Saturday, August 9, 2014

1d10 Random Space Salvage Table Inspired By Classic Saturday Morning Cartoons

1d10 Random Space Salvage Finds Table Inspired By
Classic Saturday Morning Cartoon Shows 
  1. One wrecked space coup in bad condition, lots of carbon scoring and bits of lava on the drive tubes. Great as a parts find for collectors 
  2. 1d6 sand men blasters in wrecked condition only good for parts and too collectors. 
  3. 1d20 robotic weapon drone ships in wrecked condition and with the drive systems blown. 
  4. 1d30 packages of pet snacks from Old Earth, very nutritious these are still in the packages.
  5. A semi burnt book in old Earth called the Junior Wood chuck Guide book and a space suit glove with feathers inside it. 
  6. Wrecked Intergalactic Patrol Cruiser with a burnt drive system and a leaky life support system. But salvageable condition 
  7. Semi translucent space princess dress size zero partially ripped. Still worth a bit to collectors of vintage clothing. 
  8. +2  magic sword with a bad attitude and personality issues. 
  9. Alien animal cage with force field generator in wrecked condition, the force field generator is still good and will hold an elephant sized creature. The cage is good only for scrap. 
  10. A very ornate ecto containment  box with a strange energy field around it.Any mishandling of the box and the contents will escape.  The box contains thirteen paranormal entities of extreme malevolence.  The box has been lost for centuries. 

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