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Review and Commentary On The Pay What You Want Wasteland Treasures 1 From Outland Arts For Mutant Epoch Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Grab It Right

There's lots of fiddly bits to post apocalyptic old school gaming but one of the heart and soul parts of the game is all of the neat loot that can be retrieved from the ruins. In tonight's game I got the chance to try out the brand new product that just came out Wasteland Treasures 1  From  Outland Arts
This is a slightly different set of treasure tables then the generic ones found in products for Mutant Future but this one could be used with that game or any old school PA game with a bit of adaption and work by the DM.
There's lots of goodies in this one for the DM of Mutant Epoch and personally I'd utilize it for that game in particular. Many of the 'treasures' here fit that game like a glove. They were designed to and you could think of this product as a post apocalyptic DM's tool kit in effect.
 photo TME-Wasteland-Treasure-Tables-Set1-sheets-7x8_zps9405b6a9.jpg
The pdf is concise well put together and does its job in spades. There's lots of useful bits here with the division of PA action across the board. There's enough here to salt a number of one shots, quick encounters, and still come back for more.
Here's some of what a DM gets when they download this little handy bit of PA goodness according to Rpgnow: 

No Guts, No Glory!

Your Excavators fight hard in the wastelands, ruins and emerging barter villages, why not let ‘em see some reward? Here then, in Wasteland Treasures One, you’ll find plenty to keep them challenged, well paid and keen for the next expedition. 
Included are three d100 Loot tables: a General Ruin Treasure Table, an Old Warzone listing and trophies and curiosities carried by humanoids such as Skullocks, Warmorts, and Moaners. 
For use with The Mutant Epoch or other post-apocalyptic RPG, this 19 page PDF is perfect for the busy game master who needs to quickly access location appropriate items. The Old Warzone table, however, is far more than a list of goodies and rewards for player characters. It’s got both dangers and adventure hooks built in, including landmines, rogue robots and the ever hazardous chem storm.
Because of the fact that I'm running a global highway campaign this table across the board is going to see use. My players literally might run into any and all of these locations within the campaign. Tonight the Old Warzone table got used and it was a trip to watch the players try and cope with the results. 
 photo The-Mutant-Epoch-WT1-Cyborg-Skull-web_zpsd27ed2a0.jpg
There's always another aspect to this type of table, the high weirdness of  Deep Waste trading posts and the like. This table is easily used to salt any traders or other's loot. With a few flicks of the wrist the DM has enough to keep a party right where he needs them. There are number of tables that are specific to the monsters and races within the Mutant Epoch hub rules, this is real plus especially with the number of Skullocks that my party of PC's seems to constantly be running into.  Hint they're one of my favorite races of monsters to use.
Another advantage to this list is something else that's listed by Rpgnow: 
The price is right for this illustrated PDF, too, being a Pay What You Want deal. If you like what you see, why not throw a silver coin or two in the tip jar?
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We of course hope you’ll love what you see and take a look at The Mutant Epoch hub rules, our core book, as well as the full line of source books and adventure published for this growing and well supported role-playing game and setting.
 The Mutant Epoch rpg is one of the best supported PA games out there besides Stars Without Number which has the Other Dust PA line of products. But I digress.  There's lots of solid artwork scattered throughout the book as well.
Even though this one is only twenty pages of tables and references. This is a solidly done addition to the Mutant Epoch line and I think one of the most vital and important ones that's been done. Everyone of these artifacts actually appears in the Mutant Epoch line and is referenced through the rules. This makes the artifacts within the Wastelland Treasure book have background and cohesion within an old school campaign.  There are also several direct tie ins with earlier ME products. 
All in all I was very happy to have downloaded Wasteland Treasures. With a bit of work these tables could be used with other PA themed games such as Carcosa or even a generic PA cross over game with something like OD&D or some other retroclone.
The tables here are versatile and well thought out. I can't wait to use these tables again next week or if I happen to be running Mutant Future. They're that good that there's a myriad of uses for them. Grab while you can.  

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