Monday, November 27, 2023

Gun Running In The Black - The Clement Sector & The Quick Ship File: Catino Class Fast Armed Trader

 Alright so we've got a Clement Sector game tonight and I wanted to introduce a new ship to the mix. The Catino Class Fast Armed Trader is a perfect blockade and pirate gun runner ship for our game from Moontoad Publishing. 

Now there are reasons why this is a perfect frontier vessel especially for the 'Space Western' themes of the Clement Sector;" The Catino Class Fast Armed Trader is a 400 ton cargo vessel, with exceptional acceleration and armament, but limited Jump capacity. It is intended for use in higher risk areas where piracy is rife, rather than on the Imperial fringe where its Jump-1 capability is a limitation." The Catino Class Fast Armed Trader could theorictically leave the adventurers high & dry on a planet if they don't have the fuel for a jump. 
And this leads to adventure and desparate players especially in the middle of the Frontier edges like the Clement sector. 

The Clement sector is huge and there's a Hell of a lot of space for a ship to get lost in and especially a  Catino Class Fast Armed Trader. This is especially true if this ship is running a 'black mission' like doing a gun running and supply mission akin to the supply coaches that were used for resupplying parts of the Old West. One of these vessels becomes lost then the expense of replacement means a Hell of a bottom line to a small corporate entity. 
And this is where our player's PC's come into the mission! A down Catino Class Fast Armed Trader could mean the difference between fincial success or complete ruin for a small bank as well as corporation. Now imagine a small town investing in such an enterprise in a quick get rich scheme. 

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