Tuesday, August 12, 2014

1d10 Random Classic Television Space Salvage Table For Your Old School Campaigns

1d10 Random Classic Television Space Salvage Tables 
  1. A red slightly scorched gold uniform from an organization called the United Federation of Planets. 10 credits to the right collector. 
  2. An egg shaped craft broken with an air of utter sadness around it. The FTL unit in it broken but it can be salvaged for parts. 40 credits  
  3. One sightly damaged make shift rocket craft made out of classic 1970's era junk and salvaged parts. Could be used as a shuttle craft. Holds a crew of four or five. 100 credits for collector value. 
  4. Martian saucer craft classic lines and slightly damaged. Three man ship and worth about 2000 credits to the right collector 
  5. Damaged pair of purple pants 
  6. Escape pod from an Imperial Spacecraft lots of battle damage and carbon scoring. 500 credits to a collector or scrap dealer. 
  7. Damaged Chameleon circuit with a burnt out inner crystal worthless
  8. Type II phaser weapon with a missing circuit and crystal. Needs professional work. 30 credits 
  9. Cookbook on Earth felines late 1980's with lots of notes and diagrams in broken English. 
  10. Earth II shuttle craft used but in good working condition. Worth 2000 credits with the remains of a reptilian alien aboard. 


  1. Salvage 1 & My Favourite Martian! You always nudge my old yellow 10-speed down memory lane, Needles :-)

  2. Great your turn to buy the Pepsi in the glass swirly bottles pal.
    More memories coming up. Cheers!


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