Friday, August 15, 2014

Night of The the Quasi! Free Mutant Epoch Monster and Actual Play Event

One thing that 'Max Gibson' the NPC cyborg in last week's game (details right HERE ) did while not revealing himself is to put the PC's smack into the turf of the Quasi, a nasty piece of mutated work that was released by Outland Arts as a free download. With a bit of foreshadowing the these mutated nasties are waiting for the PC's to blunder right into one of their traps. These things even have tunnels honey combing the city state were the PC's currently are. 
You can grab this horror right over

So what makes these horrors such a problem? 
Try to avoid getting your character mangled by this hunch backed humanoid. It means no harm. It just has to squeeze its beloved pet so tight!

The Quasi, written by James Butler, is so named after the literary character of Quasimodo. The difference here is that this powerful, childishly curious and moody freak has none of the nobility, empathy or wisdom of the hunchback of Notre-Dame. It instead spends its life making traps, harvesting foodstuffs, and obsessing over a pet or object. Woe to any excavator who becomes the focus of its all-consuming attention, as the Quasi is likely to manhandle, toy with and eventually shatter the person, abandoning the broken pet in some filthy hole or ancient room before turning its attention to whatever takes its fancy next.
I use these horrors similar to the People Under The Stairs, an old 80's VHS horror flick. This tribe of the Quasi occasionally takes someone from the walled Global highway city state for a pet when it strikes their fancy. They also use the community as a launch point for raids against the neo traders coming through. These twisted folks control a small ruin of a Mall that lures the occasional explorer and adventurer in so they have a supply of 'pets' and trade through a few NPC blinds with the surrounding villages.
That being said there is a bit of a dark side to these mutants who hunt, trap, and torment many who cross their path. I think of these folks as the ultimate stalker while meaning no harm, they become obsessed with a party as targets.  Play along and your PC winds up as a 'pet' or become dinner in a cauldron.I have a tendency to think of the Quasi as mutated muppets gone very,very, wrong with a hard dash of Tex Avery logic twisting their brains into their world view.
With a set of optional mutations already built into the write up on these monsters they're perfect to keep a party off balance.  So what is 'Max' up to? Is softening the party up so he can collect a bounty upon them? Testing their fighting capacity and gauging their strength or is there something more going on?
 Only time will tell after the Night of The Quasi! 

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