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1d10 Random Post Apocalyptic Finds Table Inspired By More Saturday Morning Cartoons For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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 1d10 Random Post Apocalyptic Finds Table
Inspired By  More Saturday Morning Kids Cartoons 
  1. One Jet pack from a super science group known as Ark. The pack has seen heavy use and needs major repair work. 100 gold pieces to the right collector with some refurbishment. 
  2. Part of a gold medallion with the letters 'Sha' written in pre holocaust English. Worth 200 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  3. The remains of a family space coop in poor condition, seats six including a robot maid. The fusion engine is still good and the robot recharging port works. Worth a 1000 gold pieces. 
  4. One invisibility belt with a futility focus unit which only works for four rounds. The belt is orange with a gold belt buckle and switch. Worth 90 gold strictly as a collector piece. 
  5. A white cape trimmed in a decorative flower motif and a golden rope throat piece. Highly enchanted and invulnerable to most conventional harm.  
  6. Pre-holocuast band equipment including drum set which belonged to Josie and the words are faded. Worth 400 gold and adds +2 to all charisma checks and performances by bards. 
  7. A tiara with a large yellow crystal and a bulls symbol done in an Egyptian motif. The belt is with this item with the same motif. Magical but its function remains obscure at best. 600 gold pieces to the right wizard. 
  8. One utility belt yellow with a wide array of bat themed items. 40% chance of the belt's content's fully intact. There is a  5 % chance of the belt having the exact bat themed item that the PC's might need in a given adventure encounter. 
  9. A strange signal mirror like device that is actually a heavy stunner when flashed in the eyes of a target. The effects will last for 1d8 rounds and have no adverse effects on the target. 
  10. A red wrist energy projector that will have the following effects available : Heat ray 1d4 points of damage per round, hammer ray 1d8 points of damage and able to punch through solid rock, Freeze ray as a wand of ice, Stun ray which will act as a heavy stunner. The device will function for 1d8 months until suddenly giving up the ghost.

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