Thursday, August 7, 2014

Free Issues of the OSR resource 'Fight On!'magazine Issues one and two for download!

Fight On! Issue #2 Summer 2008 - PDF Version
Grab It Right
 So here it is kids two free issues of Fight On Magazine for free and this issue features some awesome material. Feast your eyes on this cornucopia of old school carnage.
The premier fanzine for the old-school renaissance rolls on, jam-packed with 88 pages of fantastic content. Features an interview with Dave Arneson, co-creator of the original Dungeons & Dragons game, as well as articles from Steve Marsh, Vincent Baker, Patrick Farley, Geoffrey O. Dale, Gabor Lux, Kesher, Calithena, Jeff Rients, James Maliszewski, Victor Raymond, Andrew Reyes, Kevin Mayle, James Raggi, and many, many more! This issue features four full adventures - including a long one for the original Empire of the Petal Throne game - new fantasy worlds, monsters, magic, rules, character options, NPCs, maps, tables, and many others. This is a great issue for those Empire of the Petal Throne gamers with a mini campaign style adventure. Fight on is what got me back into the old school gaming mentality and really did wonderful things for my table top. So grab some friends and some dice. Get to playing. Issue #1 is also available as well and crammed with some great material. Everything to get a new or existing game going with friends!
Fight On! Issue #1 Spring 2008 - PDF Version
This is a fantastic resource to get your old school gaming recharged and get into the deep end of old school ethos. These are well laid out, easy to read and adapt magazines. Given the price, grab yourself a copy, and get rolling the bones today! 

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