Friday, August 8, 2014

The 'Pay What You Want' One Shot Adventures - One Day Digs 1&2 From Outland Arts For Mutant Epoch or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

One Day Digs 1 and 2 Double Feature

Get It Right Over 

We've got a hot little intro adventure for the Mutant Epoch game, what makes this double feature nice is the two for one sale price which is 'pay what you want'. These two adventures feature many of the ethos reflected thoughout the Mutant Epoch game. Namely high weirdness, post apocalyptic madness, mutants, and a willingness to deal with all of the gonzo stuff that comes with the game. I personally prefer my PA a bit more lower key but to each his or her own as a DM. 
This is a pretty nice set of adventures for running a convention set but since these are beginning adventures expect plenty of blood on the floor and a few character sheets to spare. This could be used as a nice set of bridge gap mid campaign adventures as well. The first one has a great post apocalyptic Saturday matinee feel to it and brings in some of the major elements of the Mutant Epoch game. Namely robots, mutants, and monster with a heavy background of ruins to boot. Everything is on the table to present the PC's with some real challenges and a continuing feel of this could be your last breath with one wrong move. If you want a feel for what some of Mutant Epoch is about run 'Blood For Bellridge'.
The artwork is very nice, the maps well laid out and the balance of artifacts is solid for an eight hour session. Make sure you have an intermission with this one though.
Feast of Freaks gives the DM some hard core mutant Aztec action with a brand new tribe of mutie reptilians and some real comic book style action in the jungle. There some dungeon crawling in both adventures but this one has a solid brand of its own weirdness. Reading through this I couldn't help but think that this adventure would leave a group of Mutant Future PC's wanting. I know that some folks love to convert between the games but the balance with this adventure leans heavily toward ME as the better choice to run this one. There's a real sense of 'Indiana Jones meets Gamma World meets Conrad's Heart of Darkness' here. Its very well thought out out and solidly executed. On the whole these two adventures could be used to really put the screws to a group of newbie players or as a solid challenge to a group of experienced players.
All in all this would make a fine set of adventures for a weekend's play with friends with some beers and a set of PC's. There's several extension hooks that the authors have put in to flip these adventures into actual continuing campaigns. There's lots of potential here to drop the player's PC's into several situations up to their necks. Uses these adventures as fulcrums to drop the characters into the wastelands. All in all this is a very well done set of adventures. 


  1. Thanks again for spotlighting my work and the kind words! Love the website!

  2. Glad to be spreading the word about these cool adventures and thanks for doing these, they're well thought out and developed. More stuff coming up. Cheers SavageGM.

  3. For your dedication to all things TME and post-apoc I will give you the title of my next PWYW One Day Dig, "Whispers from the Brain God" hopefully that will stimulate the cortex!

  4. Whispers From the Brain God sounds like a post apocalyptic adventure involving Cyborg warrior gods of the wasteland. Sounds fantastic and can't wait to see it pal. Cheers until next time.


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