Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shadows Of The Lemuria - Stars Without Numbers/ BattleStar Galactica Mash Up - Actual Play Event

I've gotten  the old crew together tonight for a game of Stars Without Number. Tonight, after capturing an alien beast within the swamps of a failed colony world. The PC's spotted a strange craft in deep orbit around the world as they were preparing to activate the spike drive of their craft.
 The ragged ship appeared and disappeared on sensors, almost as if it was between universes. The battle scarred hulk of a Battle Star simply hung in space waiting. The wreck didn't even appear to be space worthy but there it was. Holes, blaster damage, and worse on its tattered hull.

The PC's watched as strange and haunting ghost lights played across its decks. And a weird magnetic black void field played around it. The Battle Star Lemuria was back! The party has had history with this ship that was taken early in the Colonial Wars. This world is only a temporary stop for this ship who sails under the stars of the damned.
This Battle Star was the holder of the so called 'Keys of Kobol', artifacts once held by the Council of The Twelve. The fate of the 'Keys' has been murky at best.
But the Battle Star was lost when the betrayal of Baltar and the slaughter of the Twelve Colonies happened. The Battle Star and  its crew were cursed for some base act that remains unknown to this day. The Cylons sent three base ships to recover the 'keys' and the 'control metal' but of these none has been heard from. The control metal is a key to the ships of light that belong to the  'gods' but who or what these ships be is never discussed by sane men. Only the occasional star cantina philosophizer or some insane spacer.
 The wreckage of the Lumeria has become a sort of 'flying dutchman' appearing throughout my various SWN campaigns. The SWN players have a sorted history with the Lemuria as she wanders the space lanes moving from planet to planet, plane to plane. And when she appears disaster often follows in her wake. It is said according to spacer legend that Battlestar is actually the head of a fleet of the damned and cursed by the Cylon genocide moving across the universes and never knowing peace.
There have been six times that the PC's have encountered this ship and each time its ended in disaster. 

 For six hours (game time), the PC's watched the Lemuria hang in orbit above the planet. Until a lone Viper came from the planet's surface back to its Battle Star like some great bat come home to roost in the fetid night.
Then  just as  quickly the weird magnetic field surrounding the Lemuria began to twist and crackle with the energies of the damned and it taken to another location. The PC's quickly launched a landing craft down to the planet's surface. They've found the ruins of an ancient city state.
For more history of the BattleStar Lemuria
Go right over HERE

More to come.

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  1. Haunted battlestars for the win!

  2. I'm wrapping up some old campaign elements and this old ghost ship happens to be one. Who knows what secrets she hides? Well the players will. Thanks for the comment Fractalbat. Glad you liked the 'Lemuria.'
    More to come! Cheers!


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