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The Clinic - An Encounter For Mutant Future or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

The PC will be contacted by the Mutant Underground once again, this time they are looking for a mutant named Reggie Whitecombe. The Whitecombes are a rather unique and well known family in the Altered States of 'Merica. They are a family of gene spliced mutants whose DNA includes lizard, shark, and various other regenerating species. The Whitecombes patented their rather unique DNA and genetic heritage and produce a line of medical products based on this legacy. The family's corporations gives out free medical help to mutants and creates a special line of medical products that works twice as fast on mutant injuries. They also supply the Underground with free medical care and safe houses up and down the East and West coasts.And now the youngest member of the clan is missing. There is a five hundred gold coin reward and a life time supply of Regerator X. This super science drug temporarily doubles a user's hit points, and constitution points and puts the subject into a healing coma allowing the user to heal at three times the normal healing rate for injuries.
 A check of the various local underworld contacts will reveal that the Clinic has been inquiring about the teen as well. The Clinic are a super science medical  enigma wrapped in a sealed up germ free medical wrapper. The clinic are a group of traveling doctors who perform incredible miracles. Limbs are knitted and regrown, staggering mental trauma is healed, fingers are made dexterousness, and the list of medical cures is endless. And now their asking about Reggie's where abouts.
The last known flat of Whitecombe kid, is on the former state of Maryland's border. The house is a rambling stone edifice and door is open. The place is a shambles as various folks have been raiding the place since the security bots went down three days ago. There is a 20% chance that a careful search will turn up some minor artifact or a nest of mutant leeches.
 In an abandoned hostpital Reggie is being held prisoner by seven security bots and their mercenary handlers. Every two days bits and piece of his regenerating skin is being surgically removed and studied in the hopes of making a profit. Reggie has been better. The building ringed by a wide variety of sensors and magnetic landmines to deal with unexpected robotic presences and complications. There are 1d8 second level fighter mercenary troops guarding the place . There are also 1d8 super science science flunkies who are working on cloning the kid's skin and his unique gene pattern.
 The clinic is funding this operation while, promising virtual serial immortality. Who are the clinic? They're actually a group of Cassaobries super scientists who have been watching the profits sink and are close to cracking Whitecombe's genetic structure. They employ extreme solutions to problems. They see Reggie as the wave of the future due to his regeneration abilities. In a subbasement of the abandoned hospital that the 'Clinic' is using the kid is 'resting' within a sleep pod. A gathering of the general council has begun. The point here is that the same council has been dealing with profit margins off its various projects for well over two hundred years. A careful search of the place will reveal 200 gold pieces worth of stolen artworks. A blow to the council of Cassaobries will cripple the secret organization. At least for awhile but the possessing horrors will try to infect and possess others should their host bodies have been hurt,.
 The Clinic will react to any threat to their organization with a show of force. A death squad of highly trained mercs lead by a bounty hunter will hunt and kill the PC's. The mutants are trying to maximize profit and are quite ruthless as well as greedy.
 Should the PC's come to the mutant medical nightmare's attention. They have a further trick up their sleeve. Potion number nine is a pre holocaust cocktail of telepathic nanities and mind inhibitors. Should a PC be injected with this stuff they must make a save vs death or be taken over by a member of the clinic. For seven days the poor victim will be a puppet of the Clinic. Once the Clinic is done with their tool they will reveal another dark secret. They are actually organ leggers selling victims to the elite for a form of surgical immortality. 
The Clinic operates a series of weird hospitals in the ruins of abandoned medical facilities throughout the West and East coasts. Their looking to expand East coast operations as they act through a number of double blind agents for day to day operations and to recruit new clients. The Clinic also operate as influence peddlers and information brokers in the fields of black medicine and transplantation of organs. They are incredibly dangerous and have no plans to return Reggie Whitecombe until all his secrets are laid bare for the taking. 
For even more information about these mutant horrors consult the newest entry from Chris Van Deelen's blog right

 No. Enc: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 150’ (50’) Fly
AC: 3
HD: 6
Attack: See description
Damage: See description
Save: L6
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: VII, IX, X, XII and always 1d4 high tech melee weapons or high tech weapons (when using a host), and 1 suit of high tech armor.
Mutations: Bizarre appearance (d), possession (modified) psionic flight, toxic weapon.
Source: Doctor Who

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