are your players getting you down because they've got every single PA resource on market? This list can give you a huge variety of options to put into play easily quickly and will little fuss. This list has a more fantastic or pulp feel to it and with a some hex paper a few random rolls and patience you can populate an entire region of the wasteland or campaign.
When this list really comes into focus is when the PC's reach those edge of the map ruins and you've got nothing written. With a few choice rolls and you've got half a night's worth of adventuring in one quick DYI encounter. This method is perfect for games like Mutant Epoch.
For Mutant Epoch this list can add in an extra bit of flavor when some little special encounter is needed or when you need a slightly weirder post apocalyptic boss for the PC's to face down. With Mutant Future this list has that extra bit gonzo for a some weird cinema style drive in encounter. All in all this isn't a bad price point, style of design, and list to really twist the PC's panties in a wad when the next encounter comes up on your next flick of the dice.  

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