Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Warriors Of the Red Planet Rpg Campaign Beginning & A Free Download - The Immortals of Mercury By Clark Aston Smith

 The Immortals of Mercury
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My Warriors Of The Red Planet Campaign begins not on Mars/Barsoom but on the heat death world of Pulp Mercury. A world of incredible head and death, this is a world of two zones some incredibly dangerous alien races. Clark Aston Smith does an excellent job of sketching out an entire planetary pulp ecology along with two complete alien humanoid races. 
There are several tribes of Mercurian warlords who run radioactive fuel mines across the surface of the planet. Doughy Martians are imported in as cheap labor and the PC's are a part of these crews. They have to escape and fight their way back to Barsoom. I'll be using a Labyrinth Lord/WORP mash up and the setting material of the Immortals of Mercury as part of the adventure background.
Will The PC's escape the horrors of Mercury and see the red skies of their Martian home world? And what of Earth? What is Earth's role in the solar of this campaign?
I'll be using a mash up of Lovecraft/Clark Aston Smith/Edgar Rice Burroughs, and others as fodder for this  campaign.

Don't forget to grab a Beta copy of  Warriors of The Red Planet
Warriors of the Red Planet
Grab It Right

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