Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lair Of The Road Hunter - Mutant Epoch Rpg System Actual Play Encounter

In tonight's Mutant Epoch, the PC's were helping a group of adventurers acquire a rare medical droid from from a set of ruins near the Canadian border just off the global highway. Last time they had made camp with their NPC friends everything seemed quite alright. The PC's were awoken to the sound of a lone sports car driving away. A sound that they've come to dread. Apparently Max Gibson had been busy during the night as the PC's were about to find out. Max is an 'immortal' cybernetic bounty hunter upon whose hit parade the PC's have made. 

The Origin For Max Gibson Can Be Found 

The PC's were startled by a trio of combat robots that attacked them. After causing the NPC adventurers and the PC's to scatter they retreated and then attacked them again. The other adventurers did not lend our heroes a hand at all during combat! Something wasn't right at all. The other parry's scouts seemed to miss several opportunities to engage the bots and they drew the PC's into the treeline and then cloaked themselves in a camouflage field.
 After an extended game of cat and mouse the PC's finally caught up with the combat robots and gunfire as well as a few party favor frag grenades settled the combat. That's when the other PC left behind at camp noticed the 'scouts' talking on the radio seemingly directing the combat robots to the PC's location! 

 Our hero opened fire on the 'scouts' and brought them down after an extensive fire fight. Those were no wilderness scouts? They had been replaced during the night with android doubles!
The other NPC adventurers passed out as the last combat robot was destroyed with an extensive fire fight.
The implanted mind control units were deactivated after the last bot went down.
One of the other light combat bots managed to escape into the underbrush but the PC's gave chase. The PC's gun master has a good grasp of medicine and was able to dig out the implants from the necks of the NPC's.
The rest of the party followed the trail of the other combat back to a hidden cave! Inside the cave entrance was a downed space craft hidden within for centuries. The space craft was a wreck but inside was an extensive cybernetics and clone lab. The PC's found row after row of Max Gibson clones, cybernetic bodies, and more.
That's when they saw row after row of cloned Gibson bodies and parts. They were almost ambushed by several other heavy combat bots. The bots have them pinned down under heavy machine gun fire.
 Now they're waiting for re enforcement after radioing in to the rest of their findings.
 Inside the lair they found a plethora of things for the discriminating adventurers.
 Here's a list of random items that were found in and around the Lair of the Road Hunter.

1d10 Lair Of The Road Hunter Random Loot  Table 
  1. Cybernetic implants still attached to the decayed skull's original bones. There are several systems that need to be examined for the true value. 
  2. Massive mutant baffalo skull made into a silver shod piece of artwork worth 200 gold pieces in current condition. 
  3. A sensor suite in a weird bone like set up. There are over one hundred working sensors in this particular implant. 75 gold as is. Worth 400 gold pieces in its current condition. 
  4. Robotic arm that would make an excellent cyber implant for some mutant. Worth about 200 gold for it. 
  5. A cell phone fully charged and in good working order. The phone's A.I. is smart SOB who will constantly prank and pull fast ones on party members. Worth seventy five gold pieces
  6.  A rusty knife that has a nanite based poison on its tip. Worth about 500 gold pieces because of the possible A.I. caught within its own web. 
  7. A rusting house hold robot with a memory of the past and who lived where. The robot is afraid of flying and hates mutant birds. Worth 200 gold pieces to the right collector
  8. An energy cell eaten away and leaking radiation. There energy slugs all over the thing.. These small seemingly harmless mutants are also worth 300 gold pieces to the right  bio weapons division. 
  9. A tube of bio paste that can be used to patch up most minor medical emergencies. Worth 100 gold pieces to the right guy who can make this from local materials. 
  10. A burst transmission radio that can reach any of the floating space junk in orbit. The radio was hidden last year by an adventurer traveling in the region. The right buyer  will pay 400 gold pieces to the collector.  
More coming soon! 

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