Saturday, August 30, 2014

1d10 Random Robo Cab Encounters Tables For Your Old School Science Fiction and Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

These cabs are some of the most mundane seeming objects traveling through the space ports and byways of the science fictional future but they can be jump off points for entire campaigns.
These robo cabs have been encountered out in the deep wastes of the post apocalyptic world as well. These encounters are never completely what they seem or sometimes they are. 

1d10 Random Robo Cab Encounters Table
  1. This robo cab has been reprogrammed to take passengers on a random route to a waiting serial killer. They will be sprayed with sleeping gas and need a save vs gas or pass out for ten rounds 
  2. This cab has a space princess on the run hidden in the back using a cloaking screen. The robo cabbie isn't aware of her, she needs a couple of heroes to help her escape her lunatic husband to be. 
  3. This cab has twelve secret panels that have a stash of very dangerous contraband hidden throughout the cab. The cabbie is completely unaware of the stash. 
  4. This robo cabbie has been pre programmed with an espinoge mission and can offer 500 credits for a quick job. He's completely unaware of his own programming. 
  5. This cabbie is completely insane and stalks groups of individuals. At some point within 1d4 days after encountering a group of individuals, this monster will hit them and try to take out those on his 'hit list'. He or rather it will drop the PC's off at their destination only to appear several times until it has the information it needs. Its been hunting for over two years now and its quite cagey about its predatory habits. 
  6. An ordinary robo cab nothing more. 
  7. This is a overly friend robo cabbie that will assist and befriend the PC's, helping them where and when it can. The A.I. wants to be free of the cab and will eventually after 1d4 weeks ask for the PC's assistance in this en devour. The corporation that owns the cab will be quite annoyed by this development. 
  8. This robo cab is actually a shape shifting alien that has been randomly abducting people for its alien masters. It functions in all respects as a robo cab but then randomly will kidnap victims who meet its weird criteria. The alien uses the same cab all the time so there a 40% that the next time this horror is encountered it will be an ordinary cab. 
  9. This cab belongs to a secret society who uses it to sheppard around its cult like members you've just stepped into the deep end of conspiracy land and now your party will have to deal with the consequences. 
  10. This isn't a regular robo cab but a dimensionally traveling cab bound for another plane. Welcome to the otherside adventurers. The cab will be picking up other alien fares as time warrants. 

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