Friday, August 8, 2014

Enter The Road Hunter - A Mutant Epoch Encounter and Actual Play Event

The shadowy power from last week's Mutant Epoch game has let off the chain a brand new resource. The Road Hunter is on the trail of the PC's! Meet Max Gibson, a bounty hunter and free lance lawman with a strange secret.

Max Gibson's latest incarnation inspired by this Mini from the old Dark Future game found in a random Google Images search. 
In tonight's Mutant Epoch global high way campaign, I'm introducing the PC's to Max Gibson. A self styled bounty hunter and free lance lawman whose been hired to bring the party in for various crimes against a few city states. Max has made appearances in a few other post apocalyptic campaigns of mine. He's an NPC with a tragic history whose family were murdered before his eyes and he's been on a quest for vigilante vengeance.
At least that's what Max believes, in point of fact Max is an combat android programmed by the Fulstaff corporation. A being whose been up loaded with the mind of Max Gibson whose been dead for centuries. Max is still operating as an agent for the Fulstaff corporation as a free lance bounty hunter unit and charges very high rates. Max started out in my Dark Future/Gamma World mash up back in '97. He's been destroyed about seven times but each time he just about bite's the big one his mind is up loaded to a new body and he awakens behind the wheel of his car. The search for vengeance begins again.
Now he's appearing in Mutant Epoch after a recent appearance in a Mutant Future one shot. I'm playing fast and loose with his stats. In Mutant Future he's a cyborg/android mash up with 'Terminator" style parts and 5th level fighter abilities. In Mutant Epoch, he's a full NPC with cyborg abilities and a very bad attitude who uses a scrap police car, conventional weaponry, and some very nasty tactics.
Max prefers either classic pre apocalyptic law enforcement vehicles, fast scrap cars, off road road pirate rigs, or classic hot rods. He's got a collection of them which he works on in his spare time. Or at least in his mind he might in Virtual Reality at the corporate work where they keep him.
Now he's on the PC's trail after a bounty was posted on their heads and they set fire to a mutant warlord's vehicle last week.
I'm not posting stats for Max because my players read this blog on occasion and while their aware of Max. They're not quite sure who or what he is per say. Max was inspired partly by the Mad Max movies, some forgotten 80's post apocalyptic movie that I can't recall the title from, and the old Dark Future game. 


  1. Glad your enjoying highlights from the ME campaign Bill. Max didn't get introduced quite yet but in next week's game. Thanks for the comment and there's more coming up!


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