Wednesday, August 6, 2014

'What Famous Land Marks Would Look like After A Global Disaster' Ark Work As Fodder For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Rpg Campaigns

This Is What Famous Landmarks Would Look Like After A Global Disaster

Go Take A Look Right Over

Up on Io9, there is an article which takes a look at Famous Landmarks after a global disaster, this series of  artworks is different because not all of these land marks are uninhabited. This gives a DM a great series of  adventurer locations for your old school post apocalyptic campaigns. These are perfect locations for your favorite warlord, wizards, mutant kings or other nasty npc villains.
Because these are real world locations there are plenty of maps, resources, and other materials out on the net just waiting to be used. Dress up the location with your favorite mutant monsters and life forms, then your ready to go with an encounter location. There are plenty of quests and adventures that can easily be set right around these places quite easily. For Mutant Future there are some amazing  places that can be used for a Thundarr style game. With Mutant Epoch these locations add that extra dimension of reality while pinning the adventure in a great old fashion. 

Using these locations the DM will be able to use location recognition for that extra punch for any post apocalyptic based adventure. These are haunting pieces of artwork that can inspire some seriously twisted ideas. A good old school film that uses a haunting real world location to great effect is the old 1979 film Logan's Run which centers around the ruins of Washington toward the end of the film.

Using These Locations As Adventure Anchors
For Your Old School Campaigns

If you a wasteland warlord why would pick such a location which is easily recognizable and famous. Wizards, warlords,and other mutant warriors represent a new order and building upon the ashes of the past is a great statement for your army of deviant freaks taking on the new world.
These locations offer a myriad of possibilities into themselves. They can serve as a great place from which to travel from one world to an alternative post apocalyptic location. For world jumping these landmarks offer some great opportunities to create your own DYI post apocalyptic adventures. The artwork is chilling in its substance but offers a great point create some old school adventures centering around these places. Megadungeons can spring up around or as a part of such places offering their own PA Gygaxian ecosystems of mutant horrors and monsters as well as treasures and artifacts just waiting for your waste land warriors to stumble upon them.
Have a care when using such locations though familiarity can breed cynicism and a bit of contempt in some players but on the whole these locations offer some great opportunities to bring up some high level and highly dangerous forces to bare on your PC's.
As always this post is for entertainment and educational purposes this blog is not trying to challenge the copyright or trademarks of the article's author or the artists who created these great pieces of artwork.
Happy gaming out in the wasteland.



  1. Evocative pictures, really stimulate the imagination. Some of those old castles would make great forts for wasteland warlords.


  2. They'd make some incredible fortresses and as great cross over points for an OD&D game or as fodder for a Labyrinth Lord/Mutant Future mash up campaign point. Thanks for the comments, more old school mutant madness coming up.


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