Friday, August 22, 2014

Review And Commentary On 50 Post Nuclear Wasteland Encounters, Reactor 2 From Fishwife Games

Need an alternative to the usual post apocalytic hum drum? We'll Dave Woodrum has come out with another set of encounters which up the weirdness factor by eleven. This set of encounters is perfect for deep wasteland runs where the vibe is someplace between the Twilight Zone and cheesetastic 80's VHS science fictional goodness. The whole list is very well done and costs about .50 and gives a lot of old school bang for the buck.

50 Post Nuclear Wasteland Encounters, Reactor 2

Grab It Right

These encounters are a bit more high level then previous Fish Wife Game products and even the write up in RPGnow indicates this: 

For the price of a can of soda out of the vending machine you get 50 creative encounters for an irradiated post nuclear wasteland. This product features the wilder aspects of post apocalyptic gaming– from glowing rattlesnakes to a half eaten dead cyborg to a pond of toxic yellow fluid to a Rasta commune to a twenty foot tall statue (or idol) of Ronald Reagan, made completely out of debris. This little 50 list has it all! 
Combine with first set for maximum meltdown!
This encounter list can really play havoc with PC's deep in the wastes or for a more non traditional view this one can be used for a failed colony planet. One of those isolated colony planets where everything has gone wrong. The ideas & denizens encountered  in this one are ideally suited to the weirdness of a space based game. This list could with a little work be used twist an entire campaign region into something resembling a mini campaign with the first set of encounters.
Most of the encounters are already written up in the traditional PA games such as Mutant Epoch or Mutant Future but the added touch of Fish Wife's details adds that little bit of fun to them.
Random encounters are the heart and soul of PA gaming because you never know what or who is coming out of the wastes and this list gives the DM all kinds of options to unleash all kinds of hellish weirdness on his PC's. Most of all there's a sense of ghoulish PA fun that we see here in this latest PA encounter set.
All in all this is a really well thought out product and one that allows a DM to throw the PC's into the deep end of wastes without having to break the bank. Another very nice little addition to the DM's tool kit. 

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