Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ambush Of The Road Pirates - Mutant Epoch Rpg Actual Play Event

The PC's are on the outskirts of Warmort territory in my global highway campaign.  They've got a price on their heads, a caravan of vehicles, artifacts, and the assault started with a bi plan last night. A bi plane began buzzing them as they're hauling ass through a pass. A scout party of Warmort's with Nineteen Eighties style military gear laser painted their caravan and then used a nanite dissembler missile on the truck in the lead.
That truck is now jack knifed across the road and isn't going anywhere as its front end is slowly melting. Let's not talk about the crew of that truck.
Mutant suicide scouts moved into position and looked at their gear and reported on their movements as the bi plane over head spied and radioed back everything. The scout party stalled the PC's and they've managed to battle off most of the smaller warriors who harried the NPC's and took pot shots at the party. The Warmorts are using outdated technology but that doesn't mean that its any less lethal.
Several of the NPC truck crews are down but the PC's managed to beat back the Warmort forces.  The scout force was supposed to stall the party. War Mort's don't give up, their not biologically programmed to. The PC's tried looting the corpses of several warriors only to learn that the soldiers were packed with grenades! This  making looting a body a problematic issue at best and PC's know it.They managed to salvage a light laser cannon but the power cell melted down on 'em. All of their gear is booby trapped.
There's a price on the PC's head and a very large Warmort military fort nearby with an air field as well as several bi planes and fuel dump near by. The PC's want to investigate that later.
As I said the PC's were stalled by the scout forces and now the Warmorts are going to be moving the air forces in to take out the PC's. There is also the ground forces and fast moving dune buggy off road vehicles moving into flanking positions.These are all armed with conventional fire arms.

As all of this action is going on below, a silent zeppelin hovers nearby watching the spectacle radioing back to some mysterious force that seems to control the various pieces being unleashed on the PC's.
 Will their quest for the serum to stop the plague come to a fruitless end or will the community city state be saved?
Will the Warmorts strip every artifact, doorknob, and vehicle that PC's have? Will the PC's die, be sold into slavery, or worse?
Don't touch that mutant madness dial, same mutant channel, more global highway action to come! 
 Tune in next week to find out!

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