Saturday, November 18, 2023

Loathsome Beasts by Night Owl Workshop and Serpent Men on Mars

 This post is going to pick right up from here on the blog with old foes stirring as ancient lands rise from the depths of legend on Mars! 

I've been re reading the Leigh Brackett Mars stories again and going through Night Owl Workshop's Beasties: Loathsome Horrors. And Thomas Denmark also included four NPC's and two of these guys are humanoid serpent priests. Now in the past I've used Serpent Men on Mars as being one of the forbidden races that exist near the poles. Thier pyramids and zigguarats dotted the landscape around their minor empires and kingdom's holdings.

As the serpent men declined the Red Martian priests took over. Thier culture being a mix of Babylonian and Aztec like mixed deeply with the Conan like serpent men motif. Night Owl Workshop's Beasties: Loathsome Horrors has these two priests who are mutating into serpent like servants of thier gods. So the jungles and fens around this part of Mars are teeming with the serpent men's snake god cults. 

Wtih the emergence of Hyperborea on the horizon near Saturn the ancient gateways have opened between worlds again. 
And the jungles around the poles of Mars teem with serpent like warriors that hunt anyone in thier terrority for sacrifice to ancient serpent gods! And these ancient gateways lead deep into the ancient cities of the gods in the Grand Canyon. And there have been reports of these ancient kingdoms stirring & slithering. 

King of Rats Serpentman on Deviant art.. Used without permission. 

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