Friday, August 22, 2014

Something Rotten In The Dark - A Stars Without Number Rpg - Actual Play Encounter - Part Of The Shadows Of The Lemuria Campaign

The PC's found themselves with a bit of a mystery this week. They decided to take a look at one of the smaller ships that was flying with the Battle Star Lemuria first rather then tackle the larger ghost ship. 

Tuesday night's Stars Without Number game found the PC's exploring one of the minor ships in the wake of the ghostly Battle Star Lemuria. The PC's got some very odd sensor readings and were unsure if they were seeing sensor ghosts, partial reality images, or some thing far weirder. The local space time continuum was stable however. With a bit of work and a shuttle they decided to dock with the 'Colonial Mover's craft that was closest to their position.  
Boy, did they wish they hadn't.

The ship was filled with row after row of sleep pods and rigged with sensors. The PC's got part way through the ship got a bunch of salvage and then the sleep pods activated. They discharged their occupants.

Undead Uranian Dagon cultists upon the party!
Laser bolts flying and the PC's running for their lives. There was a running battle through the twisting corridors ladders, metal work, and stair cases to get to airlock and their ship. 

That's when the PC's ended up in the temple area and the a very large statue of the Lovecraftian horror god.
Now the PC's are wondering what else is aboard those other ships? Even as the whole ship that their on shakes as a 'Spike Wake' comes from the Lemuria and  envelops their own ship as well as every ship in this fleet of the damned.
 But now where are they going and how will they escape their 'hosts'?
More coming up! 

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