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The Ya'cthaghatho - A New Monster For Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea And Other Space Based Retroclones

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The Ya'cthaghatho

No Encountered 1 (2d4)
Alignment : Chaotically Evil 
Size : M 
Movement: 0 (60 swim air) 
Dex: 9
Armor Class:5 
Hit Dice : 100 
No Attacks : Bite 
Damage : 3d6 
Saving Throw : 13
Morale : 9
Experience points : 3000
Treasure : D, Q 
Specials :
  •  Once per day  the Ya'cthaghatho may spit a glob of acidic spit for 2d6 points of damage per round. The target must save vs death or be dissolved into a puddle of goo with no chance for resurrection of any type 
  • Regeneration as Troll three times per day. 
  • There will be 2d4 random Lovecraftian monsters haunting the Ya'cthaghatho's interior spaces. 
  • There will also be undead horrors that crawl across the outer skin of these monsters. There will be 1d4 encountered ever six rounds in the fetid atmosphere that clings to the skins of the Ya'cthaghatho

The Ya'cthaghatho are giant Lovecratian horrors that swim through the Outer Darkness at the edges of Hyperborea. They have been encountered at the edges of other worlds much to the horror of adventurers. Few have seen these horrors and lived to tell anyone the tale. 
Created in ages past by the wicked super science and biological magic of the Elder Things, these colossal horrors still swim in the Outer Darkness surrounding worlds such as Hyperborea and its satellites. These things are part biological machine and diseased ancient horrors. Some are so large that they have internal ecosystems within themselves of shaggoths, slimes, and strange biomechanical mechanisms. The outer edges of their strange armored skin glows in the darkness between the damned stars. Four blazing red soul beacons are arched along their backs acting as lures for various demonic species that make the Outer Darkness their home. Only these demonic cold hellish souls can fuel the internal acidic furnaces of the  Ya'cthaghatho.
Weird Tickmen crawl across the armored skin of  the Ya'cthaghatho fixing, maintaining, and going through the thousands of biologically pre-programmed behaviors put in place by their now extinct masters. They're tasks and errands unfathomable.
Massive swarms of these horrors move through the Outer Darkness feeding on the thousands of damned souls of Old Earth and fragments of worlds that tumble through the void. Many of these are ground up by the Ya'cthaghatho's multi rowed  sets of acid soaked bio mechanism teeth that act as part machine and part ripping device. These mechanisms can grind down twelve in a half tons in a half an hour.
It is unknown if the Ya'cthaghatho are intelligent in any true sense of the word. But what is known is that wizards and other sorcerers often seek these horrors out at the edge of  Hyperborea. They often employ adventurers, mercenaries, and madmen to teleport aboard the biological tunnels and artificial organ complexes aboard these living god things for rare biological treasures and remains of artifacts that the the Ya'cthaghatho swallow. This work is hazardous and there is often little chance of return but the rewards are incredible.
 It is rumored that the Ya'cthaghatho are hunted by still larger entities and Outer Darkness demons that haunt the black infested depths that surround Hyperborea. These horrors while not intelligent have a malicious and evil disposition and often seem to cause the maximum amount of havoc and damage that they can to communities and villages.
 Often there are weird undead demon things that nest within the skin of  the Ya'cthaghatho should the thing swim close to the Hyperborean land edges 2d4 of the horrors will try to make land fall. They will often have similar stats to Skeletons from page 87 of the AS&SH Referee's Manual or as zombies. There is 5% chance of these things being armed with radium rifles or pistols. These beings will be intelligent but completely insane. They will know how to use their weapons and any artifacts.
 it is rumored that certain Atlantian factions used these artifact things in abominable rites of worship and horror until the Green Death obliterated such knowledge from the face of Hyperborea.
The Ya'cthaghatho continue to feed, swim, and cause havoc as they move through the depths of the Outer Darkness and the dimensional spaces in between the realms of the damned and the living. 

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