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OSR Commentary On CROM FASERIPopedia sourcebook By Jonathan Nolan For The FASERIPopedia Rpg or Classic Marvel Super Heroes Rpg


FASERIPopedia sourcebook

"Taking as its inspiration Saturday morning science fantasy cartoons and the Golden Age comics era character CROM THE BARBARIAN, this sourcebook brings the full fantasy roleplaying experience to FASERIPopedia!"

"CROM features some of the most startling art and monsters, most exciting characters and settings of any FASERIPopedia game!

A full sandbox chart set is provided to generate detailed "hexes" to explore or fight over as well as a generator for the scattered city-states of CROM's world!

The Bestiary lists cosmic horrors and exotic threats quite unlike the normal and a real challenge even for hyper league superheroes!"" 

 CROM  FASERIPopedia sourcebook By Jonathan Nolan is too date one of my favorite sourcebooks for the FASERIPopedia Rpg or classic Marvel Super Heroes Rpg. And this is a fantastic Science Fantasy or Sword & Sorcery Sourcbook. But please for the love of the Gods pay an editor to trim and neaten up your sourcebooks. There's a great index at the front of  CROM  FASERIPopedia sourcebook but damn does this sourcebook need a bit of neating on the material.
The fonts, layout, and columns are all fine and servicable but the Crom sourcebook needs an editor. 
Now that having been said the Crom sourcebook is solid when it comes to presenting a Sword & Sorcery veener campaign with a solid Fasrip Science Fantasy campaign setting waiting below. And for games such as Marvel Super Heroes the Crom sourcebook is a God sent. It gives you random table after random table for character generation, origin, and full on back history. Want a cyborg from the time of Crom go for it! Need an origin for a magic item that doesn't conform to the time when the oceans drank Atlantis? The Crom sourcebook has you covered! 
There are  rpg tools after tools with random tables to create your own unique world of Crom from the ground up different from your buddy's Crom campaign. And this is a theme throughout the CROM  FASERIPopedia sourcebook. And the Crom sourcebook works very well as a supplement for classic Marvel Super Heroes rpg especially the advanced rpg systems. 

  Because of the underlying Science Fantasy aspect of the Crom sourcebook it's incredibly useful for the occult adventures and materials of the Marvel Super Heroes RPG: The Unofficial Canon Project. Because of the fact that many of these overlap the Marvel Savage Sword of Conan and the various Hyboria comic book titles. The Crom sourcebook's timeline could easily be situated a couple of thousand years before the oceans drank atlantis. This is especially true of the Realms of Magic rework that The Unofficial Canon Project did! The Eternals sourcebook is perfect to use as both allies and NPC protagonists. 

And the  CROM  FASERIPopedia sourcebook is also going to get a workout in Alexander Markus's Adscendant rpg. Part of the background is that the super heroes were once possibly gods of the ancient world. And since the supplement is FASERIP it's easily convertable to Adscendant. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pre WWII Pulp Setting Campaign with an Indo European flavor Using Wretched Darkness & Fantastic Heroes And Witchery Part II

 The last couple of days have been very hectic to say the least with my day job and between real life events the alternative Pulp universe of Fantastic Heroes & Witchery mixed with a campaign of Wretched Interbellum has been on my mind. The nihlism of the European mindset after the events of World War I and the broken promises to US servicemen laid the ground work for the coming supernatural darkness of World War II. And this blog entry picks right  up from here on the blog. 


And it once again got me thinking about the artwork that was looted from various European and African countries  during World War I. How many occult and supernatural artifacts & relics disappeared into private collections. And how many are still within the collections of elite occultists during the Wretched Interbellum period. 
The Antiquities market during the Interbellum years saw thousands of artifacts sacked from Africa be moved into private collector and museum hands. The money involved in the black market of these items is both lucritive and incredibly scary. Murder and double cross are common. 

Add into this the growing supernatural cults and secret societies of the interbellum years then mix in the interest in the occult. And you've got a witch's brew of greed and fervor that is the perfect breeding ground for Wretched Darkness second edition entities to gain a toe hold on Earth. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Vampire Queen 5E and 10 Year Anniversary 1E Softcovers With The Classic Greyhawk Campaign Setting- Session Report 5

 During tonight's game we ran straight into the arms of undead bandits. And it wasn't pretty but a fortunate fireball from one of our wizards saved our hides. We're geting close to the Vampire queen's castle and the undead are getting worse. Hanging Coffins of The Vampire Queen is available from Dark Wizard Games here.  

And all of this kicked off from a week or so ago's Castles & Crusade's Hanging Coffins of the Vampire Queen session right here on the blog!  DM Steve is using a variation on James Ward Tainted Lands and the undead mixed with the Hanging Coffins. And these things have been tough but the real headache was running into a party of pig faced Orc adventurers! These things were mercenaries working for the vampire queen. And scattered throughout out the vampire queen's lands have been her mercenaries and forces. We've recovered some treasure but it's mostly been supplies and such! We're on the outer edges of the vampire queen's domain. 

We were going to hook up with the local resistence to the vampire queen and instead walked right into an ambush by undesd bandits. And these things are free willed and intelligent zombies with passion for violence and an appetite for flesh or brains. We were ready for them this time however! 
This is a Tainted Lands version of Greyhawk where the lands have been subverted by the presence of dark lord like rulers. And the Tainted Lands has extended its reach across Greyhawk. Castles & Crusades is ideally suited to this style of campaign. But it has been tough going to say the least! 

Monday, November 27, 2023

Gun Running In The Black - The Clement Sector & The Quick Ship File: Catino Class Fast Armed Trader

 Alright so we've got a Clement Sector game tonight and I wanted to introduce a new ship to the mix. The Catino Class Fast Armed Trader is a perfect blockade and pirate gun runner ship for our game from Moontoad Publishing. 

Now there are reasons why this is a perfect frontier vessel especially for the 'Space Western' themes of the Clement Sector;" The Catino Class Fast Armed Trader is a 400 ton cargo vessel, with exceptional acceleration and armament, but limited Jump capacity. It is intended for use in higher risk areas where piracy is rife, rather than on the Imperial fringe where its Jump-1 capability is a limitation." The Catino Class Fast Armed Trader could theorictically leave the adventurers high & dry on a planet if they don't have the fuel for a jump. 
And this leads to adventure and desparate players especially in the middle of the Frontier edges like the Clement sector. 

The Clement sector is huge and there's a Hell of a lot of space for a ship to get lost in and especially a  Catino Class Fast Armed Trader. This is especially true if this ship is running a 'black mission' like doing a gun running and supply mission akin to the supply coaches that were used for resupplying parts of the Old West. One of these vessels becomes lost then the expense of replacement means a Hell of a bottom line to a small corporate entity. 
And this is where our player's PC's come into the mission! A down Catino Class Fast Armed Trader could mean the difference between fincial success or complete ruin for a small bank as well as corporation. Now imagine a small town investing in such an enterprise in a quick get rich scheme. 

Saturday, November 25, 2023

OSR Commentary on Exhumed Obscura By Paul F de Valera (Author), & Grant S Parrinello (Author) For The OSRIC Rpg

 "Do you like minute-long combat rounds? Do you know what game-inches are? Do you think the biggest problem with 5th edition is 6th edition? If so, we have the old-school role-playing expansion for you!

Introducing Exhumed Obscura, a new expansion for tabletop role-playing games with material developed over decades as in-house rules now brought to you in this finely crafted and concise format to augment and enhance your game. Features include 9 new races, 12 new classes, 4 new stats, critical hits charts, a mass combat system, numerous spells, weapons and magic items. 154 pages of exciting new ideas for your campaign lie within.
[h=1]Below is just a brief sampling of what awaits players and gamemasters alike as they discover new depths to their game world:[/h][h=1]Classes[/h]Anti-Paladin: Taking the quick road to power, the Anti-Paladin serves dark masters and can wreak havoc in ways no other class can...for a price.

Blood Guard: Relying on keen senses and uncanny reflexes, the Blood Guard are the ultimate bodyguards and overall defenders of life.

Dark Druid: Harnessing the darker side of nature, the Dark Druid seeks to gain dominion over the lands, not work harmoniously with them.

Fighter Mage: Mastering both magic and the blade, the Fighter Mage is a force to be reckoned with, both in melee and in a contest of sorcery.

The Hand: Secret enforcers working to maintain order in the realm, a Hand is a deadly fighter who uses stealth to their highest advantage.

Knights of the Brotherhood of Elemental Orders: Using planar magics and strict discipline, a Knight of the Elemental Orders ascends through their college of elemental power and becomes a fearless warrior.

Necromancer: Although the work of the Necromancer is loathsome to many, they are the premiere conjurer, manufacturer, and destroyer of undead.

Orator: Utilizing the little-known science of Harmonics, the Orator gains mastery over material and spirit alike.

Pit Fighter: Raised in the cruel and unforgiving arena, the Pit Fighter is the ultimate hand-to-hand combatant.

Savage: Dwelling in the wilds, the Savage is known throughout the realms for their brutal fighting technique, magic-resistance, and masterful survival skills.

Spirit Hunter: Using their deep connection to nature and the land, the Spirit Hunter is the dedicated protector of the wild forests they call home.

Targeteer: Using a crossbow with a fantastic precision, the Targeteer can place a bolt with deadly accuracy at unthinkable ranges.
[h=1]Races[/h]Bahkaruh: Huge, fierce nomads, The Bahakaruh roam the plains seeking glory in adventure and combat.

Ghoule: Released from the yoke of the Necromancer who once controlled them, the Ghoule are driven by their craving for flesh.

Half-Ogre: A massive human-ogre half breed, the Half-Ogre is welcomed amongst the ranks of soldiers and mercenaries but shunned by polite society.

Harood: Stout, desert-dwelling, lizard-like humanoids, The Harood are found equally in adventure parties or wandering alone.

Jorakeen: Found in temperate and winter climes, the doughty Jorakeen make excellent scouts and rangers.

Mavakin: Rumored to be a cursed bloodline, the giant Mavakin are resistant to all forms of magic, good or bad.

Mendelinkorian: An ancient race, the Mendelinkorian are peerless in magic... as they are in secrecy.

Styger: Magic constructs appearing as insect-like humanoids, The Styger are the prize of any army, renowned for teamwork in combat.
Tinelians: Clever, light-hearted and adventurous, the Tinelians sail the world looking to sa
te their endless curiosity.

On top of all that, dozens of new spells, even more magic items, and a great many new weapons and armor await to enrich your gaming experience. It’s almost as good as pizza!"

 Exhumed Obscura By  Paul F de Valera (Author),  & Grant S Parrinello (Author) For the OSRIC Rpg came my way via Amazon. The book came out way back in 2017 and it wasn't on my radar until 2023. Why?! Because of the fact that there's no pdf of the Exhumed Obscura material at all. And so it didn't  come to my attention until a friend of mine on Twitter pointed it out some weeks ago. 
There are tons of new races, and optional PC classes for OSRIC along with some real tweaks to the OSRIC rpg system. The layout and fonts are fantastic but man that index is so damn small. And the artwork style goes from cartoony to classic but this is often what happens with truly independant publishing. So all is forgiven with the content. The content is where Exhumed Obsura shines, we get new player PC races by the bushel and lots of new PC classes for OSRIC. 

For the OSRIC rpg Exhumed Obscura is a great expansion supplement and it's got a metric ton of optional systems in it's one hundred fifty eight pages of content. There are a boat load of new spells and magic items. There's tons of optional lore included in there. The material is very well done for an independant outfit especially one or two guys. 
Is Exhumed Obscura a must have book for OSRIC?! No, but it's great addition to the rpg because it expands the scope of the work by a tinker's mile. And that's great. Some folks are going to compare Exhumed Obscura to the offerings of BRW games and please don't do that. BRW games by Joseph Bloch are on another level compared to the independant offerings of  Paul F de Valera (Author),  & Grant S Parrinello (Author). While they are both OSR authors and designers these are very different OSR offerings. 
And with that said I like Exhumed Obscura for what it is, and independant set off solidly done OSR optional systems for OSRIC. 

Footloose and Fancy Free In Lesser Helium - Warriors of the Red Planet/ Hyperborea rpg Session Report One

 The PC's made  the crossing across the Boreas Winds and ended up taking a caravan to Helium. And here's where things got interesting. The PC's were getting to trade in equipment, weapons, and treasure from Hyperborea into the Twin Cities. Helium is one of the capitals of Barsoom & it's twin cities are trade centers of Mars;"Helium is one of the major kingdoms of Barsoom. It is ruled by the Jeddak Tardos Mors and is the residence of warlord John Carter and his wife Dejah Thoris. Helium is noted, among other things, for the excellence of its Navy as it fliers are among the fastest on Barsoom."  This comes from the Encylopedia Barsoom Helium entry here. 

The PC's ended up in Lesser Helium and began trading in gear & items from Hyperborea. The city is where 90% of commerence and trading happens. Lesser Helium also has it's own Jeddak. 
The PC's ran afoul of a lesser noble who took umbridge with our  Runegraver Ulax Unthe. At higher levels runegravers are not the PC's you wanna get on the wrong side of. There was a very tense moment when Sir Alex stepped in to fight on Ulax's behalf. And the duel was to first blood and was over before it began as our cavilier had him within two rounds with solid dice rolls. 
This encounter with Lexus Mal lesser noble came up in the random encounters from Warriors of the Red Planet. 

We aquired the services of two new hirelings. A Mind Master named Dax Comus 3rd level whose agreed to come along with our party for 50 gold pieces and a share of the treasure. And Lexerus Lee discgraced noble and rogue noble woman 2nd level. We managed to shed our old Hyperborean equipment for Martian desert gear and Barsoomian equipment. We'll get new gear when we make the crossing back to Hyperborea. 
We've heard rumors of a noblemen whose hiring adventurers for a raid into a Martian tomb of his ancestors on the outskirts of lesser Helium. 

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OSR Commentary & Ascendant Rpg Session Report One - Capital City Casefiles #2: Served Cold By Karl Gustav

The heroes are sent to investigate a mysterious and brutal murder in a trendy apartment building by a Cartel enforcer, which leaves them racing to unravel the series of events that led to it, and trying to stop the rampage before it leaves any more corpses.."

"Capital City Casefiles is a series of scenarios for Ascendant, the superpowered role-playing game of infinite possibilities. Each Casefile offers a single Issue of exciting play for a group of metropolitan metahumans with Power Levels ranging from 18 to 22 and a collective challenge rating of between 100 and 150 points.

These scenarios can be played in any order and are designed to be easy to run with any type of heroes, be they super-powered police, costumed crimefighters, or underground antiheroes. The Casefiles are set in Capital City, Delaware, a fictional city first introduced in the Ascendant rulebook and detailed in the Capital City Gazetteer and Map Set (available separately from Autarch). But don’t worry – if you’re not interested in playing in Capital City, you can easily adapt the scenarios to your city of choice. Capital City can be Chicago, Detroit, or New York. It can be your hometown with a fresh coat of graffiti and a layer of rust and grime. Whether you use the scenarios in Capital City or another metropolis, you’ll find the Capital City Casefiles to be something special. These aren’t just beat-em-ups or thinly-disguised dungeon crawls. Strip away the superpowers and the Casefiles could be police procedurals or detective mysteries. These are scenarios that challenge your problem-solving and role-playing as much as your tactical prowess; and they do so by taking advantage of the robust rules for Fighting Crime and Saving the Day found in the Ascendant rules."

In this Casefile you get:

  • An amazing covery by Joe Bennett of "Immortal Hulk" fame
  • 36-page ready-to-run scenario suitable for introductory play
  • 4 new NPC antagonists and 2 NPC allies
  • 4 full-color maps (wrecked apartment, wrecked townhouse, wrecked warehouse, and coffee shop)
  • 1 printable player handout

Well once again I'm stepping beyond the screen to enter the dark and grimy world of DM Steve's Capital City Ascendant Rpg campaign. We settled into Capital City which has a has a decidely unsavory reputation; "Located on the west shore of the Delaware Bay, approximately 22 miles southeast of Dover, Capital City is the largest and most populous city in Delaware. The city’s founders, real estate developer Arthur Richville and financier Chase Livery, hoped it would be “a testament to the power of American capitalism.” From the art deco skyscrapers, with their dirigible docking stations and decorated cornices, to the streamlined trains that streak across the city’s elevated monorail, to the mighty Statue of Fortune that overlooks the Bay, Capital City was built to be the city of tomorrow – but tomorrow never came. True, more than 60% of the country’s Fortune 500 companies maintain an office here, and the city’s elite Richville neighborhood hosts some of America’s most luxurious mansions. But Capital City is also a city of poverty, crime, and decay, where endless rows of rusted factories and abandoned buildings are the legacy of lost hope, broken promises, and shattered American dreams. From “Fortune Favors the Old: The History of Capital City” by Eddie Exswiss and Mason Cortez" 
Our party is a group of independant contractors and Ascendants in the  heroes of Power Limit 18 to 22. The Ascendants have only recently emerged from the pages of history. And Capital city is the dark reflection of DC Comics Metropolis. And yes Superman has emerged from his phone booth but this is the street level of Capital City out in the MidWest. And there's been an explosive murder that we believe an Ascendant might be a part of this sorted affair. We're subletting our contracts from Dreadnaught Security. The PC's are naturally not trusting of the security firm but that's another blog post. 
Capital City Casefiles #2: Served Cold By Karl Gustav as a PDF is top notch with excellent handouts, well thought out layout, and really solid easy to read fonts. The whole affair clocks in on around thirty six pages. In tonight's game we got intoduced to our party via Dreadnaught Security's debriefing and police meeting about the incident. We then came to ruins of the apartment complex to bring Ascendant's senses to the site of the murder to look for clues. The clues within Capital City Casefiles #2: Served Cold are made with colour coated bullet points. Again very well done. And the module is very well organized so that it's easy for the DM to pull the adventure elements within Capital City Casefiles #2: Served Cold right into play. 

We didn't get too deeply into Capital City Casefiles #2: Served Cold By Karl Gustav  however there was more then enough there to hook the players into the murder scene. And DM Steve kept leaking clues here and there as Hawkmoor our vigilante with the enhanced senses. And Rifter our Esper has been working together played by Halley and Jeff (one of our married couples that play) to shift through one half of the apartement. And the rest of us began working the second half. We ended here. There were however some interesting developments with us running into Mark Shaw aka Manhunter from the late Eighties DC comicbook series.  

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

OSR Review & Commentary On Wretched Minions Issue 7: Wretched Minions from the Beyond by The Red Room For The Wretchedverse Rpg

 "Wretched Minions Issue 7: Wretched Minions from the Beyond by

is now available at the Red Room store, and . This new addition to the Wretched Bestiary plunges you into the depths of The Beyond, the nexus of the Wretchedverse. In this issue you will encounter demons and devils from the darkest recesses of imagination, entities feared and revered across various cultures and religions, each boasting distinct and spine-chilling powers, challenging players to rethink their strategies. Issue 7 of Wretched Minions also includes information about the Deva, the fallen angels of the Wretchedverse."

Wretched Minions Issue 7: Wretched Minions from the Beyond by 
 is the perfect way to add in damnation and the diabloic to your Wretchedverse rpg campaign. Wretched Minions Issue 7 adds in a veritible cornanopia of devils and the demonic from the Beyond for your OSR game campaigns.  No joke Wretched Minions Issue 7  adds in sixty two pages of wall to wall devils and demonic horrors perfect for the necromancer or black wizard in your Wretchedverse games. The Red Room covers the pethora of devils throughout all from the diablolic realms of the Beyond. These are wall to wall devils with some great A.I. artwork thrown in to boot. 
Wretched Minions Issue 7 is well done with excellent layout, solid A.I. artwork, and a real flare of devils perfect for your black sorcerer or vile necromantic villain for your games

Wretched Minions Issue 7 is perfect to add into Wretched Darkness second edition when your PC or NPC need that extra dose of demonic or devilish fire power in the from off a devil or demnonic minion. And  Wretched Minions Issue 7 has you covered with wall to wall devils of every stripe and damnation. They cover it all with devilish minions to really help bring your necromatic needs to the table. 
Need a supernatural messenger to send the damnation to your PC's?! We've got you covered. Need a message delivered untracable to your friends or underlings the speed devils is perfect. And the devils are not easily stopped or defeated many of these creatures pack more then the usual supernatural firepower. Add in the fact that while some of these devils might seem familar believe me thier not. They have the added weirdness of being from the regions of the damned in the Beyond. While they have the devilish agendas they are far different in motive, motivations, tactics, etc. then the average D&D style Devil ( even though those are formitable within thier own rights). The devils of 
Wretched Minions Issue 7 are highly dangerous capable of giving even experienced parties of Wretched adventures headaches, heartburn, and much worse. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Pre WWII Pulp Setting Campaign with an Indo European flavor Using Wretched Darkness & Fantastic Heroes And Witchery

 So today myself & my wife were laying in Thanksgiving day supplies & just made it before the snows flew tonight. And all day Fantastic Hereos & Witchery plus The Red Room's Wretched Darkness 1st edtion rpg and 2nd edition campaign setting has been on my mind. Because of the fact that I got off the phone with a buddy of mine. He saw my recent Swords & Witchery Valley of Stone and Fire blog post here. 
Imagine that the Apocalyse is next door & that out on the streets tonight horror is a doorway away from the modern nights of 2023. The shadows are stalked by Weird Tales style Fanastic Heroes and Witchery PC's. 

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery's PC class levels top out at thirteen and The Wretchedverse's titles top out on the high side of ten. So the differences are not that far off for monsters,treasures, etc. Technically speaking you could take the whole cloth of the campaign setting of Wretched Darkness 2nd edition and run it with Fantastic Heroes and Witchery. 

This isn't a joke you could take the whole cloth of Wretched Darkness from factions to full blown monsters and just go to town. And then take the Tainted version of Greyhawk and combined it with this whole cloth OSR design to run anything from Weird Tales Pulp to full on Science Fantasy. 

So theoritically you could have your fantasy PC's crossing over into your modern horror rpg style games. This is just a thought but it makes sense give the number of fantasy character options. I love the idea of the Weird Tales and Pulp classes for Fantastic Heroes & Witchery opposing the horror and darkness of Wretched Darkness second edition. The biggest thing I see with such a campaign and working out the details is watching the damage threshold. Given the Pulp PC and Science Fantasy option plus the other optional  Fantasy PC classes. 
Wretched Darkness and the Wretched Interbellum campaign settings could be used together to created a whole cloth pre WWII Pulp setting with an indo European flavor. 

I'm still working out details such as country, place, players, which factions, and more. Details to come! 

Monday, November 20, 2023

The Memories of The Ruins of Quasqueston -- The Myconids and B1 Insearch of the Unknown By Mike Carr

 My first encounter with the alieness of the dungeons of B/X & Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition came in the form of  Mike Carr's B1 Insearch of the Unknown. The fungus garden within the module was stocked with Shriekers, Violent Fungus, & tended by Myconids who owned that room. My uncle was DMing and it was back around when the Monster Manual II had been released. 

Full-page advertisement for module B1 "In Search of the Unknown" appearing in The Dragon #s 22-25 (February-May, 1979) from the OSR Grimoire blog. 

We'd been through B1 before but hadn't explored all of the ruin and there was something slightly off about the ruin at this point. The monsters were getting weirder as anti nature of the dungeon started to take over the ruins of B1. The underworld of the dungeons of Greyhawk began to infiltrate the ruins of 
Quasqueton . And it was during this time that we had a meeting with the  Myconids as they were flanked by Vegepygmies as bodyguards. And we found out that it was the Myconids that were introducing  shambling moundsphantom fungiassassin vines and roperlike plant monsters

And this was the first time that the ecology of the dungeons
 was controlled by other far more alien races. The decay of  the ruins of Quasqueton had allowed the fungus men into this once point of civilization. And it was also the first time that my wizard thought there might be something deeply sinister within the bowels of the caves of Quesquenton. And it was when we pentrated deeper into those ruins we came face to face with the Fiend Folio's hook horrors. And again these were brought in by the fungus men. The hook horrors survived on a diet of phycomidsshriekersviolet fungi, and zygoms 

The hook horror from the classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition Fiend Folio 

The Myconids simply saw themselves as gardeners and guardians of a different ecological system. And they were acting as druids spreading the life of thier own world to abandoned systems. We later on took over  the ruins of Quasqueton after learning that there was a gateway to other worlds deep within it's ruins. And we able to make peace with the Myconids as we let them have the lower levels of Quasqueton as long as they acted as guardians for the lower levels and didn't eat any of the household. It was only much later on that we learned that they had come over from Gamma Terra. The ecology of my uncle's dungeon was never static.  
And even when the adventurer's were absent the dungeon continued to attact monsters and other horrors to it. Even when we weren't playing my uncle as the DM was playing with and tweaking the dungeons of Quasqueton.