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Aliens Eternal Soldiers Hive War 2384 - A Mutant Future Campaign Set Up Or A Campaign Set Up For Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Rpg

Imagine waking up from hypersleep fighting an eternal war against the Xenomorphs. Your band of humans, mutant soldiers, etc. has been pulled from failed colonies, the Rim, and every single wasteland from across the known universe to fight in your ancestors own backyard, Earth.
This is Hive War 2384 , two years after the events of Alien Resurrection.
At the end of Alien Resurrection, the medical R&D ship does a nose dive into Earth sparking the Fourth Alien War. Times are desperate and supplies are running low. Materials, ammo, weapons, etc are all in short supply and the everything has been pulled out of mothballs.
Including the Colonial Marines. It seems that not all of the Marine forces went quietly after the events of  the Walmart/ Weyland -Yutanti merger. One of the largest Colonial Marine base ships know as the USS Valhalla went into deep orbit with its complement of Marine command in hypersleep awaiting activation in Earth's greatest hour of need.

The Colonial marines have been reactivated and the United System Military has dropped the ball went it came to Earth. The world has been turned into a complete wasteland and Xenomorph holiday spot. 

The USS Ray Bradbury is dispatched to assess the situation on Earth. A small tactical squad of ten marines is brought in to investigate the African space port facilities. The whole planet has been abandoned to a wide variety of native mutant species,Xenos, and worse.  United System Military forces set up a series of  warning beacons and flash probes but have retreated to several other planets leaving the residents of the planet up to their necks in it.
Colonial Allen Poe a descendant of Spears is in charge of the Earth mission and a very able bodied commander but with hatred of United System Military forces whom he considers nothing more then corporate backed clowns. He blames them for abandoning the home world.
The troops have only just landed in Africa via drop ship and begun scouting out the ruins of a former capital city and space port. They have not yet engaged Xenomorphs .. yet.

The Van Deelen Option & Conversion 
About ninety percent of this campaign is based on the Mutant Future rpg conversions of Chris Van Deelen and his work with the Alien movies. The following are some of those conversions with annotations for my campaign. There are several main hives across the planet and very active Alien Queens each of which is descended from the USM Auriga nests. Millions have died and there's been a legacy of horror that continues in the wastes of Earth.

Chest Burster and Egg Cycle Available Right

Chris Van Deelen's Queen Conversion
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Her Praetorian Guards
Are Right HERE

Because of the human resistance and several of Earth's forces were already used to dealing with the battles with the Xenomorphs. There has been the incorporation of several Bio Genesis programs including the rise in so called Mutates. Human soldiers modified with mutant and bio engineered organs that can deal with the Xenomorphs. Marines have been quick to incorporate these native forces.
 The Xenomorphs warriors are still some of the most commonly encountered and deadliest. The cycle of infestation within the human race may have altered the genetic heritage of the human genome forever. The extent of mutational and genetic drift because of the series of  Hive Wars is unknown. 

Some of the most common Xenomorph species have been the canines , these horrors continued to be encountered in the Rhineland and Germany theaters. Cyborg and other heavier acid resistance mutate forces have been very effective against this style of warrior 

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Deep in the  
Australian Outback is a deadly secret, the corporations of Earth have been breeding human/Xenomorph hybrid horrors based upon partially recovered data from the data cores of Father. The results are a complete variation of the work of the USM Auriga science teams.
These hybrids have escaped and begun to establish themselves in the Australian  wastes.
Most are in the newborn stages and several bio firms are already considering sending in cyborg teams to wipe these horrors out but it may be far too late. 
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 Predators In The Dark 

The spread of such a concentration of Xenomorphs on a planetary scale has not gone unnoticed at all. The Predator species has been hunting and killing their old foes in several South American communities. There are rumors of the ancient cults reviving in those countries and the Predator species reviving their ancient practices of being worshiped as gods deep in the old jungle preserves.
Recent events have revealed that the Predator Xenomorph hybrids have been encountered. 

More information available right HERE

There have been several pieces of Predator technological devices that have been seized by Colonial forces from the black markets of Earth. There have included netting launchers, and dart throwers. These aliens remain aloof, completely homicidal, and very dangerous. South America is under Colonial indict for now.

The Space Jockey Legacy 

The Space Jockey encountered on LV -326 is not the same race that the expedition from the Prometheus encountered. The Space Jockey are far older then the Osian humanoids and were originally their servants created from our genetic base thousands of years ago.
The Osians are the inheritors of their master's bio technological legacy and continued their ways develing into the mysteries of the universe until the Priest and Warrior castes locked themselves into an eternal war that has all but wiped out that race.
 There are very few of the Originators of the  bio technological races left. They're as individual as the stars and as alien in their mindset's as well. Now with the infection of Earth and the telepathic siren song of the Xenomorph queens. They're attention has been piqued but for what reason is unknown but one of their ships has been detected deep within the galactic sector and its headed for Earth.

Tried, True, And Blue Technologies
The Weapons Of The Colonial Marines 

The weapons of the Colonial Marines are still in use after so many intergalactic wars, conflicts, and dust ups. There are are many reasons for this. Many of the marines weapons are easy to manufacture on a local level. The native populations of many colony worlds continue to field their own forces with Colonial weaponry. The Colonial ideals are intertwined and identified with these weapons.

Compete Stats for The Iconic  M41A Pulse Rifle 

The Colonial marines have begun funneling weapons, tactics, and forces to the Earth Resistence that's left. The marine presence has been welcomed but its going to be an up hill war for the Earth. And its only started. 

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