Tuesday, August 5, 2014

1d10 Random Waste Land Finds Table Inspired By Classic 1970's & 80's Science Fiction Films For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

One never knows what your PC's might stumble upon in the deep wastes of the post apocalyptic world. Here's a table inspired by some of the classic shows and films from an age long past. 

1d10 Random Waste Land Finds Table Inspired By Classic 1970's & 80's 
  1. A decayed human hand with a broken laser sword nearby. The hand has been cut off right at the wrist and there's still bits of clothing around the wrist. The laser sword has a few focus crystals that can be salvaged. About 60 gold pieces worth of crystal. 
  2. One damaged web shooter out of fluid with some nozzle issues. Might be worth something to a collector as a novelty. 20 gold pieces 
  3. A hover car containing three skeletons including the remains of an android. The others are pure strain humans with one wearing the uniform of a Sandman. He has a damaged energy weapon and tracking unit but these can be made operative again with some minor repairs. The hover car has a bad cooling unit but with some minor work will run. Worth about 500 gold pieces for the hover car. 
  4. A escape pod from an Eagle Lander with the remains of its pilot still inside dressed in an orange astronaut suit. The suit is worth 200 gold pieces for salvage. The pod is in bad shape and beyond help. 
  5. Pork Pie hat slightly singed that adds +2 Charisma to whomever wears it. Worth 50 gold pieces. There's a press pass inside the hat that reads Kolchak. 
  6. A hand weapon in rough shape, Type II phaser in need of major repairs. 100 gold pieces 
  7. Golden droid arm with major carbon scoring, could be used for cybernetic implantation with some spare parts. 100 gold pieces to a robotic specialist. 
  8. Strange laser pistol of unusual design that looks like a stapler. Very badly burnt though and in need of major repair work. 60 gold pieces in present condition 
  9. NASA space suit slightly water damaged and with gorilla hair around the fittings. Worth 200 gold pieces. In mostly working order but in need of minor repairs. 
  10. An android gun fighter badly acid scarred dressed in the remains of a gunfighter outfit. Good only for parts. Worth 200 gold pieces. The positronic brain is still intact.

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