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Space Western Comics Adventure - Hidden Valley of Death - A Warriors Of The Red Planet Rpg - Actual Campaign Play Event & Free Download

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Tonight I've just resumed my old school Wars of The Red Planet pulp/Charlton comic book mash up retroclone  game. The first part of the mini campaign can be found right HERE
The Warriors Of The Red Planet mini campaign continued tonight with the PC's running smack into a tribe of Red Martian Aztec eagle warriors and their saucers tonight. The PC's had just returned the princess to the House of Loraz when they witnessed a strange golden disk saucer coming from a hidden valley just over the horizon.

 Several of the Red Martian PC fighting men didn't like the fact that the saucer's home base/valley  was so close to their former city state. They voted that the Space Vigilantes investigate just as two more saucers joined the first one. Six shooters and radium pistols were loaded and they decided to land.
The PC's settled their rocket ship just on the out skirts of the valley after a radar detector aboard their atomic rocket went off. They left a scientist hireling aboard the rocket to keep the engines 'hot' in case they needed to make a hasty escape.
 The PC's crept into the mist enshrouded valley and were greeted by jungle shrouded Aztec pyramids and a group of nude priestesses bathing near a sacred pool surrounded by a pride of  Banths.
 Carefully and silently the PC's crept around this area and came upon a massive city state within the folds of the jungle. The area apparently has a very bad reputation among the Red Martians who don't even have a proper name for the place.

The PC's are able to learn that there is underground metal city that extends 20,000 feet below the ground. This city is part of a network of weird and elaborate tunnels that were once part of a resort back in the 1900's when Mars was first colonized by Earth. Red Martians were employed as laborers  and servants at the Aztec novelty themed park . A Sorcerer of The Black Gate' summoned an aspect of Yig father of serpents who cursed the Martians into assuming their roles and mindsets of ancient Aztec peoples.
Several ancient serpent men priests who were sleeping deep within the underworld of Mars awoke and assumed their proper places as kings of this cursed valley.
They brought with them their ancient sorcery and super science passing it among the people and began to forge a race of warrior/priests.

Many stories have sprung up over the years as these Red Martian Aztec warriors have attacked and raided various neighboring city states and even several Earth indigenous peoples over the years.
It is only recently that these peoples have acquired the means to create or recreate the saucer 'sun disks's of their ancient ancestors

Red Martian Aztec Warriors

AC: 5 (15) 
HD: 4+4 
Attack :Sword or pistol 
Dam 1d8 +1 or 1d8
Save: F8
Move: 120'

All of this the PC's learned after they 'captured' a slave who was from one of the PC's home city states but had been captured as part of a spoil of war recently. Tomaz wasn't not sure if he was to be sacrificed in the up coming 'flower war' spectacle that was coming up for some of the lesser Lovecraftian 'gods' who still resided in the underground cities under the weird glow of strange glowing energy crystals
Now the PC's are carefully planning their  next move.

Don't forget to grab a Beta copy of  Warriors of The Red Planet
Warriors of the Red Planet
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Until next week little space cowpokes
we say Happy Trails to our space western classic
Tune in next week for the next exciting episode.

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