Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Old War Horses - A Stars Without Number Rpg Campaign Actual Play Event

 Last night's SWN game goes back to events  with my New Hartford players

And my Torrington Ct group right

The PC's have had a probe tracking the Lemuria and its fleet of the damned since the last game meanwhile another group of PC's fights for their lives aboard one of the fleet's ships. Last night's event brings the PC's into the radius of the Lemuria's influence. 
Last night's event run parallel to a recent  game I ran with my friend Peter's group of players with the Stars Without Numbers rpg. Last night I  ran my New Hartford group  through another aspect of the same campaign events and adventure settings.

My PC's in last night's SWN game met up with Retired Lieutenant Admiral Argit of Caprica who served aboard the Lemuria and was now a dealer in old Colonial military  weapons and hardware to other collectors The Argit family also has a passion for rare and endangered alien xeno species. They live on a terraformed Mars in one of the myriad universes of my game. 
The   Argit compound is twenty two miles square of lush Martian greenery surrounded by a jungle preserve that makes certain Xeno theme parks envious. The compound is surrounded by several batteries of laser cannons salvaged off of the wrecks of ancient Battle Stars.

The PC's ship landed on the outskirts of the Argit  compound at their private space port facilities. There were a small collection of Colonial Viper fighters from different eras. Almost all of these were weaponized and ready for war.

 After dropping off their Xeno animal cargo to the  Argit  sons Adam and Noah, one of the PC's met with the head of the family. Just as the salvaged remains of another Viper came in for revamp and as a flip sale. The whole compound went onto red alert!

Seems that a Cylon presence had been detected!
 The PC's foiled an attempt upon the retired admiral's life by a Cylon assassin! The wreckage had come from a star system that the Lemuria had passed through.
The Admiral hired the PC's to investigate the Lemuria and find out once and for all what was happening aboard that ship. The old man was haunted by visions of that ship.There were so many questions.
 Why was that ghost fleet following the centuries old route through ancient star systems under the stars of the damned? What was its connection to certain events on related to the genocide of Caprica. Who or what now controlled the Lemuria?
More to come in the next week or so.


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