Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review and Commentary On Wisdom From The Wastelands Issue #8 :Diseases And Medical Options For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

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Ever since Gamma World first edition came out, medical equipment and drugs in post apocalyptic campaigns have been rather insidious. This issue is a pandemic full of old school nastiness right out of that sentiment. This issue is packed wall to wall with new diseases, equipment, mutations, and all kinds of stuff to cause harm to your PC's in a tight germ free package.
This is a great issue to break out if your doing a post apocalyptic disease vector campaign. Or a plane hopping PA campaign and you want to really scare the crap out of the PC's. This issue provides simple but effective rule expansions that allow a DM to run a PC through negative hit points, healing, recovery, comas, and more.
 This is a great issue to run your PC's through a 'Resident Evil' style plague situation or a full blown black death cycle. The effects of the 'Ancient's' drugs and equipment on mutant kind is followed. Many of the examples cited in this issue had me thinking about 'The Omega Man' movie. 

There's a ton of details that went into this issue and its very solidly done. I can think of a myriad of uses for this one. But there are several angles for a DM that can be used here. For example the usual problem of uncovering bio weapons and plagues could give the rules in this issue a work out. The artifacts and equipment could well be the source of a whole quest and adventure.
There are of course the possible use of this issue's contents as part of a zombie plague and its effects could linger in part's of the wasteland for centuries.
Other possibilities here are the use of the materials in this issue as fodder for corporations. What happens when a pharmaceutical company want's to get its hands on a plague that still exists out in the wasteland? What about those lost medical artifacts which could reveal ancient and now lost high technological sciences. These corporations might kill or pay for such things.
When your hurt you'll do just about anything to save your own life and many of the diseases, medical conditions, and more from this issue reflect exactly this sentiment. This brings up the question of designing factions with medical bents. There have been over the years in my various PA campaigns groups that do heal but also have hidden agendas especially against mutants. There's always one group of super scientists or healers with more then a few tricks up their pure white robes. This issue gives you the tools to create and equip such a group of mad doctors.
For the money this is an essential book for Mutant Future and with the addition of the extra mutations this book is a nice way to add a bit of medical drama to your post apocalyptic adventures.
Grab it for .99 on Drive through rpg.
Cheers folks and happy old school gaming. 

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